Media Studies As Production Evaluation

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  • 1. Media Studies AS Production Evaluation By Naomi Gayle Year 12
  • 2. The Brief
    • The campaign objective was to produce a
    • front cover, at least one double page spread
    • and a contents page for a new music
    • magazine. The preliminary project was to
    • produce the front cover for a student
    • magazine and the design the layout for the
    • contents page.
  • 3. Target Audience and Research
    • My specific target audience for my music magazine is
    • teenagers aged between 14-19. I have chosen this age gap
    • because the magazine is slightly to difficult to understand
    • any younger than 14 because of the language and the
    • detail I have put into it. I have made the age limit in my
    • magazine 19 because of the sorts of bands including within
    • my Magazine.
    • The bands are new every week, and I thought once above
    • a certain age you would want to stick with bands you
    • already have interest in instead of being introduced to new
    • ones every week. My magazine is aimed at the teenage youth because
    • of the style I have created it in. I would aim my magazine at both
    • females and males as it has element for both genders.
  • 4. How will your magazine attract an audience?
    • I intended to appeal to the audience by
    • including a interview with a “Brand New”
    • band every week. This is will make my
    • audience interested in my magazine
    • because they will look forward to seeing
    • what the next new band will be to enter
    • fame and fortune.
    • Another way that will allow me to attract
    • and audience would be to have a
    • bright front cover to my magazine, this
    • will allow people to notice my magazine
    • upon the shelf with the others in a
    • newsagents/store. I will achieve this by
    • having a colour scheme to my magazine for
    • example the colour scheme I have used for my
    • music magazine I have created is blue, black
    • and white.
    • I will also have a image on the front cover
    • which will allow my readers to see what the new
    • band in each months magazine looks like.
    • Seeing as indie and rock music is becoming
    • more popular over the years it seemed logical to
    • make sure my music magazine genre was
    • Indie/Rock this will give me a good selling
    • starting point, as I know that the magazine will
    • be brought by some customers as it’s a popular
    • genre of music.
    • When I was researching ideas for the genre of
    • my magazine I found out that 65% of music
    • magazine made around the world have the
    • Rock/Indie/Heavy mental genre and 10%
    • classical music and 25% Rap/R&B/Hip-Hop.
  • 5. Planning the magazine
    • The genre of music
    • magazine I planned was
    • Indie/Rock. I chose this
    • because it is a popular
    • genre within teenagers And
    • possible buyers for My
    • magazine.
    • I planned my magazine by
    • making a lot of different mind
    • maps of Ideas that could go
    • inside it, or on the front
    • cover. And choose the best
    • ideas that I came up with.
    • I made some layout designs
    • for my front cover context
    • page and double page
    • spread to give me different
    • ideas of how I could lay out
    • my magazine so it look
    • interesting to customers here
    • Is and example of one for my
    • planning layout for a context
    • page.
    One of the hardest parts to creating my own music magazine was getting the right name for my magazine one that people would remember. I made a mind map of different name I could use. I came up with the following names; Rhythm Sound Musical Red hot music My music Rock and read Out of the six names that I came up with when doing my mind map I thought “Rhythm” was most catchy and it represented music as in each song you have a different “Rhythm”.
  • 6. Pictures included in my magazine
    • For my magazine I had taken all the pictures that are included within it. This allowed me to edit the pictures as I wished
    • and to show my progression on how I had edited them within my work. By taking picture of a really band that I knew
    • outside of school. It meant that my magazine would look more professional as they new what they should be doing
    • within there pictures. For my front cover I used a picture of all three of them. I edited the background so instead of
    • having tree and bushes in the background I would have a plan white studio look. I chose this pictures as my front cover
    • because they look like a fun, chatty band which people might think is interesting and fun to read about inside.
    • On my double page spread I made sure I had a variety of different pictures, I included some studio shot which I
    • customised on Photoshop and used some where they were playing to show who plays what in the band and what
    • they’d look like live. One the context page I used a series of different pictures, this included a picture of the band and
    • a picture of a different band.
  • 7. Props and costumes in pictures
    • Drums
    • Guitars
    • Micro-phones
    • Speakers
    • Amps
    • Base guitar
    • Casually dressed
    • In teen fashion
    • Original style
    Sundown City playing live. (picture included within my magazine).
  • 8. The changes I’d make
    • There isn't much that I would change about my magazine
    • but I would change the way I planned out my
    • time. Some part of my magazine have had more thought
    • than others.
    • I thought that my fount cover could have changed. I think
    • I should have place a different picture on the cover to
    • balance out the page. I didn’t think the page was balanced
    • because it was hard to put all my puffs around the picture
    • there wasn’t much space for the information to go.
    • I also thought that my context page was a little blank when
    • printed and I would change that so it was more full. The last
    • thing that I would like to have another go it is taking my own
    • pictures again. I didn’t take the correct pictures for my magazine. I
    • had to edit them to fit them into the placed marked out on my
    • magazine layout.
  • 9.
    • Software used
    Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Photoshop Internet Camera (Take images)
  • 10. Conventions Date, Price, Page number barcode Main cover picture Mast head Tag line Puff Inside features
  • 11.