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Cornell notes Cornell notes Presentation Transcript

  • Four reasons to take notes1. Note taking is a life time skill.2. Notes provide material to study and review for tests.3. Note taking focuses attention while reading or listening.4. Note taking aids memory.
  • Creating the Note PageCreate a fold or divide 1/3 The final note page over on your sheet has four parts Note Header Details Summary
  • Header1. Placement at top of page2. Name, course, date, topic3. Descriptive title
  • Main Ideas1. Located in the left hand column.2. Look for key words or phrases that sum up points made in a section or paragraph.3. Usually at the very beginning or very end of a section or paragraph.4. Relate to all of the supporting ideas.
  • Details/Support1. Located in the right hand column.2. Enter separate details/supporting ideas in point form beside related main ideas3. Use abbreviations, short phrases, symbols, diagrams, sketches, etc.
  • Summary1. Located in the bottom row.2. Make a sentence in your own words that summarizes the information.3. State what you have learned from the reading or lecture.
  • How to use notes1. Cover up details.2. Look only at the idea/questions and recite details aloud from memory.3. Uncover details to check.4. Repeat as necessary.
  • Example{Name}; {Class}; {Date}Topic: Cornell Note-takingSubject: Academic Listening/Reading Assignment 1 1. life time skill > org. learningreasons for 2. material to study & rev. 4 teststaking notes 3. helps focus attention while rdng/listng 4. provides reps, ??ing & summarizing >> aid long term memoryhow to study 1. cover up detailsfrom notes 2. look only at main ideas > recite details from memory > uncover details > check 3. repeatSummary:Note taking is an important skill in learning bysummarizing and repeating important information andproviding material to prepare for tests.
  • Evaluating Notetaking 0 1 2 3Distinguishes Does not Barely meets Successfully Exceedsmain ideas meet expectations meets expectationsfrom support expectations expectationsSummary Does not Barely meets Successfully Exceedsreflects intent meet expectations meets expectationsand student expectations expectationslearningNotes are Does not Barely meets Successfully Exceedscompleted to meet expectations meets expectationssome level of expectations expectationsdetail