Aanwinstenlijst cd's februari-juni 2010

Populaire muziek

Bos, Stef                         Kloofstraat                  ...
A single man                              SING
                              Away we go                                AWA...
Bach, Johann Christian         La dolce fiamma forgotten castrato    BACH, J.S.
Bach, Johann Sebastian         Goldberg-Va...
Balthazar                     Applause                              BALT
Band of Skulls                Baby darling doll f...
Faithfull, Marianne     Before the poison                  FAIT
Faithless               Outrospective                     ...
Madonna                      Celebration                            MADO
Madonna                      Sticky & sweet tour ...
Smashing Pumpkins             Zeitgeist                               SMAS
Snoop Dogg                    Malice n wonderla...
Veirs, Laura         July flame                                  VEIR
Velvet Underground   The Quine tapes                ...

Branco, Cristina                   Kronos                               PORTUGAL
Casal, Luz                 ...
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Aanwinsten CD's - februari-juni 2010


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Aanwinsten CD's - februari-juni 2010

  1. 1. Aanwinstenlijst cd's februari-juni 2010 Populaire muziek Bos, Stef Kloofstraat BOS Brassens, Georges Les 100 plus belles chansons BRAS CD1 Bublé, Michael Michael Bublé meets Madison Square BUBL Cash, Johnny American VI ain't no grave CASH Clouseau Of zo ... CLOU Coeur de Pirate Coeur de Pirate COEU de Groot, Boudewijn Van een afstand GROO De Leeuw, Paul Honderd uit één 100 bijzondere liedjes LEEU Gallo, Gérôme Quelle histoire... GALL Hazes, André André Hazes HAZE Hazes, André De Hazes 100 van de fans - voor de fans HAZE List, Liesbeth Verloren en gewonnen LIST Lugovski, Andrei My world LUGO Moura, Ana Leva-me aos fados PORTUGAL Quinn, Freddy The world of Freddy Quinn QUIN Rossi, Semino Einmal ja - immer ja ROSS Schoepen, Bobbejaan The world of Bobbejaan songbook SCHO Smit, Jan Leef SMIT Van de Velde, Wannes De kleuren Van de Velde VERZAMELCD VELD van het Groenewoud, Raymond Omdat ik van je hou de 60 mooiste GROE van Veen, Herman 100 VEEN Vermandere, Willem Alles gaat over VERM Zenatti, Julie Plus de diva ZENA Carnaval top 100 CARNAVAL Foute cd van Deckers en Ornelis VERZAMELCD FOUT Funiculi funicula romantische dansfa VERZAMELCD FUNI Fimmuziek Badly Drawn Boy Is there nothing we could do ? IS T Burwell, Carter A serious man SERI Cave, Nick The road Original film score ROAD Cave, Nick White lunar WHIT Danna, Mychael The imaginarium of doctor Parnassus IMAG Desplat, Alexandre The twilight saga new moon : the score NEW Elfman, Danny Alice in wonderland ALIC Englishby, Paul An education EDUC Goldenthal, Elliot Frida music from the motion picture FRID Golijov, Osvaldo Tetro TETR Grigorov, Mario Precious PREC Horner, James Avatar music from the motion picture AVAT Howard, James Newton Nanny McPhee & the big bang NANN Marianelli, Dario The soloist SOLO Müller, Christoph H. El gaucho EL G Newman, David Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 ALVI Parish, John She, a chinese original soundtrack SHE Powell, John Green zone GREE Ross, Atticus The book of Eli BOOK Rota, Nino The film music by Nino Rota ROTA Shore, Howard Edge of darkness original score EDGE Strawinsky, Igor Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky COCO Zimmer, Hans Sherlock Holmes SHER
  2. 2. A single man SING Away we go AWAY Crazy heart CRAZ Instrumentaal Adya Adya best classic ADYA Rieu, André I lost my heart in Heidelberg RIEU The Sunsets Fiesta SUNS The Sunsets The Sunsets SUNS Jazz en blues Asbjørnsen, Kristin Restored, returned GUST Cassol, Fabrizio Culture griot AKA Catherine, Philip Trio CATH Codjia, Manu Manu Codjia CODJ Cullum, Jamie The pursuit CULL Degryse, Fabien The heart of the acoustic guitar DEGR Gardot, Melody My one and only thrill GARD Gare Du Nord Sex 'n' jazz Platinum edition GARE Garland, Red Groovy RED Guy, Barry Radio rondo ; Schaffhausen concert GUY Ibrahim, Abdullah Bombella IBRA Jones, Norah The fall JONE Markesini, Maria Kosmo MARK Mehldau, Brad Highway rider MEHL Parker, Evan House full of floors PARK Reinhardt, Django Django Reinhardt Sessions 1936-1940 REIN Robillard, Duke Duke's box the blues and more... ROBI Schumacher, Pascal Face to face SCHU Schumacher, Pascal Here we gong SCHU Scott-Heron, Gil I'm new here SCOT Seasick Steve Dog house music SEAS Seasick Steve Man from another time SEAS Teepe, Joris We take no prisoners TEEP Terry, Clark Soulville MONK The Hot Club of Cowtown Swingin' stampede HOT The Terence Blanchard Group Choices BLAN Turner, Mark Sky & country FLY van den Brink, Bert Reflections BRIN Vloeimans, Eric Heavensabove! Eric Vloeimans' VLOE Vloeimans, Eric Live at Yoshi's Eric Vloeimans' VLOE Warland, Jean The duet WARL Wilson, Matt That's gonna leave a mark WILS Youssef, Dhafer Abu Nawas rhapsody YOUS Jazzadelic high-fidelic jazz vibes 08.1 VERZAMELCD JAZZ Putamayo presents Jazz around the VERZAMELCD Kerstmuziek Amos, Tori Midwinter graces AMOS Sting If on a winter's night... STIN Foute kerst cd 2009 van Q-Music KERSTMUZIEK Klassieke muziek
  3. 3. Bach, Johann Christian La dolce fiamma forgotten castrato BACH, J.S. Bach, Johann Sebastian Goldberg-Variationen BACH, J.S. Bach, Johann Sebastian Motets BACH, J.S. Bach, Johann Sebastian Violin and voice BACH, J.S. Barber, Samuel Adagio 100th anniversary BARBER Brahms, Johannes Symphony no.1 in c minor BRAHMS Brendel, Alfred The farewell concerts PIANO Chopin, Frédéric Balladen CHOPIN Chopin, Frédéric Valses CHOPIN Chopin, Frédéric Cello sonata CHOPIN Chopin, Frédéric The piano concertos CHOPIN Defoort, Kris House of the sleeping beauties DEFOORT Fauré, Gabriel Piano quartets FAURE Fauré, Gabriel Piano quintets nos 1 and 2 FAURE Fauré, Gabriel Requiem FAURE Fleming, Renée Verismo OPERA Hewitt, Angela Angela Hewitt plays Handel & Haydn PIANO Mahler, Gustav Lieder MAHLER Mahler, Gustav Symphony no. 4 MAHLER Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Symphonies for strings nr. 8-9-10 MENDELSSOHN Moessorgski, Modest Pictures at an exhibition PIANO Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Piano concertos 24, K491 & 23, K488 MOZART, W.A. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Piano quartets KV 478 & 493 MOZART, W.A. Onslow, Georges String quartets op. 54, 55 & 56 ONSLOW Pécou, Thierry Symphonie du jaguar PECOU Prokofjev, Sergej String quartets nos 1 & 2 PROKOFJEV Rachmaninov, Sergej Piano concerto no.3 RACHMANINOV Schubert, Franz Impromptus SCHUBERT Schubert, Franz Sonatas D840 & D959 SCHUBERT Schumann, Robert Robert Schumann 1838-1839 SCHUMANN Sibelius, Jean Violin concerto VIOOL Sternefeld, Daniel Orchestral works STERNEFELD Van Beethoven, Ludwig Klara's best of Beethoven BEETHOVEN von Otter, Anne Sofie Ombre de mon amant OPERA Zefiro Torna Greghesche RENAISSANCE Funeral music VERZAMELCD FUNE New age en meditatie Pure calm the ultimate relaxation PURE Popmuziek 50 Cent Before I self destruct 50 C A Place to Bury Strangers Exploding head EXPL Admiral Freebee The honey & the knife ADMI Air Love 2 AIR Airscape Now & then AIRS Archie Bronson Outfit Coconut ARCH Arid Under the cold street lights ARID Armatrading, Joan This charming life ARMA Arno Brussld ARNO Atlas Sound Logos ATLA Audio Bullys Higher than The Eiffel AUDI Autechre Oversteps AUTE Badu, Erykah New Amerykah return of the Ankh BADU Ballroomquartet Ballroomquartet BALL
  4. 4. Balthazar Applause BALT Band of Skulls Baby darling doll face honey BAND Banhart, Devendra What will we be BANH Baroness Blue record BARO Barzin Notes to an absent lover BARZ Beach House Teen dream BEAC Beak> Recordings 05/01/09 > 17/01/09 BEAK Bear in Heaven Beast rest forth mouth BEAR Bettie Serveert Pharmacy of love BETT Bioul, Matt Daystripper BIOU Black Francis Nonstoperotik BLAC Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Beat the devil's tattoo BLAC Blige, Mary J. Stronger with each tear BLIG Blood Red Shoes Fire like this BLOO Bloom, Luka Dreams in America BLOO Bon Iver Blood bank BON Bon Jovi The circle BON Bonnie "Prince" Billy The wonder show of the world BONN Bosque Brown Baby BOSQ Bowie, David A reality tour BOWI Brown, Chris Graffiti BROW Brown, V.V. Travelling like the light BROW Bulat, Basia Heart of my own BULA Burning Spear Marcus Garvey -- Garvey's ghost BURN Buscemi In situ BUSC Bush, Kate The whole story BUSH Casablancas, Julian Phrazes for the young CASA Cilmi, Gabriella Ten CILM Clapton, Eric Chronicles the best of Eric Clapton CLAP Cold War Kids Behave yourself COLD Coyne, Kevin I want my crown the anthology COYN Crookers Tons of friends CROO Crosby, Stills & Nash Demos CROS Customs Enter the characters CUST Cymbals Eat Guitars Why there are mountains CYMB Daan Manhay DAAN De Kreuners Jonge honden KREU De Mens Is dit mijn hart? MENS Delphic Acolyte DELP dEUS Worst case scenario DEUS Dez Mona Hilfe kommt DEZ Disko Drunkards Disko Drunkards DISK Dizzee Rascal M!LF Vol. 2 VERZAMELCD M!LF Drive-By Truckers The big to-do DRIV Dylan, Bob Knocked out loaded DYLA Dylan, Bob Theme time radio hour DYLA Dylan, Bob Together through life DYLA Echo & The Bunnymen The fountain ECHO Editors In this light and on this evening EDIT Eels End times EELS Eels Meet the Eels e EELS Efterklang Magic chairs EFTE Eitzel, Mark Klamath EITZ Ellektra More is more ELLE Eminem Eminem presents the re-up EMIN Enya The very best of Enya ENYA Faithfull, Marianne 20th century blues FAIT
  5. 5. Faithfull, Marianne Before the poison FAIT Faithless Outrospective FAIT Fanfarlo Reservoir FANF First Aid Kit The big black & the blue FIRS Fixkes Superheld FIXK Fleetwood Mac The very best of Fleetwood Mac FLEE Foo Fighters Greatest hits FOO Fool's Gold Fool's Gold FOOL Four Tet There is love in you FOUR Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand FRAN Freaky Age Living in particular ways FREA Fucked Up Couple tracks FUCK Gabriel, Peter Scratch my back GABR Get well soon Vexations GET Goddard, Joe Harvest festival GODD Goldfrapp Headfirst GOLD Gonjasufi A sufi & a killer GONJ Gorillaz Plastic beach GORI Harper, Ben White lies for dark times HARP Hawley, Richard Truelove's gutter HAWL Heavy Trash Heavy trash HEAV Heavy Trash Midnight soul serenade HEAV Hendrix, Jimi Band of gypsys HEND Hendrix, Jimi First rays of the new rising sun HEND Hendrix, Jimi South saturn delta HEND Hendrix, Jimi Valleys of Neptune HEND Hiatt, John The open road HIAT High On Fire Snakes for the divine HIGH Hoop, Jesca Hunting my dress HOOP Hot Chip One life stand HOT Isbells Isbells ISBE Israel Vibration Fighting soldiers ISRA Iza Picture of you IZA Jackson, Michael Invincible F12 JACK Jaga Jazzist One-armed bandit JAGA Jason & The Scorchers Halcyon times JASO Johnston, Daniel Is and always was JOHN Jones, Rickie Lee Balm in Gilead JONE Jonsi Go JONS Joy Division The best of Joy Division JOY Kasabian West ryder pauper lunatic asylum KASA Keys, Alicia The element of freedom KEYS K's Choice Echo mountain K'S K's Choice The essential K's Choice K'S C Lady Gaga The fame monster LADY Lennon, John Mind games LENN Lennon, Sean Friendly fire LENN Lewis Echo LEWI Liars Sisterworld LIAR Lindstrøm Real life is no cool LIND Little Red Listen to Little Red LITT Local Natives Gorilla manor LOCA Lonelady Nerve up LONE López-Nussa, Harold Herencia LOPE Los Campesinos! Romance is boring LOS MacDonald, Amy A curious thing MACD MacRae, Tom The alphabet of hurricanes MACR
  6. 6. Madonna Celebration MADO Madonna Sticky & sweet tour MADO Marble Sounds Nice is good MARB Marley, Stephen Mind control MARL Mary & Me Songs for Johnny MARY Massive Attack Heligoland MASS Maximo Park Quicken the heart MAXI Merchant, Natalie Selections from the album Leave your MERC Meuris Spectrum MEUR Midlake The courage of others MIDL Miike Snow Miike Snow MIIK Mika Life in cartoon motion MIKA Milow Maybe next year MILO Mintzkov Rising sun, setting sun MINT Miranda, Holly The magician's private library MIRA Monsters of Folk Monsters of Folk MONS Morphine At your service MORP Mount Eerie Wind's poem MOUN Mount Sims Tomorrow, in a year KNIF Mumford & Sons Sigh no more MUMF Murvin, Junior Police and thieves MURV My Little Cheap Dictaphone The tragic tale of a genius MY L Neeka Robin NEEK Newman, Randy Bless you California NEWM Newsom, Joanna Have one on me NEWS Nice Nice Extra wow NICE Nine Inch Nails The fragile NINE Nirvana Live at Reading NIRV Nirvana Nevermind NIRV O'Connor, Sinéad So far... the best of OCON Owl City Ocean eyes OWL Pallett, Owen Heartland PALL Pavement Quarantine the past PAVE Perry, Katy MTV unplugged PERR Perry, Katy One of the boys PERR Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium PET Phillips, Grant-Lee Little moon PHIL Plastiscines About love PLAS Postman Postman POST Presley, Elvis Elvis 75 PRES Queen Absolute greatest QUEE Rae, Corinne Bailey The sea RAE Rammstein Liebe ist für Alle da RAMM Real Estate Real Estate REAL Regan, Fionn The shadow of an empire REGA Regi Regi in the mix Vol. 8 REGI Retribution Gospel Choir 2 RETR Richie, Lionel Truly the love songs RICH Rihanna Rated R RIHA Rivera, Robbie Closer to the sun RIVE Roadburg Raise Cain ROAD Sade Soldier of love SADE Scorpions Sting in the tail SCOR Shakira She wolf SHAK She & Him She & Him Vol. 2 SHE Shearwater The golden archipelago SHEA Simian Mobile Disco Temporary pleasure SIMI
  7. 7. Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist SMAS Snoop Dogg Malice n wonderland SNOO Snow Patrol Up to now SNOW Solex Amsterdam throwdown king street SOLE Sonic Youth The eternal SONI Spiteri, Sharleen The movie songbook SPIT Spoon Transference SPOO Steppe, Lies Steppe STEP Stereophonics Keep calm and carry on STER Stone, Angie Unexpected STON Stone, Joss Colour me free! STON Sugababes Sweet 7 SUGA Sukilove Static moves SUKI Sweet Coffee Face to face SWEE Sweethead Sweethead SWEE Sylver Decade SYLV Talking Heads Fear of music TALK Tegan & Sara Sainthood TEGA The Antlers Hospice ANTL The Avett Brothers I and love and you AVET The Besnard Lakes The Besnard Lakes are the roaring BESN The Black Box Revelation Silver threats BLAC The Byrds The original singles 1965-1967 Vol. 1 BYRD The Crystal Method Divided by night CRYS The Drums Summertime DRUM The Flaming Lips Embryonic FLAM The Go Find Everybody knows it's gonna happen GO The Gun Club Death party GUN The Gun Club Miami GUN The Gun Club The Las Vegas story GUN The Hotrats Turn ons HOTR The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis bold as love HEND The John Butler Trio April uprising JOHN The Kissaway Trail Sleep mountain SLEE The Love Me Nots Upside down inside out LOVE The Opposites Succes/Ik ben Twan OPPO The Rolling Stones Get yer ya-ya's out! ROLL The Soft Pack The Soft Pack SOFT The Swell Season Strict joy SWEL The Van Jets Cat fit fury VAN The White Stripes Under great white northern lights WHIT The XX XX XX Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures THEM These New Puritans Hidden THES Thirty Seconds To Mars This is war THIR Tiersen, Yann Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain FABU Timbaland Timbaland presents Shock value II TIMB Tindersticks Falling down a mountain TIND Tricky Tricky meets South Rakkas Crew TRIC Trouvé, Rudy The Rudy Trouvé Septet 2007-2009 TROU Tunng And then we saw land TUNN Turner, Tina Tina live TURN Underworld Vs the Misterons: Athens UNDE Usher Raymond v Raymond USHE Vampire Weekend Contra VAMP Van Biesen, Jan Full bass VERZAMELCD FULL Vaya Con Dios Comme on est venu... VAYA
  8. 8. Veirs, Laura July flame VEIR Velvet Underground The Quine tapes VELV Vermin Twins Exoskeleton VERM Vitalic Flashmob VITA Waits, Tom Glitter & doom live WAIT Waldorf Twelve seconds to none WALD Ward 21 Genesis WARD Wave Machines Wave if you're really there WAVE Weezer Raditude WEEZ White Rabbits It's frightening WHIT White, Barry Barry White and friends WHIT Williams, Robbie Greatest hits WILL Williams, Robbie Reality killed the video star WILL Wilson, Jenny Hardships! WILS Within Temptation An acoustic night at the theatre WITH Wolf, Laurent Ritmo dynamic WOLF Wonder, Stevie Original Musiquarium I vol. 1 WOND Yeasayer Odd blood YEAS Zita Swoon To play, to dream, to drift an anthology ZITA Alles geven vol. 1 VERZAMELCD ALLE Bob Dylan radio radio DYLA De afrekening van Studio Brussel, vol. 14 VERZAMELCD De afrekening van Studio Brussel Vol. 47 VERZAMELCD AFRE De Maxx Studio Brussel VERZAMELCD MAXX De maxx long player Vol. 16 VERZAMELCD MAXX Getting to know you... VERZAMELCD IPEC Hardcore 100 best of the best VERZAMELCD Het beste uit de Q-Music millennium top VERZAMELCD BEST I love the 90's Vol. 3 VERZAMELCD I LO Knuffelrock 2010 VERZAMELCD KNUF London calling de officiële soundtrack! VERZAMELCD LOND M!LF VERZAMELCD M!LF Maximum hit music 2010 Vol. 1 VERZAMELCD MAXI Mind the gap, vol. 67 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap vol. 69 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 70 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 71 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 72 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 73 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 74 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 76 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 77 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 79 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 81 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 83 VERZAMELCD MIND Mind the gap Vol. 82 VERZAMELCD MIND Radical Duke VERZAMELCD RADI Radio Contact top 15 80-81 VERZAMELCD TOP Studio Brussel '95 't gaat vooruit VERZAMELCD STUD Studio Brussel '97 't gaat vooruit VERZAMELCD STUD Studio Brussel '98 't gaat vooruit VERZAMELCD STUD Studio Brussel Bel 2000 VERZAMELCD BEL Studio Brussel Switch Vol. 12 VERZAMELCD SWIT Studio Brussel Switch Vol. 15 VERZAMELCD SWIT Was het nu 70 of 80 of 90, vol. 02 VERZAMELCD WAS We are only riders VERZAMELCD WE A
  9. 9. Wereldmuziek Branco, Cristina Kronos PORTUGAL Casal, Luz La pasion SPANJE Cooder, Ry San Patricio IERLAND De Cock, Rapahel Astragu winter traditions BELGIE Deux Accords Diront Eisherz BELGIE Dingding, Sa Harmony CHINA Fleck, Béla Throw down your heart MIDDEN-AFRIKA Gallo, Manou Lowlin IVOORKUST Gnahore, Dobet Djekpa la you IVOORKUST I Muvrini Gioia CORSICA Kher, Kailash Yatra nomadic souls INDIA Klezmic Zirkus Vitamine K BELGIE Kutbay, Aka Gündüz Ask TURKIJE La Fanfare du Belgistan Musiques et danses du Belgistan BELGIE N'Dour, Youssou Dakar-Kingston SENEGAL Netsayi Monkeys' wedding NETS Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Echos hypnotiques 1969-1979 Vol. 2 BENIN Pilartz, Luc Le sac et la corde FRANKRIJK Sanchez, Amparo Tucson-Habana LATIJNS-AMERIKA Shahkilid Nedaye asemani IRAN The Silk Road Ensemble Off the map AZIE Toure, Ali Farka Ali and Toumani MALI Toure, Samba Songhai blues MALI Aboriginal soul AUSTRALIE