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Big in Boston, Big Sister's 60th Anniversary Party: Tributes
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Big in Boston, Big Sister's 60th Anniversary Party: Tributes


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  • 1. We congratulate the womenof valor who have done somuch for Big Sister!Thank you Elaine Schuster for yourtremendous support and JeanneYozell for your years of service.You both have made thisworld a better place for somany women and girls.~ Carol and Avram GoldbergDeborah Goldberg and Michael Winter
  • 2. Every Girl, a Masterpiece.
  • 3. Renaissance Sponsor
  • 4. Every Girl, a Masterpiece.
  • 5. CONGRATULATIONS ELAINEYou are a very special human being. WÉÜÉà{ç 9 f|wÇxç ^É{Ä
  • 6. Renaissance Sponsor
  • 7. CONGRATULATIONS TO HONOREE ELAINE SCHUSTER For her dedication & contribution to an exceptional organization BIG SISTER ASSOCIATION OF GREATER BOSTONAnd to honor her life-long passion as “AN INSPIRATIONAL ROLE MODEL” Sondra & David Mack
  • 8. Thank you Chelsea,For your enduring friendship and forall your efforts on behalf of Big Sister Association. Lots of love, The Schuster Family
  • 9. Renaissance SponsorHolly McGrath & David Bruce
  • 10. Every Girl, a Masterpiece.
  • 11. Dear Elaine,Congratulations. We arevery proud of the enormousimpact you continue to haveon other people’s lives.~ With Love, Ellen & Bob Jaffe
  • 12. Renaissance Sponsor
  • 13. Every Girl, a Masterpiece.
  • 14. "It is time … to teach youngpeople early on that in diversitythere is beauty and there isstrength." – Maya AngelouWe salute the rich diversity ofwomen who give their time andtalent to help girls fulfill theirunlimited potential.~ The Diversity Council of Big SisterAssociation of Greater Boston
  • 15. Renaissance Sponsor Friends ofElaine Schuster
  • 16. Every Girl, a Masterpiece.
  • 17. Dear Elaine,We are so proud of you.~ Love, Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro
  • 18. Renaissance SponsorThe Schuster Family Elaine & Gerald Heidi & Scott Audrey & Mark
  • 19. Congratulations to theBig Sister Association ofGreater Boston on 60 yearsof service to Boston area girls.And to our Nana and Mom,transformative, powerful, andan outstanding mentor to us all.No one deserves a B.I.G.Award more than you!With Love,~ Heidi, Scott, Jessie, Alex and Carly
  • 20. To our dear friend Elaine,A very special andgenerous person.We love you.~ Edie & Marvin Schur
  • 21. Renaissance Sponsor
  • 22. Our warm congratulationsto Elaine Schuster,a remarkable role modelfor her family andcommunity.~ Marcy and Bruce Balter
  • 23. Renaissance Sponsor Friends ofJeanne Yozell
  • 24. Every Girl, a Masterpiece.
  • 25. In Honor of Elaine,a truly dedicated womanand a very good friend.~ Ann & Robert Fromer
  • 26. Impressionist Sponsor
  • 27. Big Sister Association of GreaterBoston sincerely thanksRafanelli Events for theircharitable support in makingBig in Boston 2011 an elegantanniversary celebration.Your generosity enables us toprovide more Little Sisters withthe caring support of a mentor.Thank you,~ The Staff and Board of DirectorsBig Sister Association of Greater Boston
  • 28. Impressionist Sponsor
  • 29. Big Sisters Alumnae Association congratulates all of the Big and Little Sisters who have been a part of this organization for 60 years!Thank you for all that you do.
  • 30. Impressionist SponsorEileen & JackConnors, Jr.
  • 31. Congratulations to the Big SisterAssociation for 60 years servingGreater Boston’s girls.Congratulations to ElaineSchuster on receiving the Big SisterAssociation’s Believe in Girls award.Congratulations Jeanne Yozell, foryour dedication to the work ofBig Sister Association.~ Anthony & Bertie Woeltz
  • 32. Impressionist Sponsor
  • 33. Congratulations Elaine.Thank you for being suchan inspiring role model.Your tireless efforts areappreciated by all whoknow you and love you.~ Lori & Bruce Gendelman
  • 34. Modernist Sponsors
  • 35. To our Honoree:As a wife, mother, grandmother,philanthropist and communityleader, you have truly set anuncharted path for us to follow.~ Love, JerryMark & Audrey, Lyz, Nikki & JohnScott & Heidi, Jessica, Alex & CarlyTodd & Laurie, Lindsey & KatieJodi & Drew
  • 36. Congratulations to Big Sister!For 60 years, you’ve beendelivering on the vision firstspelled out by Reverend HaroldTaylor, Officer Edith Taylor andFrances Marley back in 1951. Theywould be proud of what you’vedone and what you’ve become.~ All the best, Charlie and Lauren Baker
  • 37. Community Artist Sponsors Cynthia & Denise &Theodore Berenson Marc Casper
  • 38. Every Girl, a Masterpiece.
  • 39. To the staff of Big Sister for yourperseverance, commitment,passion and do-whatever-it-takesattitude in making and supportingmatches between Big and LittleSisters. You inspire us.~ The Board of Directors of Big SisterAssociation of Greater Boston
  • 40. Community Artist Sponsors Jonathan Lavine Sandy & Janet Kraus & Michele &Paul Edgerley Jim Giebutowski Howard Kessler
  • 41. You are amazing, Nana.~ Love, Esme
  • 42. To Elaine and Chelsea, We celebrate you. Your dedication is matchless, Your energy steadfast. To Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, Happy 60th Anniversary. Your hours of tireless workAre evidenced by tonight’s success. Let’s Celebrate! RAFANELLI
  • 43. Community Artist SponsorsThe Romanow Zelermyer Family Dan, Andrew, Isaac & Julia Jay & Tracy Snyder Abby & John Yozell
  • 44. Big Sister is supported by: