Your Questions About Katy Perry Part Of Me Movie


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Your Questions About Katy Perry Part Of Me Movie

  1. 1. Your Questions About Katy Perry Part Of Me MovieDaniel asks…Are there any sites where i can download the katy perry part of memovie?ok so im dieng to see this movie but dont have the time and i dont care if i have to pay todownload it or watch it online just wanna see it so any help would be greatly apppreciated.thanks alot pplBig Arn answers:At the moment nowhere legally. Stay away from places that wanna charge a membership orsubscription fee as they may go belly up overnight.Besides, you can legally watch on YouTube about 30 minutes of concert clips that Perry andher record label/movie studio have made available to preview the movie. Behind the scenesfootage. That should hold you until the movie comes out on DVD. 1/7
  2. 2. Nancy asks…What songs are good for my voice?I can sing Mezzo and Soprano 2 parts. I’m only 12 so my voice isn’t very developed. I can dodifferent styles (I can do runs, high vibrato, and belt.) My biggest strength is how many differentstyles I can sing, my weakness is my vocal range. I sound good with Jar of Hearts (ChristinaPerri) and Breathe (In The Heights, the Musical)I’d appreciate any songs that are any genre, and musical theatre!Big Arn answers:Katy Perry – Not Like The Movies 4:00Shontelle – Impossible 3:43Natasha Bedingfield – Touch 3:46Selena Gomez & the Scene – Round & Round 2:59Katy Perry – E.T. 3:25Taio Cruz – DynamiteHow To Save a Life-The FraySpeechless-Lady GagaIt Ends Tonight-All-American RejectsWake Me Up When September Ends-Green DayWhen I Dream Of Michelangelo-Counting Crows 2/7
  3. 3. John asks…Why does Russell Brand get work in hollywood ?He sucks , he’s never been funny in movies “which all have flopped” or hosting shows yet hekeeps getting work? WHY SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS !Mr Demus your an idiot !Big Arn answers:Because he’s in the media’s attention with this whole Katy Perry break up (Divorce) thing. Alsosome people like him as an actor and believe he’s right for their part of the movieI mean I guess it’s all in opinion and Fame that’s what the business of movies and music is allabout 3/7
  4. 4. Mandy asks…What are ALL of the songs on the When In Rome soundtrack?I looked on tons of different websites but there is a few of the songs that aren’t on the tracklistings…… so could please tell me ALL of the songs on the soundtrack? Possibly in order, liketelling me what part they are at?Big Arn answers:I just downloaded the soundtrack off of iTunes. I can’t tell you where they’re all at, but I cangive you EVERY song… In Order1) Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry) – 3Oh!3 (Starts the movie)2) Sup idd Love Letter – The Friday Night Boys (my personal favorite)3) Heart Bling – Sofi Bonde4) Kickin With You – Jason Mraz5) Something Beautiful – Needtobreathe6) How Far We’ve Come – Matchbox Twenty7) I Am Changing – Mafia Bianca LLC8) Shine – Laura Izibor9) Honey, Let Me Sing To You A Song – Matt Hires10) Hold Onto Your Heart – Tina Parol11) Fox On The Run – The Academy Is… 4/7
  5. 5. 12) Pencil Full Of Lead – Paolo Nutini13) Donna Molto Bella (Bonus Track) – Craig Stull14) Ave Maria (Bonus Track) – City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (Beth Walks Down TheAisle)15) Canon and Gigue in D Major: Gigue (Bonus Track) – City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra(Joan Walks Down The Aisle)16) Tarantella (Bonus Track) – Fabio and the Serenaders (this one might be in the credits)I know that I can’t tell you the parts… But at least here are the songs!Lizzie asks…What is a good song to dedivate to my best friend?see she died in a fire and i really miss her any ideas?Big Arn answers:Aww. Your going to make me cry! Anyways, there is: 5/7
  6. 6. You Belong to Me from Taylor Swift… Its really upbeatWhen the Wind Blows~All american RejectsI hate this part~ Pussycat DollsViolet Hill~ ColdplaySlipping through my Fingers~ Mamma Mia! MovieOur Last Summer~ Mamma Mia! MovieNew Day~ Will.I.AmLive your Life~ Rihanna feut… T.IGotta Be Somebody~ NickbackDecode~ ParamoreMOSTLY RECOMMENED!Thinking of you~ Katy PerryThomas asks…What song should 3 girls sing for recording a song?what song should 3 girls sing for recording because mine uncle have some recordingequipments and his daughter and our female cousin and i were wondering can we Record somesong and need some songs to do that and have nothing so far so can you guys please help uslike find some, we would like something like this 6/7
  7. 7. Big Arn answers: Firework by Katy Perry Justin Bieber (some of these might be good for girls lol) Pray, that should be me, Bigger, Down to Earth Jar of Hearts: Christina Perri If i die young by the band perry The beatles: here comes the sun, across the universe Bruno Mars: Grenade, Just the way you are, talking to the moon Kiss the girl: Colbie Callet Tiny dancer, benny and the jets: Elton john Fleetwood mac, go your own way Dixie chicks song (there are three girls in this band) A cool a capella version of born this way A michael jackson or jackson 5 song Secrets: One republic Paramore: Hallejuliah Who says: selena gomez Lean on me A rascall flatts song A show tunes type song from an old musical type movie Some of these might not be perfect, but depending, you can change the key and add parts/ harmonies for each of you. Also, try looking on youtube for covers of songs to see what other people are saying. Good luck Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... Your Questions About Katy Perry Part Of Me Movie 7/7Powered by TCPDF (