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Bai giang bacerlona

  1. 1. Official name: Barcelona Area 3600 square km Number of inhabitants 4.2 million Population density 1167 people per square kilometer Capital Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia (Catalonia) a Spanish country Monetary unit Euro Road network The roads are good, but we only traveled by bus and subway through the city The best in Barcelona The architecture of Gaudi. But there are many interesting things to do and see!
  2. 2. Interesting Places Bacerlona beachOlympic Stadium
  3. 3. Sagrada Familia The cathedral is an enormous building
  4. 4. Read the article in your book. Which is the best title for it? 1. The life of Antoni Gaudí 2. The making of the Sagrada Familia 3. Famous sights of Barcelona
  5. 5. Read the article again and answer the questions 1. Which four works by Gaudi are mentioned in the article? 2. What works did Gaudi produced after 1909 3. What hours did Gaudi Work? 4. Why didn’t taxi drivers take him to hospital after has acciden La Pedrera (Casa Mila), Palacio Guell, Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell Only the Sagrada Familia From after mass at 7 am to 6 or 7 pm He was dirty and was wearing old clothes. No one knew who he was 5. What was Gaudi ‘s philosophy when he designed his work He hated straight lines and wanted to show features and shapes of nature.
  6. 6. Personal information Name Antoni Gaudí Birth date June 25, 1852) Birth place Reus, or Riudoms[1] [2] Date of death June 10, 1926 (aged 73) Place of death Barcelona, ( Catalonia, Spain) Work Significant buildings Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló Significant projects Parc Güell, Colònia Güell
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  8. 8. Sagrada Familia
  9. 9. While the Nativity façade deals with creation, the Passion facade deals with the last few days of the life of Jesus. Passion Facade The crucifixion of Jesus Christ As with the Nativity façade, three portals frame the story of the Passion. In the central and dominating portal, the act of the crucifixion has been sculpted by Josep M. Subirachs. The Passion façade contains approximately 100 sculpted figures.
  10. 10. Passion Facade detail – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ The Last Supper.Judgement of Jesus Burial of JesusChrist flagellated and two main doors
  11. 11. Bell towers The apostles Saint James and Bartholomew Each one of the towers of this and of the other two façades, on the whole twelve, four for each one, is devoted to an apostle. Those of the Passion façade are dedicated to Saint James, Saint Bartholomew, Saint Thomas and Saint Philip. Each one of them is represented in a big statue, placed to a height of a third of the total length of the towers with his names in relief to both sides. Between the two central towers and to a height of 60 meters, there is a bridge. The apostles Thomas and Philip
  12. 12. Nativity Facade
  13. 13. Two views of the Nativity façade portico
  14. 14. The Charity hallway, that is the central one, is divided into two different entrances by a column that supports statues of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and angels, completed to both sides by sculptural groups representing the adoration of the kings and the shepherds.
  15. 15. Virgin Coronation
  16. 16. Angels celebrate the birth of Jesus.
  17. 17. Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus at the manger, encircled by a mule and Ox. There are three portals to the Nativity facade. The central portal is a celebration of creation, with the birth of Jesus being the central theme. Along with the carvings of angels, shepherds and Magi can be found animals, plants, and stars. If you look closely, you will also see words scrawled among the statuary proclaiming the glory of God.
  18. 18. Two general views of the Hope entry The Hope hallway, is the situated to the left, is a lot more small than the central one and exceed him something less on the facade, it has a single door. The entry is presided by a statue of Saint Joseph with the child Jesus standing. On the top is the image of the marriage of the Virgin and Saint Joseph.
  19. 19. The Faith hallway The Faith hallway, located to the right of the central one, it is of similar dimensions to the one of Hope.
  20. 20. Model of the Glory facade The Glory facade, located in Mallorca street. This facade is oriented at the south and will be dedicated to the Glory of Jesus.
  21. 21. INSIDE SAGRADA FAMILIA This section of Sagrada Familia will eventually full of stained glasses. The influence for shape of the pillars was taken form trunk of tree. You can see the top of the pillars how they spread out branches
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  23. 23. HA NOI OPERA HOUSE More
  24. 24. Structure of Opera house
  25. 25. Dinh Doc Lap or Independence Palace was completed in 1966 after three years of construction. The plans were drawn by Mr. Ngo Viet Thu, winner of the architectural excellence prize in Rome. The palace was built on the original site of the French governor's headquarters in the 19th century.
  26. 26. Chữ CÁT
  27. 27. Chữ KHẨU
  28. 28. Chữ TAM
  29. 29. Chữ CHỦ
  30. 30. Chữ HƯNG
  31. 31. Giaûng vieân: Traàn Thò Ngoïc Bích