Adam Fletcher Seminar on Meaningful Youth Engagement


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These are handouts from Adam Fletcher's seminar on Meaningful Youth Engagement in Miami, Florida, in January 2011.

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Adam Fletcher Seminar on Meaningful Youth Engagement

  1. 1. Meaningful Youth Engagement Facilitated by Adam Fletcher Friday, January 14, 2011 9am to 2pm AGENDAIntroductionSection One: The Basics of Youth Engagement  Defining Youth Voice, Youth Involvement, and Youth Engagement  Locations for Youth Engagement throughout Our Communities  Cycle of Engagement  Being an Adult Ally to YouthSection Two: Making Youth Engagement Meaningful  Convenient versus Inconvenient  Questioning Authenticity  Ladder of Youth InvolvementSection Three: Confronting Barriers to Meaningful Youth Engagement  Adultism, Adultcentrism, and Ephebiphobia  Youth as Barriers  Systems as Barriers  Assessing Youth VoiceSection Four: Engaging Non-Traditionally Engaged Youth  Traditional and Nontraditional  The Widest Range of Youth  Strategic Positioning, aka Youth as Allies to Adults | 360-489-9680
  2. 2. | 360-489-9680
  3. 3. Created by Adam Fletcher from work by Roger Hart. © 2011, All Rights Reserved.What Makes Something Meaningful?A. ALWAYS MEANINGFUL B. SOMETIMES MEANINGFUL C. NEVER MEANINGFUL | 360-489-9680
  4. 4. Assessing Youth Voice By Adam FletcherThe following rubrics are designed to help you envision the broadest possible applications ofYouth Voice throughout your communities. “Even if you’re on the right track you can still getrun over if you don’t move.” - Will RogersFast Track = The Youth Voice activity is moving in a progressive fashion towards engagingRubric One: Youth Voice in ClassroomsPurpose Fast Track On Track Side-TrackedStronger Students & teacher Teacher facilitates Students graded onLearning partner to design, student-informed their engagement inConnections implement, evaluate classroom learning. learning without any classroom learning. input into teaching.Greater Classes co-taught by Solely student-led Teacher self-designsStudent students with classes and activities classes to promoteAuthority teachers as mentors. across school day. Youth Voice.Whole School Class dedicated to Students encouraged Students taught aboutImprovement engaging students to use out-of-school effects of school throughout school time to engage self reform without improvement and others in actions knowing how they can efforts. to change schools. do anything to challenge it.Rubric Two: Youth Voice in Community GroupsPurpose Fast Track On Track Side-TrackedSecure Public Organization makes Dedicated, One youth is aCommitment its support apparent sustainable, focused member of the board in all activities, positions created. of director or the policies, and steering committee. publicity.Increase Staff Youth self-identify Young people engaged All staff claim toResponsibility issues and resources as regular staff or “support” Youth Voice they need to create volunteers. while none actually change. engage young people.Sustain Long- Adult support for Staff show full Resources are notTerm Support youth is made commitment through allocated to support explicit through ongoing training, Youth Voice in the fiscal, material, etc. support, activities, organization or and reflection. programs. | 360-489-9680
  5. 5. Rubric Three: Youth Voice in After School ProgramsPurpose Fast Track On Track Side-TrackedIncrease Diverse young people Young people Adults lead allProgram initiate, plan, direct, guide activities activities withoutCommitment implement, reflect, and with adult regard for youth evaluate activities with leadership. input or feedback. coaching from adults.Secure Youth Adults provide Organization Adults occasionallySupport necessary guidance follows through seek support of through coaching, with small group of youth when training, resource- young people. convenient. sharing, and networking to all young people.Provide Staff Staff provided with Staff assigned to Position filled byDevelopment initial and ongoing attend initial unsuspecting training opportunities training not volunteer operating that grow their directly related to without training or commitment and ability. Youth Voice. materials.Rubric Four: Youth Voice in FoundationsPurpose Fast Track On Track Side-TrackedDeepen Foundation Grantmaking Youth Voice is amongYouth commits heavily supports unstated funding interests.Engagement throughout policy, Youth Voice practice, through funding leadership, and practices. evaluation.Prioritize Young people Youth-led funding Youth Voice is critiquedFunding involved in activities support among applicants and determining all youth programs. grantees without offering priorities, grantees, guidance or support. monitoring, and reflection.Transform All staff trained in Staff trained and Carefully selected youngGiving Youth Voice and youth focus people participate in minimalStrategy active programs groups inform funding activities. underway grantmaking. throughout organization. | 360-489-9680
  6. 6. Rubric Five: Youth Voice in GovernmentPurpose Fast Track On Track Side-TrackedSecure Long- Statutes and laws Community-wide Community health fairs andTerm are changed to Youth Voice city boards with no youth,Government create permanent strategies devised or a citywide youth summitCommitment to positions for young and implemented no adults allowed.Youth Voice people to propose, with long-range influence, and funding. advocate.Dedicate Young people are Trained staff “Youth councils” andPersonnel to engaged through develop and Children’s Cabinets made ofYouth Voice regular (paid), coordinate Youth concerned adults without volunteer, elected, Voice programs youth themselves. and other with active opportunities. volunteer youth advisors.Secure Broad Activities designed Adults engage Youth Voice training forSupport for by youth/adult youth in advisory government workersYouth Voice partners to committees without youth participants promote Youth without actually or trainers. Voice throughout affecting youth government. directly.Rubric Six: Youth Voice in Organizational TransformationPurpose Fast Track On Track Side-TrackedChange All members Leaders express Youth are only people to expressthe express clear clear clear commitment.Attitude commitment to commitment. Youth Voice.Reform All policies are Policies affecting Other activity is required toPolicy reformed to include youth reformed participate in Youth Voice Youth Voice. to include Youth activities. Voice.Transform Youth Voice is Youth Voice Youth Voice seen asCulture acknowledged seen as only novel/tokenistic tool for making strategy for strategy for young people happy or keep them democracy-building democracy- “out of trouble.” throughout building. community. | 360-489-9680
  7. 7. Youth Engagement: Who and How? Convenient InconvenientNontraditionalTraditional | 360-489-9680
  8. 8. Meaningful Youth Engagement in YOUR OrganizationName of Org:Purpose Fast Track On Track Side-Tracked Purpose | 360-489-9680