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Big Data World Forum (BDWF is specially designed for data-driven decision makers, managers, and data practitioners, who are shaping the future of the big data.

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Big Data World Forum

  1. 1. Copyright IDC. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Big DataFinding Answers Where There Are Yet To Be Questions?Benjamin S. Woo – 胡世斌Copyright IDC. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. What is Big Data? Big Data technologies describe a new generation of technologies and architectures, designed to economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data, by enabling high velocity capture, discovery and/or analysis© IDC Apr-12 3
  4. 4. Big Data’s Four V’s Volume Value Variety Velocity© IDC Apr-12 4
  5. 5. Big Data is multi-dimensional complex! Advisor Regulator Analytics Provider & Discovery Consumer Advisor Interface Interface Act Analytics & DiscoveryCollect Data Organization Infrastructure & Management Consumer Infrastructure Inform Collect Process Process Inform Data Organization Act & Management© IDC Apr-12 5
  6. 6. The Big Data Platform© IDC Apr-12 6
  7. 7. Big Data Users Service Providers Advisors Consumers Regulators/Custodians© IDC Apr-12
  8. 8. Big Data Services Cleanse Filter© IDC Apr-12 8
  9. 9. Act! – Improving organizational value© IDC Apr-12 9
  10. 10. Common Questions: What’s New withBig Data?How does Big Data compare to traditional data warehousing? • Strategic value creation (future looking) • (Near real time) on data collection or ability to actHow does Big Data compare to traditional high performancecomputing? • Very similar in infrastructure • Price:performance ratio© IDC Apr-12 10
  11. 11. Big Data: Finding Answers WhereThere Are Yet To Be Questions© IDC Apr-12 11
  12. 12. Use Cases - 1 •Uses cloud based service provider •Sells POS data back to suppliers • Subscribers can compare performance based on many different types of criteria•$13.04 billion in sales in • Geography (eg same store)fiscal 2010 • Associated purchases • Etc.•9,500+ stores in 35 states •New source of revenue•10,000-12,000 SKUs/store • (Arguably, highest margin•85,900 employees revenue source)© IDC Apr-12 12
  13. 13. Use Cases - 2 •Deployed telco specific Big Data solution •Solution was able to build a “behavioral-DNA” of customer interactions with the provider•Major US wireless •Able to visuallyoperator understand and drive•Client attrition too high ideal customer experience•Related to customerservice •Saved US$MM in lost customers© IDC Apr-12 13
  14. 14. Essential GuidanceFour V’s of Big Data – Volume, Variety, Velocity and ValueCombination of these attributes creates new strategicopportunities to create organizational valueBiggest challenge for community is that Big Data use casesare typically unique and therefore is not easy to define andaddressing the problems are often found in more proprietaryapproachesBig Data approaches and technologies apply to all users fromthe largest enterprise, to government and research, and toindividuals© IDC Apr-12 14
  15. 15. © IDC Apr-12