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Create Buyers - Conversion Workshop ppt
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Create Buyers - Conversion Workshop ppt


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Be sure to click directly on any links within the presentation to get access to resources that will help you sell more! …

Be sure to click directly on any links within the presentation to get access to resources that will help you sell more!

This presentation was created by a team of experts and teaches the basics of optimizing your Bigcommerce store to best encourage potential shoppers to convert into buyers! We’ll discuss how website conversion works and a variety of methods to reduce pain points and funnel customers towards the checkout process.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Conversion Rate Optimization
  • 2. Expectations for Conversion There are common best practices Every business is different If it’s not broken, don’t “fix it!” Improvement doesn’t happen overnight
  • 3. What is Conversion? A measure of the number of potential customers that go on to make a purchase
  • 4. Backlinks Search Engine s Blogs The Conversion Funnel A good conversion rate is dependent upon a variety of factors Soc Me ial dia
  • 5. A Client Enters your Store You have less than 5 seconds! Show what you are selling Answer common questions Guide them on where to go next ● ● ● Some Helpful Tools: ● ● Five second test Are you answering your client’s questions?
  • 6. Homepage Conversion Opportunities ● ● Carousel Images Marketing Banners Homepage Category pages Brand pages ● ● Feature Your Best Sellers Mobile Theme Average +50% sales
  • 7. Homepage Power Tips Follow the links for step-by-step instructions 1. Carousel ● ● 2. Marketing Banners ● ● 3. How to use How to customize Create a banner Create a rotating banner Mobile ● ● ● The Bigcommerce mobile app Enable mobile theme Customize mobile theme
  • 8. Header Conversion Opportunities Visible throughout your ENTIRE website 1. 2. 3. 4. Include contact information Simple category navigation Additional content pages Utilize in-store site search
  • 9. Header Power Tips Follow the links for step-by-step instructions 1. Include your contact information 2. Product category help 3. Content page help ● ● ● ● 4. Edit your shipping & returns page Create additional web pages Create a contact us form Create a privacy policy In-Store site search ● ● ● Power of in-store site search How to use site search Best practices
  • 10. Footer Conversion Opportunities Visible throughout your ENTIRE website Simple category navigation Trust signals can increase sales 36% 1. 2.
  • 11. Footer Power Tips Follow the links for step-by-step instructions 1. SSL Certificate Information 2. How to add logos
  • 12. Category Page Conversion Opportunities 1. Breadcrumbs 2. Banners 3. Sub-categories ● Thumbnail Images
  • 13. Product Page Conversion Opportunities 1. Product Descriptions 2. Product Options 3. Product Availability 4. Product Reviews
  • 14. Product Page Conversion Opportunities Multiple High-Resolution Images 67% of customers consider images “very important”
  • 15. Product Page Conversion Opportunities Videos
  • 16. Video Dos and Don'ts DO Don’t (If Applicable) ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Items being made Close ups Show multiple perspectives Highlight features All uses What it’s made from The benefits of use The “how-to’s” Your physical store The options are endless! ● ● ● Use autoplay Have no purpose Have too many
  • 17. Product Page Power Tips Follow the links for step-by-step instructions 1. 2. Product Descriptions that sell Product Options ● ● 3. Product Reviews ● ● 4. ● Tips for shooting How to customize Product Videos ● ● 7. Enable customer reviews Product Reviews that Sell Product Images ● 5. Option examples How to have effective options How to add video Video best practices Product Availability ● Available online? Pre-order? Call for pricing? Note: All of the above applies to downloadable products
  • 18. Shopping Cart Conversion Opportunities 1. Shipping ○ ○ ○ ○ 2. To high? 65% will abandon Shipping & returns page? Offer more than one option 35% opt for local pickup Coupon Codes ○ Savings = move to checkout!
  • 19. Check Out Conversion Opportunities 1. Coupon code ● 2. Express checkout ● 3. Automatically enabled Guest checkout ● 4. Show it! Automatically enabled Non-hosted payment options 1. 2. 3. Stripe Securenet ...and many more!
  • 20. Abandoned Cart Conversion Opportunities Can Recover 15%+ of Lost Sales
  • 21. What is My Conversion Rate?
  • 22. Have you set this up yet?
  • 23. Additional Resources 1. Instructions: Support portal 2. Advice: Community forum 3. Bonus Material: Bigcommerce blog 4. Added functionality: Applications 5. Want more: Partners 6. Great examples: Showcase 7. More Ideas: Your competitor’s!