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Big Duck Social Fundraising

  1. 1. Social Fundraising: Getting Started #JDStech Meghan Teich January 8, 2013 #JDStech
  2. 2. Meghan TeichStrategistBig Duck@itsMeghanT@BigDuck #JDStech
  3. 3. What we’re going to talk about•  What are the social fundraising project requirements for the JDS Social Media Academy?•  What is social fundraising?•  What tools are available to use for social fundraising?•  How do I get started with a social fundraising campaign? #JDStech
  4. 4. Social Fundraising Project•  Requirement of the JDS Academy•  AVI CHAI Foundation is matching up to $10,000 in funds•  Campaigns must be new, or have a new component•  Your coach can help you with specific questions about the project #JDStech
  5. 5. What is socialfundraising? #JDStech
  6. 6. #JDStech
  7. 7. #JDStech
  8. 8. #JDStech
  9. 9. Social fundraising…•  Turns your supporters intofundraisers•  Harnesses the power of socialmedia•  Isn’t all that different than raisingmoney door to door for a charity walkor run #JDStech
  10. 10. Getting Started #JDStech
  11. 11. Figure out your platform•  Read the fine print.•  Each tool has different fees, so doyour research.•  Some are based on monthlysubscriptions, others are based onusage. #JDStech
  12. 12. Figure out your platform•  Take it for a whirl!•  Make sure it’s intuitive and easy touse.•  Walk through the whole process inyour fundraisers’ shoes.•  The easier it is to use, the moremotivated your fundraisers will be. #JDStech
  13. 13. Figure out your platform•  Show me the data!•  Make sure you can download all ofthe donor information.•  Follow-up with new donors and turnthem into long-term supporters.•  Keep them looped into your futurecommunication and fundraisers. #JDStech
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  20. 20. Every library #JDStech
  21. 21. Set up your page•  Create a team page for yourschool.•  Gather photos and videos to usefor story telling.•  Link to your social mediaproperties.•  Spread the word and recruit! #JDStech
  22. 22. Set your fundraisers up for success•  Write some sample copy they canpersonalize.•  Send some example photos andvideos.•  Send weekly reminders tofundraisers about their campaign. #JDStech
  23. 23. Ok, you’re all set up.Now what? #JDStech
  24. 24. Make your campaign a success•  Get specific!•  Make sure you’re raising money fora specific goal.•  Bonus points if there’s urgencybehind it… if not, create urgencyaround a deadline.•  Take advantage of the matchinggrant. #JDStech
  25. 25. Make your campaign a success•  Be a force multiplier. - Use your social media properties to highlight fundraisers doing a good job.•  Get your current supporters excitedabout the campaign, and don’t forgetto ask them to donate. #JDStech
  26. 26. Make your campaign a success•  Incentivize your fundraisers.•  It’s not easy to fundraise, makesure they’re appreciated!•  Give them shout-outs on yoursocial media properties.•  Consider a prize for the person whoraises the most. #JDStech
  27. 27. Case Study:NTEN CommunityChampions #JDStech
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  40. 40. Questions orcomments? #JDStech
  41. 41. Resources•  Social Fundraising Done Right | Big Duck•  Social Fundraising, The Next Frontier | Big Duck•  How to turn your stakeholders into fundraisers |Nonprofit Quarterly•  Social Fundraising Tips and Best Practices | RadCampaign #JDStech
  42. 42. Contact Meghan #JDStech
  43. 43. Contact Big Duck #JDStech
  44. 44. Thanks!