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5 Ways to Step Up Your Presentation Game


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Are you nervous about an upcoming presentation? Use these tips to step up your presentation game and give the audience an experience they won't forget.

Are you nervous about an upcoming presentation? Use these tips to step up your presentation game and give the audience an experience they won't forget.

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  • 1. 5 Ways to Step Up Your Presentation Game
  • 2. We’ve all felt it. The horror of listening to a 145-slide presentation with no end in sight.
  • 3. You ask yourself, “Is there no light at the end of this tunnel?”
  • 4. Most often, it’s not the presentation, but the presenter that’s off-key.
  • 5. Visual aids are only an extension of the presenter.
  • 6. the first impression The presenter is the audience will remember.
  • 7. An amazing presentation still needs the final ingredient to make it mind blowing – you.
  • 8. Here are five tips to help you “up your presentation game” when it matters most.
  • 10. Showsomesparkwhenyoupresent. Tellastory. Showthatfire!
  • 11. After all, aren’t you trying to provethat your topicis valuable to the audience?
  • 12. They’re already giving you something they can’t take back, their time. Don’t waste it.
  • 13. Audiences are generally more receptive at the beginning of a presentation, if you can catch their attention.
  • 14. Trytogetthem emotionally connected rightawaywitha story ratherthanaproduct.
  • 15. People are more likely to make decisions based on emotion rather than logic anyway.
  • 16. 2 Engage the audience!
  • 17. Ask questions, keep good eye contact, and try to get them involved in the presentation.
  • 18. If you’re going to be up there for half an hour, share the spotlight a little.
  • 19. Encourage the crowd to participate by having a warm personality.
  • 20. Relate to your audience. Ask if they too have ever seen a boring presentation. Most likely, you will see a crowd of hands.
  • 21. Now your foot’s in the door and they’re on your side. Don’t lose it.
  • 22. 3 Know your audience
  • 23. Consider two things: Who is your audience? And what are they here for?
  • 24. If the audience is expecting to hear about a seriousmatter and you crack a joke, you might just blowyour pitch.
  • 25. A little humor is fine. But, if the subject is serious, like personal finances, don’t go overboard.
  • 26. Research is key when planning how to best approach your target audience.
  • 27. 4 Have a flow
  • 28. Does your audience know what you’re driving at?
  • 29. Making your presentation flow smoothly from beginning to end is a must.
  • 30. Not only is it easier to plan, it gives your audience some relief, by knowing where it’s going.
  • 31. Whether it’s written on note cards, paper, or just in your head, it should flow the same.
  • 32. Scripting your presentation makes it easier for you to deliver, and for your audience to listen.
  • 33. It also helps your audience to avoid asking questions that should’ve already been answered.
  • 34. 5 Have fun!
  • 35. No matter what the topic is, have fun with your audience.
  • 36. Remember, a little humor won’t hurt.
  • 37. Tell a joke to break the ice. Don’t be a “stiff” on stage.
  • 38. Not only will you feel uncomfortable, but your audience will too.
  • 39. In Ancient Greek tragedies, the audience always felt a bond between themselves and the actors. This bond is called catharsis.It’s the emotional response that drives us to read and watch plays over and over again.
  • 40. Having fun unites an audience, and connects them with you. And if they’ve connected with you, you’ve already sold them on the pitch.
  • 41. So remember, whatever the case, have fun.
  • 42. See, even tragedies can be fun experiences.
  • 43. So now you know a few of the little things that can take your presentation to the next level. Just remember to practice.
  • 44. Eventually, practice becomes habit, and in no time, the audience is yours to connect with.
  • 45. Now get out there and present like a rock star!
  • 46. For more FUN presentations visit