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ODTUG The Necessary Knowledge and Tools You Need to Have for SOA Suite 11g
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ODTUG The Necessary Knowledge and Tools You Need to Have for SOA Suite 11g



My ODTUG at Kscope 2011 about The Necessary Knowledge and Tools You Need to Have for SOA Suite 11g

My ODTUG at Kscope 2011 about The Necessary Knowledge and Tools You Need to Have for SOA Suite 11g



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ODTUG The Necessary Knowledge and Tools You Need to Have for SOA Suite 11g ODTUG The Necessary Knowledge and Tools You Need to Have for SOA Suite 11g Presentation Transcript

  • The Necessary Knowledge and Tools You Need to Have for SOA Suite 11g
    Edwin Biemond
  • Topics in this presentation
    Avoiding Invalid Composites
    Resource Adapters
    AIA deployment framework
    TestSuite of SOA Suite
    Continuous Integration with Hudson
  • MDS MetaData Service
    MDS = centralized storage for artifacts that can be accessed both at design time and at run-time
    Twoversions -> File MDS & Database MDS
    Versioning in onlysupported in Database MDS
    SOA Suite onlyuses the Database MDS
    Compositescan have revisions
    File MDS is the default
    MDS is usedforvalidation and used in the creationprocess
  • Using MDS
    Store your artifacts in a MDS apps folder
    The SOA Suite DB MDS onlyallowsyou to addartifactsunder the apps folder.
    JDeveloper MDS references are located in adf-config.xml ( /.adf/META-INF/ )
  • Use MDS in JDeveloper
    Default File MDS is located at jdeveloper/integration/seed
    Create an apps folder under seed
    Createanapplicationorcompany folder under the apps folder
    Addyourartifactsunderthisapplication folder
  • Use MDS in JDeveloper
    Create a File MDS Connection
    Lookupyourartifacts in the Resource Palette
  • Move the MDS to your workspace
    Is part of your workspace -> Versioning & No conflicts
    Add an extra MDS /apps entry to the adf-config.xml
  • Avoiding Invalid Composites
    Invalid Composites can happen when
    A Web Service is used as a Composite Reference and this WS is not up while starting SOA Suite
    The Composite Reference is a Composite and this Composite is not active while this Composite becomes active
  • Why does this happen?
    When the Composite is started, it tries to load the remote WSDL & XSD in one of the following:
    Composite Imports
    Composite References
    Service Component componentType files
  • The Solution
    The solution is MDS
    Download the remote WSDL & XML schemas and put this in the MDS
    Change the XML Schema imports of the WSDL so it’s valid and points to the MDS
    If the Composite Reference is a Composite try to re-use the XSD
  • Composite Import
    Open the composite.xml in source mode and change the imports
  • Composite Reference
    Change the ui:wsdlLocation attribute
    Binding.ws location attribute has the Endpoint URL
  • ComponentType files
    Open the Service componentType files ( Mediator, BPEL) and change the ui:wsdlLocation attribute
  • Deployment Plan
    Only need to change the location attribute of the binding.ws element
  • Deployment
    Ways to deploy your Composites
    JDeveloper -> only for Development.
    JDeveloper SOA ANT scripts. Need some extra ANT scripting to make it useable
    AIA has its own complete ANT deployment framework ( needs a license )
    Resource Adapters & WebLogic artifacts
    AIA deployment framework can do this
    Your own WLST scripting & custom Resource Adapter Deployment
  • Deployment ANT Scripts
    Need the SOA plugin
    Located in jdeveloperbin
    Build your ANT deployment framework around these scripts
  • Manual configuration of Resource Adapters
    Use unique file name -> DB_Plan.xml or JMS_Plan.xml
    In cluster configuration
    Copy The Resource plan to every node of the cluster
    Location of the plan must be the same on all servers
    Update the plans on all server if there is a change
    Put it on a shared storage
  • Your own Resource Adapter
    Extract the WebLogic Resource Adapter ( Oracle_SOA1soaconnectors )
    Remove the jars
    Edit the weblogic-ra.xml and add your own entries ( use unique names -> conflicts)
    Pack the Resource Adapter
    Deploy the Resource Adapter
    Set the deployment order after the original adapter
  • Deployment with AIA
    Can also be used in Non AIA Projects
    Configure AIA Deployment file
    Available Deployment actions
    JDBC DataSources
    JMS Resources
    MDS update
    Start & shutdown WLS Server
    Resource Adapters AQ, DB, JMS
    EAR & WARS
  • AIA Deployment configuration
    JDBC Datasource
    JMS Queue
    Update MDS
    Shutdown Managed Server
    Add an entry to the DB
    Resource adapter
    Deploy a WAR
    Deploy a Composite
  • Testing your Composites
    Test cases are flexible and can be scripted
    Stress LoadTest
    Simulate (Mock) services but need to update your Composite References
    SOA Suite TestSuite
    Can’t test the Composite Service
    Simulate Composite Reference
    Bounded to 1 Composite
    Unit Test output
    AIA CAVS (CompositeApplicationValidation System)
    Test and Simulate Services
    Notbounded to 1 Composite
    Combine Test cases withsimulation ( automatically updates endpoints )
    Need a License
  • SOA Suite TestSuite
    Create a TestSuite with some tests
  • SOA Suite TestSuite 2
    Initiate a Message on a Service
    Verify a response on a Wire
    Emulate a response on a Wire
  • TestSuite in Enterprise Manager
    Start Unit Tests
    From ANT
    From EM
  • AIA Composite Application Validation System
    What can CAVS do for you
    Create tests and validate responses
    Simulate Adapter services in the ABCS Composites
    Group tests
    Combine Test and Simulators with Routing
    Import / Export Definitions
  • CAVS Definitions
  • CAVS Test
    Load the WSDL and select the operation
    Define 1 or more Requests
    Define 1 or more Responses and Generate XPATH
  • CAVS Simulator
    Define the expected Request, Generate XPath and set its unique identifier ( For matching the request with the response)
    Provide the matching Response
  • CAVS Routing
    Activates CAVS Simulators, change the endpoints of the Compositereference to the simulators
    Canbeused in a CAVS Test
  • Continuous Integration with Hudson
    Hudson easy to install and manage
    Support for ANT
    Integration with SubVersion, CVS
    Unit Test support
  • Hudson SOA Suite Job
    Need to build your own ANT deployment
    Checkout SVN
    Unit Test
  • change
    The Necessary Knowledge and Tools You Need to Have for SOA Suite 11g
    Please Fill Out Your Evaluations
    Edwin Biemond