Biến tần - Biến tần LS và các ứng dụng (P.2)


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Biến tần - Biến tần LS và các ứng dụng (P.2)

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Biến tần - Biến tần LS và các ứng dụng (P.2)

  1. 1. LS VFDLS VFD 12 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. - Industrial washing machine : Hotel, Hospital Factory, Laboratory, Chemical, etc - Field : Machinery(Washing Machine) - Inverter : SV-iG5A(1phase : 1.5,2.2kW) SV-iS5/iS7(3phase : 5.5,7.5kW) - Motor : 1Hp ~ 10Hp - 16 level multi step operation - Acc/dec. time auto transfer feature – only for LGIS - Speed commend : Multi step operation or RS485 : Low speed(washing), high speed(dehydration) - Acc/dec. time auto transfer : two deferent acc/dec. time ⇒ low speed and high speed - Overheat level setting feature and overheat trip : When reach to the overheat level, according to the set value ⇒ Decel/stop, Free Run/stop, or lower the carrier frequency to prevent the trip DRUM INV Industrial washing machine IM 2. Process & system configuration 1. Introduction 3. Major function 4. Others Công ty TNHH Kỹ Thuật Tự Động Hưng Phú – HƯNG PHÚ AUTOMATION Địa chỉ: 28 Trần Tướng Công, Phường 10, Quận 5, Tp.HCM Điện thọai: 08. 39507410 - 38597317 Hotline: 0942 982 231 Fax: 08. 38559431 - Email: Website :
  2. 2. LS VFDLS VFD 13 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. EiS7 Encoder Gear Tension Controller 0~10V Volume resistor 2nd color printing 1st color printing 2. Process & system configuration 1. Introduction 3. Major function 4. Others - Prints two colors after unwinding paper roll, and then rewinds it. - Field: Individual machine (printing machine) - Inverter: SV037iS7-4 (3.7㎾) - Motor spec: 3.7㎾ (Encoder equipped to general motor : 1,000Pulse) - The rpm variation should be within 1rpm for printing accuracy. ⇒ If variation becomes large, printing position may not coincide in 1-color printing and 2-color printing. - ASR (Automatic speed regulator) P,I gain control ⇒ P gain : 40% I gain : 400㎳ Printing machine
  3. 3. LS VFDLS VFD 14 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. Rack & pinion Lighting tower ~ AXA, AXC Run signal ※ Braking operation system - A system for driving hoist, which is used for repairing lighting towers of baseball park. No precise control is required, but it is required to improve riding comfort. - Field: Hoist/lift - Type: inverter(SV-iS7) 2. Process configuration 1. Introduction 1) Speed control by voltage 2) Inverter run output is used for brake signal 3) Lifting/descent signal is controlled by the rider with lever. 3. Major function M/C Brake 4. Others 1) Dynamic Braking resistor is used to prevent release during deceleration. 2) Acceleration/deceleration time is determined by stop signal and stop position from test operation. DC brake is used to improve riding comfort during brake. 3) Brake opening signal should be generated by accepting inverter run signal because signal delay or signal error may happen, and it is recommended to equip additional protection equipments such as governor in preparation for inverter error. Hoist(Lift) iS7 iS7
  4. 4. LS VFDLS VFD 15 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. iV5 M Electronic Brake encoder Counter Weight Car Sensor Elevator 2. Process & system configuration 1. Introduction - LS vector inverter used for high speed elevator control with its special feature - Field: Elevator - Type: Inverter(SV-iV5L) 3. Major function 4. Others 1) Height detection by inverter 2) Acquires optimum speed pattern by calculating remaining distance 3) Position signal is transferred to main controller continuously 4) Driving signal of electronic brake is directly controlled by inverter 1) iV5-L or iV5 can be selected depending on requirements of main controller. 2) Because the inverter should send and receive specific signal with main controller, matching with the main controller is important.(iV5L Version) 3) Motor characteristic value is tuned without really driving the motor, by stop-type auto-tuning.
  5. 5. LS VFDLS VFD 16 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. - Damper control → Inverter control ▶ Energy saving / Automatic control - Facility : AHU(Air handling unit) - Model: SV-iS7/iS5, iG5A, iP5A 3. Major function - Create the optimum air control through VFD - Automatically control the air flow - Supply is on and return is automatically on or off depending on the flow of air 4. Control system 10EA 7EA 13EA 11EA System convert from RS232 to RS485 using the converter 5. Others - Total VFD no. : 49 - Control 49 VFD through RS485 communication from the main control PC in control room - VFD automatically control the air flow according to the speed commend from control room AHU control SF RF INV Speed commend(RS485) RA Control Room Temp. SENSOR Flow Sensor INV Speed commend(RS485) 1. Introduction 2. Process & system configuration
  6. 6. LS VFDLS VFD 17 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. PID Temperature Sensor V1 <PID Control> V1 Display Variable Resistor Cooling water Cooling Tower FAN Cooling Tower 2. Process configuration 1. Introduction - Cooling tower is used to cool down circulation water of chemical process. Because the cooling method is air-cooling, fan is required. The fan is driven by motor. - Conventionally, cooling of circulation water was done in On/OFF mode. However, we introduced speed control by inverter for precise control and energy saving. - Field: Fan/cooling tower - Type: iP5A Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor 3. System configuration 4. Main function PID Controller - Frequency jump: Generally, the cooling tower has two or three resonance points within 0~60㎐. Therefore, operation may happen at resonance points if inverter is used for speed control. In this case, shafts that link motor bearing or motor with fan may be damaged. ⇒ When applying frequency jump function, precise resonance points should be identified. For this purpose, speed is gradually checked in installation. M iP5A
  7. 7. LS VFDLS VFD 18 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. Power (㎾) Aeration tank motor driving 1. Introduction 2. Process & system configuration M iP5A PID Control Air bubble Water Concentration detection Blower 3. Major function 4. Others - DO(dissolved Oxygen) of water is controlled for rapid reaction of pollutants and chemicals. - Inverter is used for speed control. - Inverter is used for precise control and energy saving. - Field: Blower/aeration tank - Type: SV750iP5A-4(75㎾) - Motor spec: 75㎾, 2-pole - PID control is used to precisely control water concentration. - Even the blower is energy-saving load, energy is not saved if aeration tank is the main load. ⇒ Pressure is applied to the blower of aeration tank because it is positioned in water. Therefore, a large torque is required to overcome the pressure and expel air bubble. Here, the water pressure acts as damper. < Load amount vs. Power consumption > Load(blow or flow volume) General energy saving characteristic curve Damper control and aeration tank characteristic curve
  8. 8. LS VFDLS VFD 19 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. Factory Room Humidity feedback Sensor Additional Sensor Speed commend Humidity control – Textile factory 2. Process & system configuration 1. Introduction 3. Major function 4. Others - Humidity control of textile factory is important with regard to product quality. - The humidity control is performed by spraying moisture in room between air path. Generally, this spraying is controlled by valve, but if inverter is used, there will be advantage in control efficiency and energy saving. - Field: Pump - Type: SV-iP5A - If there arises current non-equilibrium at input, this is due to factory electricity supply. It can be solved by adding reactors. - Because the installed valve control system is replaced by motor speed control system, all that is required is matching valve control amount and speed control output. No additional function is required. iP5A
  9. 9. LS VFDLS VFD 20 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. Apartment (12~18F) 6 buildings / 860 households Pressure gauge P1 Underground water tank P2 P3 P4 PLC IP5A 2. Process & system configuration 1. Introduction 3. Major function 4. Others Apartment water supply system - Water supplying to apartment households - Field: Water supply pump for high-rise apartment - Type: Inverter(SV-iP5A) 1) Inverter - Forward driving startup (FX-CM) - Speed control by variable resistor(V1) - Control by communication 2) PLC - Process PID control - PLC (Master-k80s) was used as main controller. Speed of 4 inverters was controlled by PID control. - Because the water volume is controlled in real time using inverter, the conventional water tank becomes unnecessary. - Motor noise is reduced remarkably because motor speed is controlled by inverter. - Remote water supply system control is possible using PMU (optional). IP5A IP5A IP5A
  10. 10. LS VFDLS VFD 21 EME Business Div.EME Business Div. P P P P Pressure signal Transfer 4~20mA INPUT 4~20mA DCS Control System Fuel pump driving system - Fueling pump for supplying oil to airplane. Oil pressure is maintained by inverter depending on load change. - Field: Pump - Type: SV-iP5A - To maintain constant pressure, load (fueling amount) is controlled by inverter in order - PID control ⇒ 4~20㎃ of pressure signal is transferred to DCS, and DCS sends PID output for inverter control. - Because the motor was for medium-voltage (6,600V), UP/DOWN transformer was used to control low voltage inverter (440V). ⇒ Inverter input was decreased from 6,600V to 440V. Then, inverter output was increased from 440V to 6,600V because the motor was for 6600V. ⇒ Heat resistance is important when selecting the UP/DOWUN transformer, because heat is generated. 2. Process & system configuration 1. Introduction 3. Major function 4. Others IP5A IP5A IP5A