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  • 1. Winsor McCay: little nemoBy: Amer Idris & Daisy Jacks
  • 2. Year born and where did they live ?Born: September 26, 1869Lived: Brooklyn, NewYork.Winsor Zenic McCay is anAmerican cartoonist and animator, best known forthe comic strip Little Nemo (begun 1905) and the animatedcartoon Gertie the Dinosaur (1914). For legal reasons, heworked under the pen nameSilas on the comic strip Dreamof the Rarebit Fiend.• McCay was a prolific artist and his pioneering earlyanimated films far outshone the work of hiscontemporaries. His films set a standard followed by WaltDisney and others in later decades.
  • 3. What style/whats it about ?• Winsor Zenic McCay styles is drawing animation like what he usedfor little nemo• little nemo is about the nightly dreams of a little boy named Nemo.The purpose of his early dreams was to reach Slumberland, therealm of King Morpheus, who wanted him as a playmate for hisdaughter, Princess Camille. The panel in each strip was always oneof Nemo waking up, usually in or near his bed, and often beingscolded by one of the grownups of the household after crying out inhis sleep and waking them.• in the earliest strips, the dream event that woke him up wouldalways be some mishap or disaster that seemed about to lead toserious injury or death, such as being crushed by giant mushrooms,being turned into a monkey, falling from a bridge being held up byslaves, or gaining 90 years in age.
  • 4. Why is it interesting and what is thebackground• Little Nemo is interesting because it’s a classicdrawing animation adventures with some jollycharacters with no voices over which makes itmore creative.
  • 5. 5 things that you liked about theanimation ?• The storyline• The characters• The drawing• Creative idea• The technique
  • 6. It could be improved?• It could be improved by making it morecolorful, adding a voice over and also addsome visual style.
  • 7. Why is it still relevant• Little nemo still relevant to this day because ofit storylines and also because its’ an old schoolclassic animation since 1905 which’s makes itthe old animation that lived more than 100years.