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  • Since these ratings will be based on TriMet’s stop amenity inventory dataset which already has a maintainer the ratings will be automatically updated and will not require any maintenance of their own


  • 1. Walk/Wheel to Transit with Old Trip Planner ( Steep, high traffic road with no sidewalk or shoulder Old trip planner’s suggested walking path 1
  • 2. Walk/Wheel to Transit with New Trip Planner ( More detailed itinerary and walking path Routes to Bus 54 instead of Bus 51 for shorter more direct walking path 2
  • 3. Ideal Curb Cut and Sidewalk Mapping 108,000 blocks/streets in TriMet service area with 2 sidewalks & 4 curb cuts per block Conservative assumption of 80% sidewalk coverage would entail mapping 172,800 blocks of sidewalk and 345,600 curb cuts Grant of $9,600 - strategy is not a viable option Maintaining this dataset is a significant task Solution – focus on transit stopsProcess Benefits1. Map walkways near transit stops 1. Safer and more detailed itineraries around stops2. Verify and enhance stop information 2. Enhanced stop amenity information3. Assign accessibility ratings to stops 3. Users will be directed to stops with better 3 accessibility
  • 4. Proposed Stop Accessibility RatingsCategory 0 - only sign/pole Category 1 – plus sidewalks & curbcuts inareaCategory 2 – plus ADA landing Category 3 – plus traffic signals, lighting,pad, seating/bench, shelter pedestrian crossing 4
  • 5. Examples of New Featurestravel by: mobility device Proposed Stop Category Weightstrip type: custom trip… less Quickest: 32% accessible Category 0 Q Flattest: 46% Category 1 F A Accessibility: 22% Category 2 more accessible Category 3 sample user interface disability preference triangle 5
  • 6. Examples of New Features sample user interface travel speed slider (3mph is default) for more accurate time estimates and to avoid missing transfers 0 mph 15 mph Speed800’ average700’ average grade: 3%600’ grade: 1% average500’ grade: 5%400’ average grade: 1%300’200’ sample of a color coded and grade labeled elevation chart 6