Could Your Business Be Doing Better Today


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A few simple questions that will help any business think a little and thrive a lot.

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Could Your Business Be Doing Better Today

  1. 1. Could Your Business Be Doing Better ? Are You Using Technology To Your Advantage?
  2. 2. A Lot has changed …  But, Unfortunately, We Still Seem To Run Out Of Time Before We Manage To Get Everything That We’d Like To Get Done, DONE !
  3. 3. Have you asked yourself …  Why exactly am I in Business ?  Am I set up to increase my profits?  Have I reviewed things lately to see what’s working and what’s not ?
  4. 4. Or maybe …  How many new things have I learned lately to help me grow my business ?  Are there any systems that might simplify some of the things I do ?  Who is my perfect customer ?
  5. 5. Sure, Advancing Technologies are amazing, but even that won’t save a business that’s missing key pieces.
  6. 6. Where, What, and When.  Not to try and oversimplify things but, here’s an example. Fly fishing enthusiasts know it takes more than just casting a line to catch that prize trout,
  7. 7. There’s more to it …  Knowing where to fish, using the right bait and giving fish exactly what they want, when they want it, brings it all together and makes it work. Here’s another key factor, they’re always reviewing the process to see what’s working (or what’s not) and then they make adjustments so they can get it right. That’s why they catch the fish.
  8. 8. Stop and Think about your products and services for a second, now ask yourself …
  9. 9. A Few Simple Questions  Where are people looking for me?  What exactly are they looking for, and am I giving it to them in a way that they feel comfortable giving me their hard earned money in exchange for it ?  When will they most likely be wanting to buy what I have to offer them?
  10. 10. Here’s an example, to help you see the actual process in action.  My Company helps small businesses use simple internet technologies to attract more customers, and improve profits, while we reduce labor costs. Basically our clients get more profits through less and smarter efforts.
  11. 11. We practice what we preach, and here’s what “WHERE” looks like for our particular business services.
  12. 12. I wonder where they are ?  “Where” are people looking for us ? As it turns out, a lot of small business owners are still largely unaware of the amazing results that technology can provide for them in their business.
  13. 13. Positioning is KEY !  That tells us that we need to be visible (be able to be found easily) where almost every one (70 percent plus according to recent surveys) looks for what they want nowadays, On the Internet. Google the words “Get More Leads For Less Online”
  14. 14. ‘WHERE” continued …  Basically, We position our systems and business solutions to the world through a simple internet presence, a website that offers Business Improvement, Consulting, ideas, and or implementation, and then we provide some timely tips, blog posts, or useful articles, in an effort to educate and inform clients about some of the potential client attraction solutions that are readily available to them.
  15. 15. The next natural step is …  Searchers look around our website, then they call us and request a Consultation (after we’ve shown them that we know what we’re talking about). Occasionally we’ll make (a few) calls to the businesses who are currently spending money on advertising for new customers in places like newspapers etc. and ask to compare.
  16. 16. “Where” continued …  One more very important point here is where NOT to look for new clients or customers. Trying to convince everyone that they should be doing “whatever you offer” can be very annoying to them, frustrating to you, and time consuming for everyone.
  17. 17. A better way to go …  It’s much smarter (and easier) to work with people who already know and understand something about what you offer, or those who have at least expressed an interest of some kind in your product or services.
  18. 18. Don’t re-create the wheel  That way, you’re simply improving on something that’s already happening and not giving birth to an entirely new idea that prospects may or may not be interested in. You’re advancing instead of beginning.
  19. 19. Next comes the “WHAT”.  Exactly “What” my clients are looking for usually has to be explored and dug down to and uncovered. As Expert Internet Consultants, the possibilities can be wide reaching. We try to narrow things down.
  20. 20. Let’s proceed …  Once someone has shown some interest, we start out with a brief Consultation where we “ask” (not tell) potential clients, what their ideas and goals are, and what they need help with to make their businesses more effective, more manageable, more profitable, and ultimately more FUN !
  21. 21. “WHAT” continued …  The reason that we begin with questions, is so we can figure out which strategies will get you the most results the soonest, and with the least amount of effort. My Dad might call that lazy, I just call it smart.
  22. 22. Open ended solutions are best  What we can set up for you can vary from a local listing blitz, a promotional video, a basic website, to a simple blog, to an email marketing system and might even go all the way up to a “comprehensive marketing package” that includes creating E-books and Tele-seminars and adding numerous additional revenue streams to really pump up your cash flow. We like it best when YOU decide exactly what you want !
  23. 23. “When” is the next piece.  The main point of “WHEN” is … “when they want it”. Obviously each product or service has it’s natural peak timing, “swimming pools in the summer” or “Hooded Parkas in winter”, those are factors to consider.
  24. 24. Here’s where it can all get really smart and automatic …  The great thing about technology is that if it’s applied properly, you can stay in touch and establish trust and respect during the “off season” (if there is one) by continuing to educate and inform, and in the process you’ll create a solid base of raving fans who are ready to BUY your solutions when the time is right for them.
  25. 25. “WHEN” continued …  One of the really exciting technological possibilities is the ability to communicate “at will” with your potential and your existing customers freely, your current customers are much more likely to do additional business with you more often. Especially if you talk to them often.
  26. 26. 1/6 the cost of a new lead  Your current customers already know trust and respect you. But, imagine this for a second, you push a button to inform them of a special event, or to ask them to recommend you to a few of their friends, and in exchange you give them a coupon for something they buy from you already.
  27. 27. Exponential growth !  How do you think that might work ? Incredibly well ? Yes, it usually does !
  28. 28. That concludes the process.
  29. 29. Let’s Review …  Where are your customers looking for you and how will they find your businesses solutions?  What do they want and do you have it ready for them? In terms that they understand?  When will they get to know, trust, and respect you, and be ready, willing and able to buy the solutions that you have for them, from you?
  30. 30. Here’s a little EXTRA for you !  Most of the ways that traditional businesses attempt to get new customers is outbound. In other words they mail you something, or call you, or send you a goofy useless email.
  31. 31. Would you welcome this ?  ALL of these old ways of doing things are very expensive and an intrusion on peoples time. More time is all that most of us want. Let me ask you something, do you enjoy being interrupted? Most of us don’t.
  32. 32. A known helpful friend here with some ideas for you …  Business that comes to you “Inbound” (because of your expert positioning) is always better than the business you have to go out and ask for. It just makes sense.
  33. 33. Ask … Could you use some help?  It’s much better to be seen as an advisor and counselor who seeks to inform and assist than to be seen as an unwanted pesky salesperson.
  34. 34. Here’s another little something  Given the choice, who would you choose to do business with? The one who educates, assists and informs you, or the one who pitches hard and leaves you feeling bullied into buying what they think you need?
  35. 35. Be the one who helps …  And you’ll win a LOT Bigger !
  36. 36. Do you like surprises?
  37. 37. If you do …  Click on this Go here for a little helpful gift for you ! If you’d like to know more email us and Ask us whatever you’d like Would be willing to do us a favor ? Take a brief Survey and help us help you We sincerely appreciate your time !
  38. 38. Thanks for taking time to see this. We know that your time is valuable.  Enjoy your work, Enjoy your family and your life and we hope that you’ll have a blessed day, every day of your life !
  39. 39. Create the life you really want  Own your business, Don’t let it own you.
  40. 40. Take care, and if you have questions, we’re here for you.  Rick Falls   6971 N Deltona Blvd  Citrus Springs, FL  34434  352 533 2307
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