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  • In a study by F.J.Zittle, he explored the effects of whiteboard lessons in geometry for Native American students. He compared pre-post test scores of 53 students whose teachers who used whiteboards and 39 students who did not. He found drastic differences in the scores between the two groups. The students who used whiteboards increased 20.76 compared to 11.48 for those who did not use whiteboards. Dhindsa & Emran also did a study on a college chemistry class and found increases in test scores of students whose professors used whiteboards.
  • This whiteboard graph shows the drastic increase in the Native American study of test scores. The college study showed an increase in score by 2.68 with whiteboards compared to 2.16 for those without whiteboards.
  • The research study took place in a small northern Ohio school. The grades that were studied are 3rd through 8th grade. The study involved over 3000 students in 11 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools and 1 alternative school. Although the numbers aren’t as drastic as the Native American study, the scores of the students whose teachers used whiteboards still showed an increase. The next slide will show this however look at all the grades as a whole. If we can increase the scores in the majority of the grades, than we need to look at investing in technology. A study by Linda Jackson, a professor at Michigan State University, studied single parent students on internet access at home and how it affected their scores. They discovered that kids that had internet access at home scored higher scores on reading tests. They found out this led to students reading more because web pages that they were looking at were filled with reading material. If we can get more access at school for the poverty kids than we level the playing field and improve all test scores with internet access readily available at school for all students.
  • This is the graph from the Ohio Achievement Tests in the small school in northern Ohio. Please notice only two classes that did not have whiteboards scored better than the classes that did have a whiteboard. I would rather be a part of the classes that had a whiteboard and scored higher.
  • The average cost of whiteboards can be expected to be $4500 - $6900. Some businesses offer schools that order multiple whiteboards a discount on the overall price. It is better to order in bulk than order one at a time to be cost effective. Most whiteboards come with free support and a 5 year warranty. The projector typically comes with a two year warranty and the bulb should last for three years. A bulb can cost up to $400. SMART offers free upgrades, professional development and technical support to make the smartboard a wise investment.
  • Dr.James Kulik, professor at UC San Diego, used a study called meta-analysis to research 500 students in computer based instruction. Computer based instruction individualizes the educational process to meet the needs and learning styles of the students. Some of his positive findings were that students who were in a computer based instruction classroom scored in the 64th percentile of tests scores compared to students who didn’t have computer based instruction scored in the 50th percentile. Students learn more in less time with computer based instruction and students have more positive attitudes in their classrooms. The negative findings were that computer based instruction did not improve every area of study.
  • These are the positives of computer based instruction
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    1. 1. Why Technology is Effective in Raising Academic Achievement
    2. 2. Go to slide 4 Go to slide 8 Go to slide 6
    3. 3.  Reading/Language Arts Achievements  Ohio Achievement Tests  Costs of Whiteboards  Kuliks Meta/Analysis Study  Major Implications for Educators
    4. 4.  Study on Native American Students by F.J. Zittle  Found significant gains in post-test scores of students whose teachers used interactive whiteboards  Average gain in score with whiteboards= 20.76 Average gain in score without whiteboards= 11.48
    5. 5. 25 20 15 10 5 0 Whiteboard No whiteboard Percent means gain/loss from pre-test
    6. 6.  Northern Ohio School Higher scores for students with whiteboards!  Internet access at home improves test scores! Return to slide 2
    7. 7.  Interactive whiteboards can cost from $4500- $6900  Pricing discounts for multiple orders  Maintenance costs
    8. 8.  Computer based instruction  Positive findings  Negative findings Return to slide 2
    9. 9.  Students learn faster in computer based instruction  Students learn more in computer based instruction  Students have more positive attitude in courses that are computer based
    10. 10.  Today we talked about Reading/Language Arts Achievements  Kulik’s Meta/Analysis  Ohio study  Major Implications for Educators Return to first slide