Your Questions About Katy Perry Fireworks Instrumental


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Your Questions About Katy Perry Fireworks Instrumental

  1. 1. Your Questions About Katy Perry Fireworks InstrumentalSandra asks…will a recording studio edit your voice?Will they enhances it to sound more proffesional? Or make it sound better? Im prety good atsinging. Im doing a cover. which is firework by katy perry. Will they have the music alreadythere?Big Arn answers:The “recording” studios you used to see in the malls (“Come Be A Star”…or something likethat), had a bunch of instrumental tracks you could go in and sing over. You got one or twotakes, they cut a CD, and you were out the door. Not really any better than what you can do athome now.I co-own a fairly successful studio here, and I can tell you how we do business:– We don’t have “canned” music here for you to sing over. We cater to people who want tocome in and make their own music, be it a solo artist or a full band. – That said, if you wanted to bring a copy of a song in to sing over, we would be happy tooblige. But, we’re not going to get it, and we’re not going to remove the vocals from it so youcan sing over it.– Once you have your backing track, we’ll put you in the studio to sing over it. We’re charging 1/7
  2. 2. you by the hour, so you can run as many takes as you want. You can even overdub harmoniesif you want. – You would be singing through a very high quality mic (we would try a few to see what suitedyour voice best. That would go through a really nice EQ and compressor. In other words, it’sgoing to sound as “professional” as it’s going to get. – Once all that’s done, we would mix it and master it for you (which means we would do somefinal EQ tweaks) and then burn you a reference CD.Again, you’re going to be paying by the hour. If you want pitch correction applied, it can bedone…it’s just more time and money.Oh yeah, if you’re going to want to duplicate or distribute it, you’re going to need to get alicense to do so (since you do own the rights to the song). You can get a mechanical licensefrom The Harry Fox Agency ( It’s not that expensive.Pretty much any real studio will follow the same procedure. Heck, if you want to spend themoney, you can hire a band to play the song behind you. But understand that some studiosmight not even want to do this kind of work, especially if they’re really busy.Good luck.Greetings from Austin,TxKenPaul asks…Songs like Katy Perry’s Firework (The instrumental)? 2/7
  3. 3. An lifting kind of inspiring, song that creates atmosphere. I have the Katy Perry Fireworkinstrumental and it’s something along the lines of that….would be really great!Please give asmany as possible!Big Arn answers:Katy Garbage Perry sounds like trash.William asks…Which one of these songs should I sing for my school’s talentshow?I want to sing either of the following songs. Which one do you think is most challenging andwould be best?-Landslide By:Dixie Chicks (playing guitar too)-Baby By: Justin Bieber (playing guitar too)-Firework By:Katy Perry(playing guitar too)-21 guns By: Green Day (playing guitar too) 3/7
  4. 4. -Get it Right By: Glee-Take Me or Leave Me By:Glee-Don’t Rain on my Parade By: GleeBig Arn answers:Well it is nice to sing something that no one had heard of before because it makes you unique,and also it is good to sing something everybody knows because it catches their attention.For the best performance possible i recommend doing a mixstart out with dixie chicks (play your favorite part of the song with guitar) for example the 1stverse and chourus.Then move on to firework and belt out the whole song.(without guitar an only bakroundinstrumentals)or do the opposite: a part of firework acoustically firstthen do landslide just vocals and no guitar.Good luckit will show your variety 4/7
  5. 5. John asks…song at beginning of Xfactor- where Dermot comes onto stage?I know what it is, but I can’t think who its by or what its called!Its been irritating me for ages!!Its just as Dermot comes out onto stage and the judgesBig Arn answers:Instrumental of Katy Perry -fireworksMichael asks… 5/7
  6. 6. if i want to youtube loop two songs, how do i do it?Katy Perry: FireworkandElena Siegman: 115Big Arn answers:You need to get the instrumental part of one song and the solo (acapella) part of the other song,then use some audio editing tool (like audacity, which is free) to put them together…you mighthave to change the key of one piece and the tempo to make them match…it may take time. Oryou can find the sheetmusic to both and just do it manually.Firework/Empire State of Mind together = asks…What do you think of someone who liked all this in music…? 6/7
  7. 7. A girl who like all these types of music/bands/singers: Linkin Park(not there more soft stuff but there kinda heavy metal stuff like runaway, catalyst and pushing me away also crawling moth non remixed and remixed), Evanescence(call me when your sober, wake me up), Instrumental and Ambient, Jazz, Big Band (30?s/40?s), Classical, Papa Roach(last resort, getting away with murder), All About Us by Tatu, Techno, Electronic, Katy Perry fireworks, what is love by haddaway and the remix version by klaas, Remixed songs to sound more techno And music from around the world in different languages(even though she only understand english) is this person cool sounding to you or just odd Big Arn answers: She listens to musics alot Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... Your Questions About Katy Perry Fireworks Instrumental 7/7Powered by TCPDF (