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Joey girouard media alphabet project
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Joey girouard media alphabet project


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  • 1. My Grandmother Girouardmakes the best apple crisp in the world.She makes it from scratch and with a littlebit of love. She usually makes it on specialoccasions like Christmas and my birthday!The last time she made it was Christmasand it was amazing. I had to share it withmy family so I wasn’t to happy. I once helped her make it and it turnedout pretty well. I helped cut the applesand mix all of the ingredients whichdoesn’t sound like much but I though itwas a great time. I love baking things withmy grandma and I cant wait to bake morethings in the future.
  • 2. I play for the 8th GradeLeominster Blue Devils AYF football team.I have been playing for 2 years now and Ithink I have improved a lot. My Coach isJimmy Xarras and he has helped the teamgo to a 7 and 2 record. Last season Iplayed mostly tight end on offense and Iplayed end on defense. This season I stillplay both of the same positions and I loveit. I made a few catches this year andalmost a touchdown! I cant wait till highschool football. This year was the first time Imade it to the all-star game. I played thewhole entire game but we lost prettybad. We all had fun and that’s all thatmattered to me. I will be playing next yearfor the high school and I will be hittingharder than ever!!!
  • 3. Christmas is one of the best timesof the year for me and my family. We all gettogether and just tell stories about the pastand when my grandfather was alive. Mygrandfather past away 3 years ago 5 daysafter Christmas and its still not the samewithout him but we still talk about how greatof a person he was. Every Christmas Eve my mom gives me apair of pajamas just for that night. She alsogive me a ornament to put on the tree everyChristmas. It is a tradition that I love to dowith my family. Then I have a second Christmas at my dadssince my parents are divorced. Our traditionis we go to the same place to get ourChristmas tree and cut it down. It issomething I look forward to every year. Now Ijust have to wait another 12 months to do itagain!!!
  • 4. December is one of the most excitingtimes of the year for me. I always get to seepeople that I don’t usually see on a daily basiswhich makes me feel amazing to see them. Thisyears was the first year out of my entire life thatI havent seen my aunt and uncle on my momsside of the family and my great grandma. Idon’t know why I didn’t see them but they stillwished me a Merry Christmas and I wishedthem one to. This year for Christmas I got thenew iPod 5 from my mom and from my dad hegot me mostly clothes and an under armorsweatshirt which is very warm. My parents aredivorced so it gets pretty crazy when It comesto December to see which parent gets me forthe holidays and when and what time I gohome to see the other parent but I get threw itand its only once a year and I just try to makethe best of it.
  • 5. My bro Evan and I have had some crazysummers together! We have done things we werentsuppose to and we might have even broken the law afew times but all that mattered was we were having agood time. I can remember it was Evan, his brother,and I would pull all-nighters every night when wewere camping in Rhode Island and we would just chilland hang out and chill and enjoy life to the fullest.Evans like a brother to me and we talk every once ana while but really we party and go all out in thesummer. I only see him in the summer because helives in Rhode Island and we go to the samecampground. We have been friends for almost 4years and we been threw everything together. He hastough me right from wrong and I appreciate that. Iremember just chilling at the camp fire and talkingabout random stuff and about crazy things. I willalways consider Evan as a brother and I cant waituntil next camping season and for more partys!!!!
  • 6. Family is a big part in my life. Onmy moms side of the family their reallyisnt that many people. There is my Mom,Grandma, Great-grandma, and my auntand uncle. But on my dads side there ishundreds of people. The thing I think isspecial is we usually go to festivals werewe live and there is always someone in myfamily their . On my moms side we usuallyjust get together on holidays. Ever sincemy grand-father died we havent been allthat close. So its usually just my mom,step-dad, step-sister, step-grandmother,and my grand-mother. I think of my stepdad as a father to me because my fatherreally isnt their for me and he is. So I willbe talking about him in another slide.
  • 7. My grandfather is Bill Baird and hepassed away 3 years ago and I still talkabout him today like hes still here with us. Ican remember going camping in RhodeIsland with him and just working on thingslike helping him fix things around thecamper. I remember when I was in boyscouts I had to make a car that we wouldrace against each other. He helped me makemine and it turned out amazing. Eventhough it didn’t look the best and wasn’t thefastest I still made it with him and had agood time and that’s all that matters. Whenhe was alive my step dad Roland and mewould bring him to the gun shop all the timeand just look and talk about the guns wewanted but couldn’t afford. It seems like itwas just yesterday we were at their houseseeing him on his chair smoking a cigaretteand with that grin on his face that everyoneknew .
  • 8. The last time I played hockey was 2 yearsago and now I play football which is what ismy main sport now. When I first startedplaying hockey is when I was I was about 4years old. I can remember being on thebandits and playing defense and stoppingeveryone in my path. It might have been that Iwas about a foot taller than everyone elsethat played. Everyone thought I was supposeto play in a higher grade because I was so big.Then I finally moved up and met one of mybest friends today who is Jerry Malsky. Weplayed together for most of our time playinghockey and now we play football together. Iremember played on Static which was hisdads team was and we were the best. I playedgoalie and he played wing. He scored thegoals and I stopped them and that lead to achampionship. I have also won many awardsfor best goalie in a season! I have had a lot offun playing hockey but now its time to shinein football.
  • 9. My inspiration is every player to makeit into the NFL. One day I want to makeit in the NFL and play for the SanFrancisco 49ers. I want to keep playingfor Leominster football but when I getinto collage I really don’t care where Iget accepted I just want to play for asemi pro team and hope to get draftedto the NFL. My step dad and I talkabout how to be better and how to domore things so the coaches will noticeyou. It also helps make my team better.I cant wait for high school football and Ihope to play collage and then go pro.
  • 10. Well my name is Joey Girouard andIm going to tell you a little about me! I wasborn on October 11, 1998 at Leominsterhospital at . My parents are Chris Girouardand Kathy Baird. I can remember being 4years old just playing around at my birthdayparty and having so much fun until I went onmy slide. I was at the top of the slide and oneof my friends pushed me off the slide and Ibroke my arm. This happened two yearsearlier when I was 2 years old and I wasrunning around and fell and broke my wrist. Ihad a blue cast on which is my favorite color.But now Im 14 years old and I have learnedabout the being in the big world and I wish Iwas 4 again even though my arm wasbroken.
  • 11. Kathy is my mom and I love her. Shewas always their for me as a child because mymom and my dad got divorced when I was verylittle. She and I would go to the deck hockeyrink and have my practice. After we would stayabout 3 hours after and just hang out theirbecause we knew everyone. She would have todeal with the smell of hockey in her truck butshe got used to it after a while. Every summerwe go down to Rhode Island and pretty muchlive down there at this campground we go tocalled Ginny B’s. We have so much fun. We partyall night and into the next day. One time mymom let me and my friend ben drive around agulf cart at 2 oclock in the morning. We havesome fun times and it never gets old.
  • 12. Love is a very strong word to who you aresaying it to. When you say you love someone youshould mean it and it should come from the heart. Ican say I love my family. Every night I got to bed andevery time I wake up in the morning I make sure I say Ilove you to my mom and my step dad. You I could gohome one day and have them not be their but I knowthe last time I saw them they knew I loved them. Thefirst girl I ever said I love you to was Savannah Kennedy.Threw all the fights we have and all the things we gothrew together I will always love her. We have beenthrew crazy times like being in the Leominster Hospitalat 10 oclock at night with my hand cut open and goingto football games together. Another person I love is mygirlfriend Jacee Bennett. We have been going our forover a month now and I haven’t been happier in my lifethan I am now. She always deals with the crap I do andshe has helped me be a better person.
  • 13. Roland Rivard is the one personwho motivated me threw the tough times Ihad. When I was playing football beforeevery game he would tell me to hit low andto do my best and never give up. He works alot so he couldn’t make all my games but hestill made more games than my father has.He would teach me the basic things aboutfootball and the things he has learned. I canremember one time when I made it to theall-star team and it almost brought tears tohis eyes when I said It was all cause of himthat I have made it this far. Another personthat motivated me was all of the players onthe team the would cheer you on and evengive you crap and get you mad to get betterat what your doing. I thank everyone of themfor that.
  • 14. I never gave up during football. When we had to do extra pushupsbecause we went off sides I would do them and not complain. I can rememberstarting football way earlier than all the other teams we would go to the gymand work out for 2 hours a day. I always tried my hardest and never gave up. Allthe hard work paid off. Our team went 7 and 2. I also made it into the all-starteam . I made it to the all-star team because couch thought I played hard and hithard!!! My step-dad helped me a lot during football and he pushed me to thelimit and that also showed off in my success. Im very grateful to the people thattold me never to give up.
  • 15. One night their was a varsityfootball game at Doyle Field. Kenson, Dio,and I were trying to jump a fence and wemade it over the fence but going back overit didn’t work out so well. My hand gotcaught on the fence and cut it open. Bloodwas runny out of it so my instinct was towrap it up with my shirt so I did. I was verylucky that night to see Sam Kennedy. Iasked her what I should do and she said weneed to go to the hospital. So at 9 oclock atnight it was Sam, Savanna h, and me in theLeominster Hospital. Savannah is one of mybest friends and I love her so much and shewas their with me when I needed her themost. I will never forget that night and Iwont forget the 11 stitches I had to get and4 weeks out of football.
  • 16. This year my football team went7 and 2. It is a lot better than 1 and 8record from last year. I have played morepositions this year and I have improved alot. I made it to the all star team this yearand I thought I wouldn’t play that muchbut I really played the entire game! We didlose the game by 3 touchdowns but I hadfun and that’s all that mattered. A few ofmy family members went to the game likemy mom, grandmother, her friend Walter,and my dads ex fiancé mick. They allsupported me during that game whichmade me do a lot better. The last play ofthe game on defense I made the lasttackle. That was the last tackle I wouldever make in my youth football career.Now its on to the high school football.
  • 17. One day in homeroom MackenzieBailey pointed out that our friend Ashleyshands look like duck hands. She thoughtthey did to. Now all we talk about is thatwhen we are around her and she thinks itsfunny but she hopes it dosnt stick with herfor a while. I don’t think I laughed so hard inmy life. All the time Omar and I walk aroundthe halls yelling Quack and she knows weare trying to get her attention. I wrote thisbecause I didn’t have a word for Q so thefirst thing that popped into my head wasquack.
  • 18. Every summer I go to Rhode Island with my family at this camp calledGinny B’s. their was this one time when we were crossing the river to get to oneof my friends campers and I fell right in it. I was so embarrassed. I still went tomy friends camper all wet cause he didn’t care. The most amazing part ofcamping Is just being with the people you care about. I remember when the firsttime my friend Ben and his family came to the camp. We didn’t know eachother and I thought I would never be friends with him. We became friends fromjust seeing each other so many times and we have been friends for over 4 yearsnow. Down at the camp we would just hang out and each chees e hot dogs at 1in the morning cause they are so good. I miss every one of them but I will seethem next camping season.
  • 19. My step dads name is RolandRivard. I think of him as my father because hehas been their more than my own father hasin my life. Rolly has been in my life for over10 years. The first night Roland was at myhouse I was about 4 years old. I asked mymom if he could spend the night cause I likedhim so much. Of course he did and from thatpoint on he and my mom are engaged. Idon’t know why they don’t want to getmarried. But all that matters is hes in my lifeand I love him as a father. The one quote Ilike and I think it describes him is a fatherisnt the person who is blood to you it’s theperson that is in your life and that takes careof you.
  • 20. I wanted to write about a teacherthat I have had for 2 years in a row for mathand that’s the one class I look forward togoing to. His name is John Bennett or aseverybody calls him Mr. Bennett. He is my8th grade math teacher and last year he wasmy math teacher for 7th grade. Im in hishonors class this year and I love it. We kindof move faster than the other classes butthat’s the fun of it. I have always lovedmath but the way Mr. Bennett teaches it isthe best. When he teaches hes alwaysmoving around and talking to all of thestudents when the need help. I asked himfor my freshman year to move up to thehigh school but I don’t think he will do that. Joe Girouard
  • 21. One night down at the camp myfriends an I were just hanging out at the lake.My other friend Ben was walking around thecamp with of our other friends. We meet upand he said he say a UFO. I though he was onsomething but when he showed me a pictureof it I was amazed. It didn’t look like a airplane or any other human machine. It lookedlike it was from outer space. To this day hestill has the photo and we will never forgetthat moment I had with my friends down atthe camp.
  • 22. Vang Pha is one of my best friendsin 8th grade. We would have every class witheach other but for social studies he goes toESL which helps him with English. The mainclass we have fun in is science. We don’t talkthat much when we are their cause Mrs.Koch will yell at us. We also played footballthis year together. The nickname people callhim and I still call him is Jow. I call him thisbecause in the high school he looks like a kidcalled Jow so we call him by that. The namehe calls me is Big Joe because Im a big kidand my name is Joe. I have only known Vangsince the beginning of football but I feel likeI have known him forever.
  • 23. When I played hockey for many yearsI didn’t know how far we were going to go inwins. I played for the bandits which was when Ijust started being a goalie. I would get verymad every time I let in a goal and when we lostbecause I would think its my fault. But then Irealized it was a team sport and if we lost thewhole team lost. So when I played for thebandits I kicked butt. We went all the way tothe championship and won. We would neverhave a team like the bandits and later ourteam split up into other teams. It just wasn’tthe same.
  • 24. I love playing Xbox with my friendswhen I have free time. The main games I liketo play is any Call of Duty games andMadden 13. When Madden 13 came out meand my step dad played it hours at a time.Their was one time I got home from schooland he was already playing Madden 13.There is this thing on Madden 13 that letsyou create your own team with any playerthat has been in the NFL . Its pretty cool andyou can buy these card packs that give youlegendary cards and high value card. But theonly thing is its 20 dollars. My step dad and Iare so into this game we spent over 100dollars in buying these card packs. Now Ihave one of the best teams on their nowbecause of all the good cards I got from thepacks.
  • 25. We all grow up to fast. I can rememberrunning around my big back yard and feeling just oneday would last a life time but now they go in a blink ofan eye. I remember this on year it was super bowlSunday and my mom was throwing a huge party at myhouse everyone was their except my dad because mymom divorced him. I was playing on the computer agame with Jimmy Neutron in it. That was the only gameI would play for hours at a time. My mom and all theadults were watching the game and betting on whatteam would win. My mom won all the money and shedidn’t even know she did until someone told her. I alsoremember hanging out with my friend John. He is a lotolder now in his early twenties. When I was a kid about7 he was my age that I am now. I really don’t see himbecause he has a family now but I remember all the funwe had together and all the crazy things my mom didn’twant me to do he let me do them any ways. Time fliesby and you don’t even know it so enjoy the time youspend with friends and family.
  • 26. Bob Marley is one of the manypeople I listen to in music. Bobs musichelps me threw tough times and it justgets you threw life a lot easier. When mymom was my age she used to listen to BobMarley and all the other reggae music. Shesays that we are almost the same in whatwe have tastes in and I think shes true. ForChristmas she got me a Bob Marley posterthat I hang on my wall now and I love it.Another thing is Bob was a Rastafarianand the colors are red, yellow, and green. Ihave a lot of things that are Rastafarianlike my two bracelets and my ear gauges. Ireally wish I was able to go to one of hisconcerts but he sadly died way before Iwas born. He still lives on everywhereespecially in my house.