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Fall 2009 Newsletter

  1. 1. Graduates Meet in Silver Spring INFOCUS THE N EWLETTER OF SECOND G ENESIS • 40 TH A NNIVERSARY A LUMNI E DI TI ON 2 0 0 9 And Launch Alumni Council Jack Klimp, CEO & President J. Michael McGuinness, Executive Director Bryan Dierkes, Chief Financial Officer Mary Bracken, M.D., Director of Medical Services SG Welcomes Jack Klimp Lucy Lowenthal, Director of Development Michelle Larkins, Director of Human Resources Katie Garriott, Director of Nutrition Services Raymond Brown, Senior Program Director, As New President and CEO If a perfect background existed for leadership at drilling into what we do, how we do it, how well Anne Arundel Facility Second Genesis, it would be Jack Klimp’s. He served we do it, and what we can do well in the future. Lynn Burke, Program Director Wilhelm Bonnette, Program Director, in the Marine Corps for 33 Years, achieving the rank I look forward to meeting all the members and Minnesota Ave. Outpatient Facility of Lieutenant General, finalizing his tour as Deputy friends of the Second Genesis family. If you have Kestrl Leffyear, Program Director, Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs here ideas you would like to share with me please call Second Genesis alumni and staff at first Alumni Council meeting. Harvard St. Residential Facility in DC. Following that he was Sr. VP and Director of Titus Tucker, Program Director, Women and me at 301-563-1545 or email me at the New York region of Phoenix House, managing “It saved my life” events. All who attended Children’s Mellwood Residential Facility jack.klimp@secondgenesis.org. drug rehabilitation programs for adults and “I didn’t come here with a the lunch were excited Warm regards, Board of Directors adolescents. He returned to Washington as President plan to change but I realized about getting more involved Jack Jane Abraham of the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association in I had to.” in the activities of the Zion Avissar 2005 and three years later led a dynamic merger with organization. Committee Robert E. Carlstrom, Jr., Chairperson the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration On July 16th, alumni and meetings will rotate among John Carnevale, Ph.D. Institute. staff met in the Silver Spring the facilities.The next one Nancy Dudley headquarters office to Patricia A. Farrell, Secretary will be held in early Fall. To Dear Second Genesis Friends: create an Alumni Council. Michael Jacobs join our email list to stay up I am honored to have been asked to lead Second The Council’s goal will be to Roscoe Little, Treasurer to date, please call Lucy Genesis and am excited by the opportunity to build deploy valuable graduate Alan Meltzer Lowenthal (310) 563-1545 Robert Naddelman upon the reputation so well deserved by Dr. Sidney experience to support x-320 or e-mail development Richard Robbins Shankman, who had the vision to create and then programs and activities at @secondgenesis.org. Peregrine Roberts, Vice-Chairperson lead Second Genisis for forty years. Second Genesis. Proposed Edward A. Romanoff activities include bringing Dan Rosenthal Our first initiative will be to create a strategic plan NA/AA meetings to facilities, John Troha to create and guide the many and varied sharing business expertise, Nicole Watson programs needed in the community. To this end, mentoring clients, and Sidney Shankman, M.D., Founder we conducted an off-site workshop in June, representing Second involving key staff, program directors, and Genesis at community members of our board. We created a draft that captured our core values, vision, mission, and five strategic objectives. When finalized by the staff and approved by the board of directors, it will be the Second Genesis, Inc. map we follow. Jack Klimp, New Second Genesis President, and CEO, right, hosts Afghan 8611 Second Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 Come visit our online community – General/Minister H.E. Khodaidad, Ministry of Counter Narcotics, during Tel: 301 563 1545 Fax: 301 563-1546 This strategic planning process is already paying a recent visit to Second Genesis. Therapeutic Community Locations: dividends by strengthening relationships and Upper Marlboro, Maryland (Women and Children) 301 568 4822 Crownsville, Maryland (Traditional, Co-Occurring) 410 923 0401 and for more news … see our new video Washington, D.C. (Traditional) 202 222 0120 Outpatient 202 388 3525 Admissions 301 563 1545 ext 153 on graduation,Afghan visitors, archival photos and other information on What’s Inside Second Genesis is a 501 (c) 3 organization. Contributions are tax-deductible. • 1969-2009:A Visual History Federal Tax Identification #54-0890868 Second Genesis, Inc. does not discriminate based on gender, Bianca Poll, Newsletter and Website Editor • Dr. Shankman Retires age, race, or sexual orientation. www.SecondGenesis.org • Director in the Spotlight:Wilhelm Bonnette • Alumni Group Moves Online
  2. 2. Renowned Founder, Second Genesis Celebrates Four Decades CEO Sid Shankman Of Saving Lives, Families, Communities Retires After 40 Years 2009 First ‘behind the walls’ prison program starts at a women’s prison in 1997 Adult outpatient opens in Of all the awards, honors and accolades I have been fortunate to Jessup, MD. Washington DC. receive on behalf of Second Genesis, the one bestowed upon me – President Emeritus and Founder of Second Genesis – is the one I 2008 Intensive-outpatient treatment for adults starts in Northeast Washington. 1994 In honor of the 25th M ee t th e Di rec tors most deeply cherish! A day has not passed without realizing the joy 2007 Second Genesis reinitiates Project anniversary, the Wil l Bo nnet te that emanates from helping someone restructure his/her life state of Maryland, Director of DC Programs New Communities in the most needed previously shattered by drugs or alcohol. Washington DC, areas of DC for the third consecutive year. “As one of the most at-risk Virginia Fairfax Over the years, I have had an opportunity to work with wonderful 2006 For the County (VA), neighborhoods in the country, we colleagues who taught me so much. Dr. Alan Rochlin, who retired as second time, Second Arlington County (VA), Montgomery, want to do more than just provide Genesis received the Prince Georges, Anne Arundel County proceeds from annual Hexagon Club event. Deputy Executive Director in 1997 after 25 years, was “the treatment – we want to be on the highest accreditation (MD), and Alexandria (VA) all proclaimed 1977 Second Genesis’s first D.C. location consummate professional”. Another outstanding individual was Ed 1994 the “Year of Second Genesis”.• Dr. cutting edge of community based from CARF. • The opens at 1318 Harvard Street. Flowers – the best “professor” I ever had (my Ivy League education Justice and Healing Sidney Shankman won the John Benjamin interventions.” not withstanding), who taught me how to understand addiction and Project for Sexual Nichols Award from The Medical Society of 1976 First Lady Betty Ford congratulates Second Genesis for “providing hope to Will Bonnette grew up in a time of guided me in my interactions with those who had succumbed to it. Addiction opens in DC. • Second Genesis was awarded a five- Montgomery year grant to provide treatment for women those whose lifestyles have become self- social unrest not far from Second I reflect upon my times with Ed hunched over a Bunsen burner County. • The Prison and their dependent children (up to 10 destructive.” The annual Hexagon Club Genesis’ Harvard Street facility. He trying to make our first meal with the clients, to galas attended by Assessment Program years old) in the event proceeds are also remembers his family opening their opens to identify state of Maryland. donated. home to civil rights activists in 1963 influential Washingtonians applauding a graduate’s incredible inmates who need 1975 The Rockville, MD when Martin Luther King delivered transformation. Every experience was an investment in learning. 1992 Maxwell addiction treatment. Avery Road center opens. House Coffee his historic “I have a dream” speech. Last week, we hosted an alumni group week at the Silver Spring 2004 DUI/DWI and honors Dr. 1973 A third residential He recalls struggling with his office. That incredible experience wasn’t necessarily measured by Anger Management classes join the Shankman as one of therapeutic community the number in attendance, --- in comparison to the thousands who outpatient program. “100 Real American opens at 1001 King Street in identity – and ultimately with drugs. have graduated and lead successful and healthy lives, but rather by Heroes” on its Alexandria, Virginia. “I was high throughout my college 2002 Hyattsville, MD is introduced to 100th Anniversary. the fact that there were so many graduates currently on the staff in outpatient treatment at Second Genesis’s years.” While he worked at CBS • Second Genesis 1972 Second Genesis opens attendance.These dedicated professionals, directors and counselors new program. • Martin O’Malley, Baltimore begins a federal up Crain Highway in Upper Records promoting Michael Jackson, and others, are the “real deal” – the true spirit of Second Genesis. City Mayor, leads the ribbon-cutting research project on Marlboro, MD. Teddy Pendergrass, and the Isley ceremony at the grand opening of the drug treatment strategies at St. Elizabeth’s Brothers, achieving a certain amount As I retire, I encourage all alumni to think about reconnecting and Women & Children program in Baltimore.• 1971 Second Genesis separates from the Hospital Campus. of fame, he was completely getting involved. There are jobs (e.g., bringing a meeting, organizing Teen outreach begins at high schools in Alexandria Community Mental Health Montgomery County as clients are brought 1991 Second Genesis employee, Nellie Center to become Second Genesis, Inc., a miserable. “In the end, I lost my a church group to help our women and children build a garden, or in to lecture on addiction. Henken, was named as a James Cash private, nonprofit organization. house, my job, my car, my money, just coming to share your life story), that are invaluable to those Penney Award Finalist for her 2000 Linda Cropp, Chairman of the DC my health – and almost my mind.” clients starting on their recovery who could benefit from yours. extraordinary work. 1970 The first Second Genesis residential Council, honored community begins in Alexandria, Virginia at Fortunately, Will completed 27 Moving forward, Second Genesis has hired a strong, caring person to Second Genesis for a 1990 Barbara Bush leads the opening 1013 King Street. ceremony of the Crownsville program months at Second Genesis. The late lead the organization as President and CEO. Jack Klimp has had not 79% completion rate in its program. while William Donald Schaefer, Governor Ed Flowers at Harvard Street taught only a senior position at Phoenix House, a large nonprofit 1969 Second Genesis is founded as the of Maryland, declares June 5, “Second drug abuse treatment center of the Will how to live and what it meant therapeutic community in New York but also had a successful career 1998 Adolescent Genesis Day”. programs begin in Alexandria Community Mental Health to take personal responsibility. mentoring staff as a Lieutenant General in the U.S. Marine Corps. Silver Spring, MD. • 1989 Senator Edward Kennedy (D. Mass) Center. “I loved him for that.” Second Genesis is, was and always shall be the most personally The Montgomery praises Dr. Shankman “for eloquent testimony and comments before the Today, Will is responsible for the gratifying and professionally satisfying entity I have ever or will ever County Chamber Workforce Senate Committee which helped build oversight of Project New know. My dedication to, and the continued support of, this glorious Corporation awards support we need to provide the American Communities, Access to Recovery entity shall not end as long as my life endures. people the treatment opportunities they Second Genesis, Inc. Services, Outpatient, and Intensive You too will find that your continued support of Second Genesis with the Workforce need and deserve.” Outpatient Services programs. “I am provides gratitude more easily expressed than defined. Thank you Development Leadership Award. •Mentally 1987 President Reagan appoints Dr. really excited about Minnesota ill clients with substance issues receive for sharing the journey with me. Shankman as a member of the White House Avenue as well as Harvard Street. their own annex at the Crownsville, MD Conference for a Drug-Free America. Sidney Shankman, M.D. program. “After all, Second Genesis is where 1980 First Lady Rosalynn Carter donates I grew up.”