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BNMI 2004 presentation



A 'story of the-phone-book' presented at the Banff New Media InsituteInteractive Screen conference 2004. ...

A 'story of the-phone-book' presented at the Banff New Media InsituteInteractive Screen conference 2004.

Kind of a summary of what the-phone-book Limited had been trying to do as a company between 2004 and then.



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BNMI 2004 presentation BNMI 2004 presentation Presentation Transcript

  • fee plumley production director the-phone-book
  • who what where whyo who: ben and fee - personalities not companyo what: did we want out of it? travel, play, learn, meet, debate, explore...have adventures...o what: did we do? commission, research, present, train, re- appropriate, rant, play...o where: japan (isea), thailand (british council), australia (electrofringe, aimia, abc, uts), canada (banff, hotdocs, LInis), europe (split film fest, emaf, isea04), usa (eyebeam) and of course UKo why: creative industries could claim empty wireless data space before it was filled with adverts; true personalisation
  • projects vs productso - open submission paid market; new genre of literature; books, spoken word cd, the- phone-box, vinylo - ringtone/logo commercial research projecto - education programme; WAP, i- mode, 2.5G, FOMA/3G, SMS (ringtone & logo, caller group graphics) & MMS content creation & distributiono movingmovies - high production values for small screen distribution, 12 second - 3 minute animations
  • "wap is crap"o wml - wireless markup languageo black and white bitmap images, 150 words a pageo limited not limiting - creative challengeo the wap conspiracy (imode, foma, nancy)o wait for 3G (tv, feature films)o killer app - voice callso wap 2.0 = xhtmlo commercial future
  • html is dead (w3c)o xhtml extensible hypertext markup language; xml based (phones, internet, digital tv)o hand coded all pages; literature market friendly database, minimal design, storytelling as audio, biographieso the more that xhtml/smartphone browser usage develops, the less need for unique ultra-short content
  • the business of creationo make a chair = sell a chair; unknown = stay unknowno pay professional rates = encourage creativity; synergy of artists/consumers = ethical frameworko product vs project; consumers vs audiences; bridging the gap of suspicion/paranoia/unknown; artists distrust business, business see artists as flaky and only invest in knowno "niche is the new black": internet driven by mobile communities, self supporting networks: why shouldnt phones?o sponsorship changes function; art for arts sake? artists make work then find market; business finds market & sells to them
  • the business modelo emergent market & innovative platform, yet same old business modelso global technology, yet global ventures rare (boo)o fair trade for artists, protection for artistso consultancy (vodafone, skillset, thepublic, fact)o consortiums (creative crossings, manw, mani)o timescales: artists turn on pin head vs 5 year business plans (st lukes) - "small and fast and light" (charles kriel)
  • wheres the dosho ringtones are the new singles: €1 billion sales in Europe 2003 (MDA) more than single sales over same period; new ringtones chart (sugarbabes)o mobile internet market august 2003 "884 million page impressions with daily average of 28.5 million, vs 9 million per day in August 2002" (MDA)o tv tie-ins, games (accessible, known, safe models)o telcos not interested in niche markets until gain mass markets (02)o hard to prove new concept & retain interest/integrity
  • did it work?o ace funding short term - £82k over 3 years; bought approx £30k of content; inspired new creativity & skills in fun wayo irony of limited liability for non risk business - just more paperworko everyones doing it; less of a challenge, not innovative; ultra- short form still interesting vs our work here is doneo mature arts org yet an immature businesso education programme revenue allows us to employ trainers and get back to our own creativityo maybe its not the right time, maybe we had the wrong approach, or maybe it will never work...(tbc)
  • what now?o commercial projects less interesting to produce; the risk is that the more business we become, the less creative we areo partnerships underway but aim now to hand over business roles to people who want them and are good at themo personally back to basics with new research and projects: gps, locative, cartography, astrology, performance, swimming, diving, robotics...o more new media curation - movingmovies in manchester and australia planned with discussions for wales, scotland...o we have hope for the future