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  • 1. By: Rick Alessi Welcome to Smithtown
  • 2. Schools Restaurants Shopping
    • The Smithtown Central School District (SCSD) is located in Suffolk County
    • Serves 11,000 students in nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools
    About Smithtown
    • Smithtown is very big and has a ton of stores in the local area
    • Everything in Smithtown feels like it runs off of the two towns everyone stays at
  • 3. West East Smithtown Schools
  • 4.
    • Smithtown West is the best HS
    • The sports here are amazing as well as teachers
    • So many new things happen everyday that you would just want to come to this school!
    Smithtown West
  • 5.
    • Smithtown East is a little bit smaller than West
    • Kids from both schools are very friendly and get a long
    • When we play sports against each other there are always big rivalries
    Smithtown East
  • 6. Mexican Japanese Breakfast Deserts Italian Spanish Delis Smithtown Resturants American Chinese
  • 7. Chinese - Japanese - Mexican Jade Garden Tomo Sushi Salsa Salsa
  • 8. American - Spanish - Italian American Roadside Maria’s Giorgio’s
  • 9. Breakfast - Delis - Desserts Bagel Maniac Brook site Deli Dunkin Donuts
  • 10. Smithtown Shopping Dick’s Sporting goods Boarders Walgreens Dick’s Sporting good is a great quick stop to get anywhere from clothing, to accessories, to actual equipment Boarders is the best book selling store in our town.. A ton of books to choose from that everyone loves Walgreens is the best place to go in for a quick snack and get food for the house