Zappos Usability Assessment - March 2011

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  • 1. IE MDMK2011 BibianaNunes
    Prof. Eric Reiss
    March 2011
    Usability Assessment
  • 2. Methodology
  • 3. Searching & Browsing
    Whether looking for something very specific, or a broad search, there’s no guide on where/how to start
    All of these links lead to the login/registration page. Possible sources of distraction or confusion
    Easy to spot customer service number
    Drilldown of the store’s goods
  • 4. Searching & Browsing
    Recommendations of previously viewed and related items
    If the person has not visited the website before or visits from a different browser, recommendations are irrelevant
  • 5. Searching & Browsing
    The search results are not automatically narrowed down for easier shopping. Instead irrelevant filters are shown
    No visual aid for colors for easier, faster picking
  • 6. Searching & Browsing
    Indication of selected filters and easy removal
    After clicking on the “Shoes” filter, it appears again on the category filter selection. Notice “flats” doesn’t show in the available filters
  • 7. Searching & BrowsingRecommendations
    Provide a search wizard where people can pick type of product, color, size and shape in order to get immediate relevant results
    Eliminate either “My account” or “Log in/Register” links on the top bar to avoid unnecessary distractions or confusions.
    Allow users –new and returning to sign in with Facebook and integrate with their Facebook account in order to give more relevant results and recommendations.
    Improve the search algorithm to automatically activate certain filters that match with the search query.
    Improve search filters with categories consistent throughout the entire website. Having a “shoes” filter after already selected “Shoes” can be quite confusing. “I already know I want shoes, please show me all the different types of shoes available for my search!”
    Reduce the amount of colors into 10 basic ones that include a visual representation along with the name. This should make the filtering decision and looking for specific colors much easier. (Hey! Ask for help!)
  • 8. Signing Up
    Only the necessary fields to complete registration, no big sign up forms
    Left aligned labels are slower and more difficult to fill out than top aligned labels.
    Too many options and opportunities to bail out before getting to the registration button
  • 9. Signing Up
    When making a mistake in the form, does not directly point to the field of error, making the user read and think
  • 10. Make a sign up form with less noise around the registration button.
    Make use of top-aligned labels to reduce time and make it easier for the user to press the “Register Now” button.
    Provide better visual help when a field is incorrectly filled, making easier for the user to correct the problem
    New Sign Up form
    Signing UpRecommendations
  • 11. Purchasing and checkout
    Clear navigation path
    Indicates there’s a problem adding to the cart, but doesn’t say exactly where
    Clear indication of what to do. An item can be added to the cart without the need for registration
    Size chart for easier decision making
  • 12. Purchasing and checkout
    When clicking to enlarge the photo, a pop-up interferes with the navigation flow
    Zoom controls do not follow industry’s accepted use of the scroll
  • 13. Purchasing and checkout
    Cart doesn’t show how many items are already added
    Checking out requires to login or register an account
    If you don’t have an email, they can provide help to continue the check out process
  • 14. Purchasing and checkout
    The Submit order process of selecting shipment, payment information is not divided in more than one step. Breaking checkout process into several steps makes it easier for visitors to convert as it reduces the anxiety, as visitors don’t like lengthy forms.
    There’s no way to review the order before placing it, other than reading again the form that was just filled out
  • 15. Purchasing and CheckoutRecommendations
    Make use of Lightbox or any other transition product that allows enlarging a picture without a pop-up interrupting the navigation flow.
    Show how many items are stored in the cart while continuing shopping.
    Do not require a registered account to make a purchase. Offer the option to create a password if they wish to remain registered. Otherwise, just request email and send a link where the user can track the order, regardless of being registered.
    Make the purchasing process pleasant. It’s proven that just one step in the checking out funnel creates anxiety on the user. Divide the purchasing process in several steps and allow the user to review the order before hitting “Submit”:
    Shipping option
    Payment/Billing information
    Order review (change quantities, shipping option or payment method)
  • 16. Assessment Summary
    Overall, the current purchasing experience is lacking easiness and does not provide a pleasant experience to the user. Of course these web usability issues are balanced out by Zappos’ out-of-this-world customer service
    However, pleasing customers is not only about having and amazing call center or an incredible twitter stream, it is also about pleasing them with a smooth purchasing process.