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Me in china daily 30.12.2012

  1. 1. ALL THE BEST DISHES ON CHINESE DINING TABLES THROUGH 2012, P14 >> sundayDECEMBER 30, 2012 CHINADAILY chinad RMB ¥ 1.5 POACHERS Q QIPAO STYLE Evolution: TO RANGERS Manchu robes IN AFRICA, FORMER HUNTERS to modern TURN PROTECTORS. STORY, P9 marvels, P13Keywordsto success:Domesticdemandand marketsBy ZHENG On his first inspection tourto provinces since the latestleadership reshuffle in Novem-ber, Vice-Premier Li Keqianghighlighted some key wordsthat will possibly indicate policyfocus: urbanization, domesticdemand and the role of marketforces. The largest potential of thenation’s domestic demand liesnot only in the eastern region,but also in the less-developedcentral and western regions, Lisaid at a forum held Friday inJiujiang, a port city along theYangtze River in central China’sJiangxi province. One of the strategic fulcrumsof the central region’s develop-ment is the area along the Yang-tze River, Xinhua news agencyquoted Li as saying. The Yangtze River, China’slongest waterway, runs throughseveral provinces in the centralheartland, including Hubei,Hunan, Jiangxi and Anhui. China’s sustainable andhealthy development lies inchanges to the developmentpattern and the adjustment ofthe economic structure. Thegreatest mission in the adjust-ment is boosting domesticdemand, and there is hugepotential in the central andwestern regions in this regard,he said. The regions along the YangtzeRiver would spur developmentin central and western China.Li said, and he called for effortsto close the gaps between urbanand rural areas, as well as thedifferent regions of China. Thepotential of less-developed areaswill provide strong momentumfor China’s economic develop-ment and the improvement ofthe people’s lives.SEE “REFORMS” PAGE 2 GUILLERMO MUNRO / CHINA DAILYIn this issueDIGEST............................................2PEOPLE..............................................4EXPAT..............................................5IMAGE...............................................6SPORTS..........................................7-8LIFE / THE NEW YORK TIMES........9-12STYLE...............................................13KALEIDOSCOPE..............................15TRAVEL.............................................16 It used to be that the buzzword was “Go West, young man”. But in the 21st century, it is China which attracts the young and adventurous. Erik Nilsson and Thomas Hale report.Contacts T Wester already had an inkling the population lives, you see theNews: (86-10) 6491-8366 hey come for the adventure. They stay for the jobs. Foreigners of what he was getting into and growth that will take place.”Subscription: (86) 400-699-0203Advertisement: (86-10) 6491-8631 coming to China for excitement and work is nothing new, but why it was a good move. The New World refrain artic-E-mail: today’s imported talent, like 28-year-old American Nick Wester, He had done an internship in ulated by Horace Greeley iniPhone app: 2008 with a US furniture com- 1865 — “Go West, young man; is younger and higher-caliber. Wester heeded the call of former pany in a village of 200 people Go West, and grow up with the A member of US national security advisor Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, outside of Guangzhou “two country” — persisted to later the Asia News hours from any McDonalds”. lure Europeans and people from Network who served under Jimmy Carter, who spoke at his university “That was my welcome to the economically emerging © 2012 China Daily All Rights and told graduates to go East. China experience,” Wester says. world. Reserved Vol. S3 — No. 123 “It was the moment I realized But the direction of human 国内统一编号:CN11-0091 The American was selected parts adventure and career that “Today, the best thing you can China is the place to be. That was relocation is also starting to 国际标准编号:ISSN0253-9543 immediately after graduation prompted the move. do for your family is to sell all when I realized what the growth stream in reverse. “Go East, 邮发代号:1-3 from Brigham Young University “Three-hundred years ago, if you own and move to China.” really was. If you go to Beijing young man” might be the new to found Eleutian Technology’s you wanted to do what was best So, he did, moving to Liao- or Shanghai, you feel like China mantra. China branch. for your family, you’d sell all you ning province’s Dalian, before is already there. But if you go to For Wester, it was equal own and move to the USA. settling in Beijing in 2010. But the places where the majority of SEE “FUTURE” PAGE 3
  2. 2. 2 sundaydigest S U N D A Y, D E C E M B E R 3 0 , 2 0 1 2 C H I NA DA I LYaround china Reforms: Li saysMACAO27 injured in ferry collision in Macao ‘law of the market’Twenty-seven people were injured in a ferry collision in MacaoOuter Harbor on Saturday, according to sources from the localpolice authority. The passenger ship carrying 175 passengersand eight crew members, left for Hong Kong at 12:15 am and must be respectedknocked down a buoy about 15 minutes after departure. Theship sailed back to the ferry after the collision. Police said FROM PAGE 125 of the 27 injured passengers had been sent to hospitalimmediately, most with slight contusions and scratches.. Li noted the average urban Chinese resident makes three times more than his rural cousin, and the averageHONG KONG per capita GDP in the eastern regions was almost eightBirth policy to be strictly enforced times that of some western areas.The Food and Health Bureau in Hong Kong reiterated on To solve this problem, he urged better urbanization,Friday that no public hospitals will accept any bookings by non- modern agriculture, city-rural integration and the inte-local pregnant women for delivery in Hong Kong starting Jan 1. gration of development in the regions along the Yangtze.Pregnant women from the Chinese mainland whose husbands Li used the analogy of a traditional Chinese chess gameare Hong Kong permanent residents, and Hong Kong residentswho came on one-way permits and have made bookings at local to illustrate the importance of balanced development: “Itprivate hospitals for delivery in 2013, will have their identity is like a game of Go. Strategic play in the board’s cornersand marital relations subject to stringent verification, according and around the sides are vital, but the moves in the centerto the new zero-quota policy. Law enforcement agencies will are important, as well,” Li said.increase efforts to intercept pregnant mainland women whose He also called for increased efforts to develop domes-husbands are not Hong Kong permanent residents. tic and foreign markets to boost demand, to maintain the rule of law in the economy and to provide equalBEIJING rights, equal opportunities and fair play for all marketDate fixed for top leaders’ election ICY THREAT participants.The first annual session of the 12th National People’s PHOTO PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY Fair market competition will also create more jobs forCongress will convene on March 5, during which top state the public, he said.leaders including the country’s president will be elected. The Electricity workers brave the cold to check transformer substations and grid The vice-premier proposed the concept of “city clus-30th meeting of the 11th NPC Standing Committee, whichconcluded here on Friday, decided on a suggested agenda for lines after a blizzard in Anhui province on Saturday. In the past few days, much ters along the Yangtze River’s middle reaches”. He told local governments to provide support in terms of trans-the session, which will last for about two weeks. According tothe decision, the session will elect the chairperson and vice of China has been hit by extreme weather, and emergency plans are designed regional transportation infrastructure and streamlinedchairpersons of the NPC Standing Committee, as well as the to deal with the power outages and ensure continuous energy supply. job markets and social security systems, according tocountry’s president and vice-president. It will also decide on the Xinhua.list of the State Council’s premier and vice-premiers, as well asstate councilors and ministers for government departments. To that effect, local governments must break downThe meeting will elect the chairperson of the Central Military unreasonable administrative barriers to foster a unified market through reforms in the country’s economic system. world briefsCommission of the People’s Republic of China, and headsof the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Administrative boundaries are not market territories,Procuratorate. and local governments should shift their functions and cast off restrictions within specific sectors and localChina to crack down on IPR violations RUSSIA authorities, Li said.The Ministry of Public Security is planning a new nationwide Police free child hostage, kill 7 In order to secure energetic and robust development,crackdown in 2013 to boost intellectual-property rights Russian security forces killed seven militants and freed he emphasized the importance of forming a single mar-protection. The crackdown will focus on five crimes concerning a 6-year-old girl taken hostage in the restive Dagestan ket and ensuring free flow of market factors accordingthe production and sale of fake and shoddy goods, including region of Russia’s volatile North Caucasus on Saturday, a to market rules.bogus luxury items, high-tech products, home appliances, food national anti-terrorism committee official told Interfax Several proposals by local governments were presentedand drugs, according to a statement released by the ministry on news agency. The report said that the militants in theFriday. to Li, including Hubei’s suggestion to dredge the Yangtze provincial capital of Makhachkala broke through a wall, entered an apartment and took the girl hostage. River and Hunan’s proposal to coordinate key projects Those killed had previously served sentences for crimes and infrastructures across provincial borders.Beidou helps put region on the map including murder, extortion, theft and robbery, Interfax “You raised a lot of suggestions, especially to the centralThe Beidou navigation system began providing services for said. government,” Li told provincial heads.civilians in the Asia-Pacific region on Thursday. After going “Many of these suggestions are about more supportthrough a one-year trial operation and adding six more from the central government, but more are about askingsatellites in 2012, Beidou’s performance, is “comparable” to INDONESIAthat of the United States’ GPS, Ran Chengqi, spokesman for Foreign tourism up 5 percent the central government to grant you more autonomy.the China Satellite Navigation Office, told a news conference Local governments should have their own initiative. The The number of foreign holiday makers coming intoon Thursday. Beidou, which means “compass”, now has a Indonesia from January to November was up by 5 percent central government ministries should transfer their roles.constellation of 16 navigation satellites and four experimental to more than 7.2 million people on yearly basis, an official “Reforms should respect the law of the market, becausesatellites. said here. Indonesia expects 9.5 million holiday makers to market forces are irreplaceable,” he stressed. visit the country by 2014, 1 million of which from China, Niu Fengrui, a researcher with the Institute for Urban the country’s tourism minister told Xinhua. and Environment Studies of the Chinese Academy ofLongest bullet-train route opensFurther cementing the country’s high-speed railway Social Sciences, said urbanization, in essence, is the con-development ambitions, the world’s longest high-speed rail line, MYANMAR centration of population and industries.which spans over half of China, began operating on Wednesday, Suu Kyi-made sweaters sold “The concentration allows the efficient flow and func-Running at an average speed of 300 km/h, the 2,298-km route Myanmar’s cash-strapped opposition party is tapping into tion of capital, land and human resources,” he said. “So itcuts travel time between Beijing and Guangzhou from more than the prestige of its leader: Two sweaters hand-knit by Aung best represents modernization and the inevitable direc-20 hours to about eight and connects 28 cities, including five San Suu Kyi have been auctioned for $123,000. A green-provincial capitals. A total of 155 pairs of trains run on the new RAVEENDRAN / AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE tion China must take.” and-white sweater with a floral design sold at a Friday Niu said China is in the middle of accelerating theline daily and alternative schedules have been made for weekends night auction to an anonymous bidder for 63 million kyat, INDIAand peak travel times, according to the Ministry of Railways, or $74,120. On Thursday, a Myanmar-based radio station process. The speeding up of urbanization would unleashXinhua reported. A second-class seat on the high-speed line is won a bidding war for a multicolored V-neck that fetched Gang-rape victim dies tremendous domestic demand, notably the huge poten-865 yuan ($139) and a first-class seat is 1,383 yuan. $49,000. Suu Kyi has not publicly reacted to the success Indian police will invoke murder charges early tial for fixed-asset investment growth. of her party’s two-day fund raiser, but aides said she was next week against the six men who gang-raped and He estimated that in the next few years, 1,500 to 2,000 pleased with the results. brutalized the 23-year-old medical student who diedQINGHAI square kilometers of new urban area would be built early Saturday morning in Singapore, reported PressMass prayer service held for peace Trust of India. The rape case has rocked India with every year. If this translates to about 1 to 2 billion yuanMore than 5,100 monks from Jyegu Monastery in a Tibetan UNITED STATES unprecedented protests by students last weekend. in fixed-asset investment per square kilometer, it meansregion of Northwest China’s Qinghai province on Friday held a Toyota settlements take shape The Indian capital braced for a new wave of protests, a total of 1,500 to 4,000 billion yuan fixed-asset invest-mass prayer service, ending a six-day gathering for world peace. closing metro stations and banning vehicles from ment per year. A US judge gave preliminary approval on Friday to a $1 the city center district where young activists hadThe monks from 74 monasteries chanted Tibetan Buddhist billion-plus settlement with Toyota Motor Corp. in cases Li Tie, head of China Center for Urban Development, ascriptures alongside thousands of believers in a new scripture converged to demand improved women’s rights. involving problems of sudden, unintended acceleration by The victim, severely beaten, raped and thrown out think tank under the National Development and Reformhall built after the 2010 earthquake. The monastery has held the its vehicles, a plaintiffs’ attorney said. Toyota has said themass prayer service for the past 14 years around Oct 15 on the of a moving bus in New Delhi two weeks ago, had Commission, felt that the new urbanization drive will deal, announced on Wednesday, will resolve hundreds of been flown to Singapore in a critical condition byTibetan calendar. lawsuits from motorists who said the value of their Toyota focus on boosting consumption rather than investment. the Indian government on Thursday for specialist He called for an overhaul of China’s rigid household vehicles plummeted after recalls stemming from claims treatment.NEWSWATCH that the Japanese automaker’s cars and trucks accelerated registration and land and social security systems to unintentionally. Claims by people who seek compensation guarantee the migrant workers’ right to equal access toChina maintains ‘blue’ weather alert for injury and death due to sudden acceleration are not public service.China’s National Meteorological Center on Saturday part of the settlement; the first trial involving those suits is NEWS WATCH At the forum, Li Keqiang had indicated he preferredmaintained its blue alert for blizzards and a severe cold snap scheduled for February.during the next 24 to 48 hours. Eastern parts of Northeast Abe visits Fukushima site natural market forces to push forward the centralChina’s Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces, coastal areas of Newly installed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe region’s development.Shandong province and northeastern parts of Guizhou Gay marriage law goes into effect visited the tsunami-devastated Fukushima Dai-Ichi Zhu Huasheng, associate professor of economics withprovince will see heavy snowfall and possibly blizzards on Chris Kast and Byron Bartlett already consider nuclear plant on Saturday as his government reconsiders the Beijing Normal University, said it is important forthe weekend. Snow or blizzards will also hit parts of Hunan, plans to eventually phase out the use of nuclear energy.Anhui, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. Central and themselves married after a 2010 ceremony overlooking local governments in the central region to respect the Portland Harbor, but now they’re doing it all over again Donning protective gear, Abe took a bus tour of thewestern Guizhou will see freezing rain, the weather center plant — site of the worst nuclear accident since the law of the market because the experience of the eastern — planning to be among the first to get a marriage licenseforecast early on Saturday morning. Along with heavy snow, now that Maine’s same-sex marriage law has taken effect. 1986 Chernobyl disaster — and greeted workers at its region showed that it is internal market forces, rathergale winds will chill these areas over the next 48 hours, with Voters approved gay marriage in November, making emergency operations center in Okuma town on Japan’s than those the government dictates, that motivatedtemperature drops of 6 to 12 degrees. Maine and two other states the first to do so by popular northeastern coast. economic success. vote. The law is already in effect in Washington state; CHINA DAILY — XINHUA Maryland’s takes effect on Tuesday, the first day of 2013. XINHUA — REU TERS — ASSO CIATED PRESS Xinhua contributed to this story. SUN - MON DEC 30 - 31 weather Ulaanbaatar CHINA CHINA C Cloudy Urumqi -27 /-21 Beijing - 9 /- 2 S -11 /- 3 S Shanghai - 2 / 2 C -3/ 5 S D Drizzle -21 /-10 -28 /-16 Changchun -24 /-18 Sn -27 /-18 C Shenyang -21 /-13 S -25 /-13 S Du Dust Changsha -1/ 5 C -2/ 8 S Shenzhen 7 / 15 C 5 / 12 C F Fog -18 /- 8 Pyongyang O Overcast Beijing Chongqing 2/ 8 C 2 / 10 C Shijiazhuang - 7 / 1 S -9/ 0 S R Rain - 9 /- 2 Seoul Dalian -10 /- 6 S -10 /- 3 S Suzhou -2/ 2 C -3/ 4 S Sh Shower Xining Fuzhou 7 / 13 Sh 5 / 12 O Taipei 11 / 13 R 7 / 13 D -11 /- 3 - 6 /- 2 Tokyo Guangzhou 5 / 12 C 3 / 14 S Taiyuan -15 /- 3 S -13 /- 2 S S Sunny SUNDAY TRAVELER’S FORECAST Sn Snow MONDAY LOW/HIGH TEMPERATURES, IN DEGREES CELSIUS, - 9 /- 5 Guilin 0/ 4 C 1/ 7 C Tianjin -10 /- 4 S -11 /- 2 S 3 / 11 St Storm Lhasa Shanghai Guiyang -3/ 1 O -1/ 3 O Urumqi -21 /-10 S -18 /- 8 S AND EXPECTED CONDITIONS New Kathmandu -1/ 5 4 / 10 T Thunderstorms Delhi Chengdu -2/ 2 Haikou 12 / 16 D 9 / 17 O Wuhan -6/ 3 C -4/ 5 C -2/ 6 ASIA-PACIFIC-MIDDLE EAST AMERICAS Thimphu -3/ 5 Hangzhou -3/ 1 O -4/ 5 C Xiamen 8 / 16 Sh 6 / 13 C 8 / 20 Guangzhou Harbin -23 /-20 Sn -27 /-20 C Abu Dhabi 5 / 21 R 9 / 22 R BuenosAires 19 / 31 C 23 / 31 S 11 / 13 Xi’an -7/ 3 S -6/ 4 S 5 / 19 5 / 12 Taipei Hefei -6/ 2 C -5/ 6 C Xining -21 /- 2 S -20 / 1 S Bangkok 26 / 35 C 26 / 32 C Chicago -4/ 0 C - 9 /- 1 O 7 / 13 Colombo 25 / 30 C 24 / 30 C Caracas 24 / 31 C 24 / 30 C 3 / 14 Hohhot -18 /- 8 C -16 /- 9 C Yantai - 8 /- 3 Sn - 9 /- 1 Sn 20 / 35 Hong 10 / 14 Hongkong 10 / 14 C 9 / 17 C Yinchuan -15 /- 3 S -13 /- 2 S Dubai 17 / 24 S 15 / 24 S Houston 1 / 12 C 0 / 14 O Yangon Hanoi 19 / 35 Kong 9 / 17 Jinan -10 /- 2 S -9/ 0 S Zhengzhou - 6 / 3 S -5/ 6 S Hanoi 14 / 18 O 14 / 18 O Las Vegas 1 / 10 C 1/ 9 C Kunming 2/ 7 D 1 / 12 Sh Zhuhai 8 / 13 C 6 / 12 S Islamabad 8 / 18 S 5 / 19 S Los Angeles 10 / 15 C 9 / 14 S 26 / 35 Macao Lanzhou -15 /- 2 S -14 / 0 S Jakarta 24 / 33 O 25 / 33 O Mexico City 9 / 23 C 8 / 23 C Manila Karachi 9 / 24 S 8 / 24 S New York -1/ 4 C -2/ 2 C 26 / 32 Bangkok Lhasa - 3 / 16 C - 3 / 14 S Lijiang - 1 / 13 C 1 / 14 C Kuala Lumpur 25 / 32 O 25 / 32 O Ottawa -14 /-10 O -12 /- 2 C 24 / 32 25 / 31 17 / 26 Macao 10 / 14 C 7 / 17 C EUROPE Manila 25 / 31 C 25 / 31 C Rio De Janeiro 26 / 34 S 25 / 33 C Vientiane 25 / 31 25 / 31 Mumbai 16 / 32 S 18 / 32 S San Francisco 6 / 11 C 6 / 10 C 11 / 22 Nanchang -1/ 3 C -3/ 5 S Athens 6 / 13 Sh 9 / 12 Sh Bandar Seri Nanjing -5/ 1 C -6/ 4 S Berlin -1/ 8 O 3/ 8 C New Delhi 8 / 20 S 5 / 19 S Sao Paulo 22 / 27 O 21 / 28 Sh 25 / 32 Begawan Brussels 7 / 11 C 6 / 10 C Pyongyang - 9 /- 5 S -13 /- 9 S Vancouver 2/ 6 C 2/ 6 C Nanning 5 / 10 O 4 / 12 O 25 / 32 Kuala Lumpur Qingdao - 7 /- 2 C - 7 /- 1 S Geneva 3/ 7 D 2/ 6 C Riyadh 10 / 21 S 10 / 23 C Washington 1/ 5 S -1/ 5 S Sanya 19 / 25 D 16 / 23 O Istanbul 8 / 11 O 6 / 10 C Seoul - 6 /- 2 S - 9 /- 5 S 25 / 30 London 4 / 10 C 9 / 11 O Singapore 25 / 30 Sh 25 / 30 O AFRICA Singapore Cairo 11 / 20 C 12 / 19 C 25 / 30 Madrid -1/ 7 O 1/ 9 C Sydney 19 / 22 O 19 / 28 O Moscow - 6 /- 2 O - 7 /- 3 O Teheran 2 / 10 S 2/ 8 S CapeTown 16 / 26 O 18 / 25 C 24 / 33 Paris 7 / 11 C 7 / 11 O Tokyo 3 / 11 O 4 / 10 R Johannesburg 16 / 29 S 17 / 26 C Jakarta Lagos 24 / 32 C 24 / 32 C 25 / 33 Rome 3 / 13 S 2 / 13 S Wellington 17 / 21 D 17 / 20 C Vienna -3/ 4 C -3/ 5 C Yangon 20 / 35 S 19 / 35 S Nairobi 16 / 26 C 16 / 26 C
  3. 3. C H I NA DA I LY S U N D A Y, D E C E M B E R 3 0 , 2 0 1 2 sundayprofile 3 When THE EAST IS RED HOT China is a prime destination for Western professionals looking to burnish their CVs, the brave and Erik Nilsson reports that those who stay are ideally placed in the job market. were the first By THOMAS HALE Today, many foreigners traveling to Chi- na have their route mapped out for them. Well into the present day, its economy attracts individuals with well-defined career aspirations and a clear image in their minds of the role China can play for them. Earlier voyagers, however, were drawn largely by curiosity, and, in the absence of an obviously marked-out path, adapted to a culture wildly different from that of today. One such individual is Frank Hossack, who arrived in Shanghai in 1993 to intro- duce Chinese pop music to Western radio. At this point, remarkably, only 800 for- eigners lived in the city. This figure now stands at around 210,000. For Hossack, the landscape of early ’90s China was in many ways incomparable with the situa- tion today. International schools and hos- pitals, and places to buy Western food, were incredibly thin on the ground. The foreign population, he says, was mostly a spread of teachers and engineers but also “consisted of senior members of large companies, who were attempting to build a presence in the Chinese market”. PHOTOS PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY Other than a large diplomatic presence,Mark Henderson landed in China to work for a China-EU trade body, and his posting has allowed him to see such sights as the traditional round houses, or tulou, of Fujian province. which has remained relatively unchanged, the situation was much the same in Beijing.W hile young Western people with extremely strong lan- with China are uncommon, those one-year contracts. Local health- Outside of these cities, foreigners were professionals are guage skills and other experience who stay for the long haul are even care is comparatively low-grade rarely encountered. flooding China to have been unable to find work, so it rarer. and expensive, while international- Beyond the demographic of busi- build up their CVs, seems that the job market is getting “Most qualified and young (West- level care is exorbitant. And the nessmen responding to an increasinglythose already here might have rid- even tougher,” the 32-year-old says. ern) people do not tend to stay in Internet is restricted. open Chinese market, there was also aden the wave of opportunity’s crest, “The competition is pretty fierce China for the long term,” Direct “I can’t get sick in China — it large number of people who, in Hossack’sas the tides turn toward interna- ... a huge number of extremely well- HR Shanghai’s founding partner would bankrupt me,” Hendry words, embodied a kind of culture of “self-tionalized local talent. educated people are looking for Michael Maeder says. says. “Being Canadian, I’m not imposed exile” — foreigners who had left And while China has become the work here, including people with Most use China as a stepping used to having to worry about their home countries to escape something“it” destination for qualified young family ties in China returning due stone to get better jobs back home, that. Because of that — and school or someone.Westerners, there are reasons most to the increased opportunities. he explains. costs an insane amount of moneydo not stay. “These guys combining interna- “China is now one of the most — raising a family here isn’t eco- “More young Western talents tional experience with an appre- desired countries to have interna- nomically viable for me.”want to come to China for experi- ciation of Chinese business culture tional experience in, and having this American Roderick Leung saysence,” Adecco Shanghai Executive and language have a very strong on their CVs and the ability to speak career prospects aren’t enough toSearch Services director Charles hand in the job market.” Chinese will likely heighten (their) keep him in China forever. TheGao says. Briton Paul Afshar also sees the starting salaries and job titles.” only thing that could would be a “But the market wants more shift. He left his position as a lobby- Gao says it doesn’t really matter family — something he hopes tolocalization. They don’t want any- ist in the United Kingdom to move what jobs homeward-bound young start in the next four years. I meet so many ‘‘one without China experience to China and become managing Westerners take in China. But China is “not an ideal” placebecause it’s a challenge for the com- director of Chinese people “If a young Westerner has any for him to raise children, especiallypany. The Western guys with China “I meet so many Chinese people who are return- China experience at all, maybe 20 considering the costs of healthcareexperience, it’s very easy for them who are returning from studying ing from study- years later, they can become head and find jobs here. But it’s hard for abroad with good qualifications of a multinational. Without China Still, while young Westernersthose without.” and work experience,” he says. ing abroad with experience, it would be tough for seeking their fortunes in China will That’s largely because of a grow- But young Westerners already good qualifica- them,” he says. perhaps find the silver spoon los-ing number of Chinese who in the country can claim the best tions and work “Westerners should have ambi- ing its luster, those who are alreadyspeak English and have interna- opportunities China offers. experience.” tion. It doesn’t matter what they do. here and willing to stay may havetional experience. And as the West “Westerners who understand If they find a junior-level position, struck gold.declines and China rises, more China are fairly rare,” says Nick PAUL AFSHAR it’s an investment.” “The ones who stay here think Frank Hossack has seen China change MANAGING DIRECTOR, dramatically in the last two decades.overseas Chinese are returning Wester, who came to Beijing after But there are other reasons most going home would be boring,” IJUSTWANNABUY.COMhome. a stint in Dalian, Liaoning prov- young Westerners don’t stay. Hendry says. “They enjoy being a The exotic notion of the Far East, and Briton Mark Henderson says he ince, in 2010. China offers no guarantees, says citizen of the world rather than of especially China, as a refuge for those flee-was surprised to land his dream “They’re important but rare. Wester was hired to open Eleu- Clinton Hendry, who moved to their own country. All things being ing something at home has a long heritage.job in China as a project manager They’re high-value. A lot of com- tian Technology’s China branch Beijing three years ago to become equal, I’d probably stay in Beijing In the 1920s and ’30s, around 20,000for a China-EU trade body. But he panies are looking for someone after graduation because he already a university instructor at age 23. my whole life.” Russians — many of them Jewish — fledbelieves the employment landscape who understands China — who had experience doing business in “Things could drastically change,” the newly established Soviet Union andis changing. knows China and can tell them the country. he says. Contact the writer at settled in Shanghai. “I’ve noticed in the past year that what to do.” Although Westerners familiar He points out that jobs tend to be Today, this narrative still informs many perceptions about foreigners in China, even if most are now chasing success rather than fleeing difficulties.Future: To stay or go, that is the question Hossack currently runs a company based in Jiangsu’s provincial capital Nan- jing called Sinoconnexion, which provides a number of media and publishing services and has also provided several internshipsFROM PAGE 1 Hendry says that while he taught has offered him more than a career to students from the United Kingdom and at his university in Canada, his job and adventure. Australia. American Roderick Leung’s in China was his first long-term “I came to China as a young man, Crucially, and in sharp contrast to thestory demonstrates the U-turn. contract. with a girlfriend and no job,” he says. increasingly economic motivations drivingLeung has inadvertently followed “I had a lot of job experience back “When the time comes, I will foreigners in 2012, people arriving in thethe route his Chinese emigrant home, a lot of it in not particularly leave as a married father with some early ’90s, in Hossack’s experience, wereparents took to the United States good jobs,” he says, citing work as amazing experiences working and “not looking for money, but adventure”.— but in reverse. a bartender and security guard in living here.” “I don’t think that’s the case anymore,” “We both probably had the same Canada. Human resources companies he says. “It certainly was when I arrived.”idea, this was going to be the next “My goal was always to be a point out coming to China is a stra- Where the vast majority of Hossack’sbig thing and we wanted to be on teacher,” he says. “The idea that a tegic move for young Westerners. acquaintances in ’90s Shanghai werethe ground when it hit,” he says. university in China wanted to hire “Over the past decade, China “extremely colorful, eccentric individuals” But he says it was “100 percent me was perfect.” has become a portal of wealth and — products, perhaps, of the long narrativeadventure” that originally drew Briton Mark Henderson says he experience for Westerners look- of “self-imposed exile” that has contributedhim to China. had planned to put his career on ing to further their careers,” Direct to the city’s status and identity — the for- The 27-year-old Microsoft proj- hold when he came to Beijing after HR Shanghai’s founding partner Looking for work in his field, Christopher Russell started working for eigners he meets today are different.ect assistant says his motivations his girlfriend landed a job as an atta- Michael Maeder says. ACN Worldwide in Shanghai China. By and large, he points out, when ithave changed in the two years he che to the EU delegation to China Briton Christopher Russell, who comes to foreigners in China, they arehas lived in China. Now, they’re five years ago. works as a writer and editor for sion, though, I would have still come mystical and exotic, and I wanted “increasingly normal people”.about 70 percent career and 30 per- “However, I quickly realized the ACN Worldwide in Shanghai, had to China.” to be the guy in the pub back home As China becomes an ever-more-pop-cent adventure. opportunities were rather better trouble finding the kinds of jobs he Paul Afshar left his position as a with something interesting to say.” ular destination for career-builders, the Canadian Clinton Hendry, who than I’d expected,” Henderson says. wanted back home after graduating lobbyist in the United Kingdom to But while most young West- job market is becoming more competitive.moved to Beijing three years ago at “Compared to my hometown of in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in move to China to become manag- ern professionals will boomerang This trend has a major impact on visas,age 23, puts it this way: “China’s like 185,000 people, the opportunities philosophy from King’s College, ing director of home with tales to regale and with and entering China is not getting easier.the Wild West but on the other side here are exceptional.” London. China offered new opportuni- burnished CVs, some are here But the adventurous streak that droveof the world. China has become the After two years as a university “Straight after graduation, I ties, the 28-year-old says. He vis- indefinitely. foreigners East may be in the process ofdestination for the new ‘Lost Gen- instructor, he became an EU-China worked a succession of jobs that ited the country as a tourist in June “As long as the environment is being pacified by economic transitions.eration’ to seek adventure.” Trade Project II project manager. weren’t intellectually or creatively 2011 and moved to Beijing the fol- right for me professionally and for Today, perfectly normal people flock to He likens it to how early 20th- “I’m now happy to say I have got stimulating. lowing month. my family, then I’ll be in China,” China to pursue a career, which is supple-century Spain lured such global the best job I’ve ever had, and it per- “There was little prospect of that It wasn’t just a career move but Wester says. mented by but not necessarily driven bynomads as Ernest Hemingway, who fectly fits my career trajectory thus changing, or that’s how it felt,” the also a quest for excitement. adventure. But Hossack says that in thepopularized the Lost Generation far,” he says. 24-year-old says. “None of my friends were doing Contact the writers at early ’90s: “You wouldn’t have survived ifconcept. But the 32-year-old says China “Even if there had been no reces- it,” he says. “China seemed almost,cn you weren’t adventurous.”
  4. 4. 4 sundaypeople S U N D A Y, D E C E M B E R 3 0 , 2 0 1 2 C H I NA DA I LYworldsceneBritish actress Kate Winsletmarries for third timeBritish Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet hasmarried for the third time, her publicist confirmedon Thursday. The 37-year-old, best known for her SILENCE IS LOUD According to French mime artist Philippe Bizot, ‘The play is life, so you don’t act.’starring role in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic, mar-ried Ned RocknRoll, a nephew of music and aviationtycoon Richard Branson. Chen Yingqun finds out more about the universal language of saying nothing. PThousands sign petition to deport hilippe Bizot doesn’t say a word on stage and yet, us-Piers Morgan over gun comments ing exaggerated facial expressions and body move-More than 48,000 people have signed a petition that ments, he expresses himself perfectly. “Silence is mythey posted on the White House website demandingthat British CNN talk show host Piers Morgan be language, my music, and my song,” the 58-year-olddeported over comments he made on air about gun French mime artist says. “The art of pantomime is acontrol. Morgan last week lambasted pro-gun guestson his show, after the Dec 14 mass shooting at Sandy universal language, the language of emotion.”Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, He has just completed his world tour dressing up as a Chinese farmer or a Boliv-where a gunman shot dead 26 people, including 20 with a series of shows at Penghao The- ian worker, sorrow and joy are universalchildren. ater, Beijing, including the performance for everyone,” he says. Forty Years of Silence, a compilation of 13 The veteran Chinese comedian LaiQuentin Tarantino unchains short stories depicting life’s highs and lows. Xiaosheng says he has learned a lot fromAmerica’s tormented past In addition, he also performed Invisible watching Bizot’s work. Bridge, The Kid II, and You and Me, with “His performances enlighten me about Wang Xiaohuan and Zhang Jiahe, both flaws in my own performances. For exam- students from the Central Academy of ple, he stresses expression with his eyes, Drama in China. but when I perform, I sometimes avoid eye “They are the very best performers in contact with the audience.” China,” he says. “It’s really nice working Bizot says that in one show there are with them.” about individual 15,000 scenes. If just one Bizot dreamed of performing in China or two of these scenes fail, the show can when he was a child and first visited the fail, so extreme concentration is needed country in 1984. “Chinese culture is very throughout a performance. impressive. I have been fascinated by its “The mime never pretends to do some- painting, calligraphy and literature.” thing. Instead he devotes his strength to Since his first visit, Bizot has brought serving the scene he is creating. If you want his mime act to the country every two or to tell the audience there is a cup in your three years. In 2005 he combined the arts hand, you have to feel that cup yourself.” of mime and Kunqu Opera for a perfor- When mime actors begin, they often mance with Chinese artistes. panic and add unnecessary aspects to their “Kunqu movement is really delicate, and performance, he says. A perfect mime is the combination of the two arts was quite not acting, but transforming into the char- pleasant,” he says. acters and living within their contexts. The Bizot’s fascination with mime began secret to achieving that ability is constant when he was 8. He was later mentored practice, four or five hours a day. and encouraged by Jean-Louis Barrault. At “The play is life, so you don’t act; you liveTwenty years after Quentin Tarantino unveiled his 18 he took to the stage for the first time to in the life. You have to gradually adopt thefirst film Reservoir Dogs, the director has turned great acclaim, and at 20 he won the Inter- images and characteristics of people’s faces,his eye to America’s slavery history, spinning a national Mime Golden Award. hands and so on into your own mind.”blood-filled retribution tale in his trademark style As he travels, he observes people, watch- Zeng Nuola, 26, a movie director, saysfor Django Unchained. Tarantino, 49, has become ing their movements and recording inter- she admires Bizot’s ability to express emo-synonymous with violence and dark humor, taking esting situations that can inspire him for a tions without words. PHOTOS BY JIANG DONG / CHINA DAILYon the Nazis in Inglourious Basterds and mobsters in new performance. “He has a very strong and special under- For French mime artist Philippe Bizot, exaggerated facial expressions and bodyPulp Fiction. Bizot is particularly happy to see people standing of body language and silence, movements are his second language. with speaking and hearing difficulties in which is helpful for my own directing.”Fracking culture war stirs up his audiences. He studies their use of body Apart from performing, Bizot has language in different countries and adopts founded academies of mime in Bordeaux,Hollywood and its celebrities this into his work. Marseille, Bolivia, Lebanon, Pakistan andNot so long ago, fracking was a technical term little For example, his mime for sun is taken the US, which have taught thousands ofknown beyond the energy industry. Now it’s coming from Indian sign language. He believes Hollywood, as the fierce battle between environ- they have a profound understanding and Between performances he has alsomentalists and oil firms is played out in several forth- appreciation of mime. found time to run several mime work-coming films. Hydraulic fracturing, the controversial “People who have listening and speak- shops in Beijing.drilling technique also known as fracking, has lifted ing problems have the same rights to enjoy He You, 24, an architectural designer,US energy output dramatically, despite warnings the charms of art,” he says. “But there are found Bizot’s workshop thought-provok-from critics who fear it pollutes water deep under- not many theaters open to them, so I want ing. “He attaches great importance to lifeground. them to feel the beauty of art in my theater.” and nature and encourages us to mimic His mimes include characters from all and experience life.”Elvis Presley, The Beatles top sections of society: the shy lover, the lov- Despite the passion that Bizot and hislist of most-forged autographs ing father, and the naughty student among audience have for mime, it remains anElvis Presley and The Beatles top the list of most- them. art form that few practice. Bizot’s ambi-forged celebrity signatures in 2012, with less than half “My art comes from my audience, so I tion is to keep mime alive by forming aof their autographs for sale certified as genuine, mem- want to reward them 10 times over with mime company with top performers fromorabilia authenticators PSA/DNA said on Thursday. my mime. I can be a man, a woman, a bird around the world.The King and The Fab Four British rockers, who or a dog after I have dressed up. I become atopped the list two years ago when it was last released, mirror for people and reflect their feelings. Contact the writer at Students from the Central Academy of Drama join Bizot on stage for some of hisjoined notable figures such as former US President No matter whether I’m in Africa or France, performances at Penghao Theater in Beijing.John F. Kennedy and late pop star Michael Jackson onthe list of most-forged celebrity signatures.The Hobbit tops US boxoffice chart for a second week Painter shows his class in Tibetan village By HUANG ZHILING in Chengdu A group of women and children gather in a remote village square in Shiqu coun- ty, Sichuan’s Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture. The children all have books in their hands, which arouses the attention of artist Wang Qijun. The 58-year-old professor of the Bei- jing-based China Central Academy of Fine Arts follows the kids into a temple as they sit in front of a Buddha statue, attended by a lama in a red robe.Director Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth took Preoccupied with their studies the stu-$36.7m last weekend, dwarfing its competition, dents ignore him as the sunlight streamsaccording to the BBC. It easily beat Tom Cruise’s lat- in through a window and inspires Wangest action movie, Jack Reacher, which came second to paint, Tibetan Class in the Village.with $15.6 million. But a drop-off in The Hobbit’s The painting is one of many Wangtakings, down from $84.8 m last week, suggests it has done in the wake of his trip to thewill struggle to match the success of the final Lord of Tibetan-inhabited areas of Sichuan inThe Rings film. The Return of the King made $1.2 b December 2011.worldwide after its release in 2003. At the time, it was Together with Tian Haipeng, vice pres-the second highest-grossing film ever, although it has ident of the CCAFA, Wang led a delega- PHOTOS PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILYsince been overtaken by the likes of Avatar and Harry Professor Wang Qijun (right) of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts shows how life has improved in Sichuan’s Tibetan areas. tion of painters from the academy for aPotter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2. week-long trip to the area, where they the warmth of maternal love and did the could not speak Tibetan, I had to wait 2011. Herdsmen had fixed up their resi- visited Tibetan villages and talked to local oil painting Heart Filled with Love.” patiently and we had no water to drink,” dences and they all had TV sets and cellMinistry and Rigor Mortis art students. This was not Wang’s first visit to Tibet- Wang recalls. phones, Wang says.guitarist dies on stage at 47 Situated on the plateau 3,000 to 4,000 an-inhabited areas: “I visited as a painter When he visited a farming area in He says that when he visited a GanbaoMike Scaccia was performing onstage at the Rail meters above sea level, Sichuan’s Tibetan for the first time in 1985. That year, I went southern Tibet in 1997, Wang could read- Tibetan village square in Lixian county,Club in Fort Worth, Texas, as part of a 50th birthday areas used to be poor but have improved through Gansu and Qinghai provinces to ily appreciate all the changes taking place. Sichuan’s Aba Tibetan and Qiang autono-celebration for Rigor Mortis singer Bruce Corbitt, economically in recent years, which is enter Tibet.” “Many Tibetan children attended mous prefecture, locals were celebratingwhen he collapsed, according to Shortly reflected in Wang’s oil paintings. Roads were inaccessible and the long- schools in big cities like Beijing and the Tibetan New Year.afterwards, he was taken to a hospital, where he was Walking on a country road in Ma’nai distance bus could travel only about 200 Shanghai. The State paid for their educa- “When I chatted with an old Tibetanpronounced dead. Scaccia was born in Babylon, New village, Jinchuan, Wang sees a young km in a single day. tion. When I talked with their parents, woman, her son called from outside theirYork, on July 14, 1965, and formed thrash metallists mother carrying her child and walking “When we were near Qinghai Lake, the children could speak fluent Mandarin hometown.Rigor Mortis in 1983. Six years later, the guitarist was under the sun. 3,300 meters above sea level, the bus and interpret for us,” he says. “I instantly felt what a happy life meant.invited by Al Jourgensen to join Ministry. “The intense sunlight turned the moth- broke down. The Tibetan driver spent He saw further improvements in living It became the inspiration for the oil paint- REUTERS er and child into glowing colors and I felt more than five hours repairing it. As I standards during his visit in December ing Message of Spring,” Wang says.