Sc 2 a noun clauses
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Sc 2 a noun clauses






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Sc 2 a noun clauses Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sentence Combining2AB: A. Noun ClausesB. Adjective ClausesDirect quotations toindirect statements(reported speech)
  • 2. Ex. I. Change the followingdirect quotation ofstatements to indirectquotations.Model:He said, “We saw that movielast week.”→ He said that they ’d seenthat movie last week.
  • 3. She said, “I am going toattend the hearing.”She said that she wasgoing to attend thehearing.
  • 4. He said, “I have a job for youto do.”He said that he had a jobfor me to do.
  • 5. He said, “I can type that pagein about eight minutes.”He said that he couldtype that page in abouteight minutes.
  • 6. She told me, “I don’t likeinstant coffee.”She told me that shedidn’t like instant coffee.
  • 7. He said, “It is important foryou to leave early.”He said that it wasimportant for me to leaveearly. Next
  • 8. “We’re going to win the game,”he said.He said they/we weregoing to win the game.
  • 9. “I will not be a candidate in thenext elections,” he told thereporters.He told the reportersthat he would not be acandidate in the nextelections.
  • 10. “There are many problems toconsider,” he said.He said there were manyproblems to consider.
  • 11. Ex. II. Change the followingdirect quotation of questionswith question words to indirectquotations.Model: “When did you see the movie?”she asked.→She asked when I ’d seen themovie.
  • 12. “When are they going to change the rates?” he wanted to know.He wanted to know whenthey were going tochange the rates.
  • 13. “Where will the meeting beheld?” she asked.She asked where themeeting would be held.
  • 14. “Why did they cancel themeeting?” he asked.He asked why theycancelled the meeting.
  • 15. “Which lessons should westudy?” the students asked.The students askedwhich lessons theyshould study.
  • 16. “How am I going to get to thestore?” she asked.She asked how she wasgoing to get to the store.
  • 17. “When does the next trainleave?” he asked.He asked when the nexttrain left.
  • 18. “What are you looking for?”she asked me.She asked me what I waslooking for.
  • 19. “Why didn’t you write anypostcards?” she asked.She asked me why Ididn’t write anypostcards.
  • 20. Ex. III. Change the followingdirect quotation of yes/noquestions to indirectquotations.Model:“Have you seen the movie?”she asked.→ She asked if I had seen themovie.
  • 21. “Are they going to raise thebus fare?” he asked.He asked if they weregoing to raise the busfare.
  • 22. “Will there be an improvement inthe services?” they wanted toknow.They wanted to know ifthere would be animprovement in theservices.
  • 23. “Do lemons contain lemonsVitamin C?” she asked.She asked if lemonscontained Vitamin C.
  • 24. “Did you attend the meeting?”he asked me.He asked me if Iattended the meeting.
  • 25. “Did you study every lesson inthe book?” the teacher asked us.The teacher asked us ifwe had studied everylesson in the book.
  • 26. “Will the performance beginon time?” she asked.She asked if theperformance would beginon time.
  • 27. “Are you ready to try theexperiment?” our chemistryteacher asked us .Our chemistry teacherasked us if we wereready to try theexperiment.
  • 28. “Are you ready to try theexperiment?” our chemistryteacher asked us .Our chemistry teacherasked us if we wereready to try theexperiment.
  • 29. Yay, you’re done! Now go back and do it again. Too boring?Change a detail to deal with the boredom factor. See an example on the next slide.
  • 30. “Can you kiss me after the performance?” he asked her. He asked her if she could kiss him after the performance.I guess youransweris no…