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Real World Linear Graphs
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Real World Linear Graphs


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This presentation shows how straight line graphs are used in the real world.

This presentation shows how straight line graphs are used in the real world.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Real Life Straight Line Graphs and Why they are Important.
  • 2. Straight line “RGB” graphscan be adjusted to transformimages via the use of “Filters”in Adobe Photoshop andFireworks software.Filters processing has beenused to make the abovePowerPoint heading,( starting from a very basic font obtained from the site: ).
  • 3. Babies usually follow a straight line of increasing body length as the grow.
  • 4. It is very important for veterinarians toadminister the correct dosage of medicine.
  • 5. Economics data on House Prices follows near straight line increases and decreases.
  • 6. Market Share of Products is constantlymonitored by gaming console companies
  • 7. Straight line graphs are used to analyse and predict future markets and opportunities.
  • 8. Straight Lines are used in Biology andChemistry. (Enzymes are useful proteins that speed up the rate of chemical reactions).
  • 9. Graphs are used in medicine and pharmacy to work out the correct strength of drugs.
  • 10. Graphs are used in the analysis andpreparation of Government Budgets
  • 11. Graphs are used to work out whether or not we are the correct healthyweight for our body height. These graphs areknown as “BMI” or“Body Mass Index” Graphs.
  • 12. Graphs are used for the veterinary treatment of diseases in horses as part of the multimillion dollar Equine industry.
  • 13. Stock Market Crashes produce distinct downward straight lines.
  • 14. Straight Line Graphs are indeed very important for thehealth and well being of our families and pets.They are also critically involved with our economic andfinancial situations.They are indeed an important part of mathematics that weall need to know and understand. 
  • 15. All Images Obtained from further enhanced using Adobe CS3 Fireworks).
  • 16.