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Globalinx Commercial0908


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1.  
  • 2. Training Agenda
    • VoIP Basics
    • Top 5 Questions
    • Features
    • Equipment
    • Commercial Broadband offerings
    • Process
    • Support
  • 3. What is VoIP?
    • Voice Over Internet Protocol
    • Phone service is delivered to you via any high speed Internet connection, anywhere in the world
      • Commercial Cable
      • Commercial DSL
      • T1
    • Phone service that works over the Internet instead of over old-fashioned telephone lines
    • Power and a high speed connection to the Internet are the only requirements to use our service
  • 4. Why Sell Commercial?
    • Money!
    • Positions!
    • Long term contracts drive long term residuals!
    • Customer clubs!
  • 5. VoIP Basics
    • Why would a customer use this service?
      • Save $money on calling
      • Many features, including email and web functionality
      • Unlimited calling in the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico
      • Low International Rates
      • IP Phone can work anywhere there is Internet
      • No staff needed to manage phone system
  • 6. Smooth Process
    • Submit a 922 for accounts with more than 2 voice lines
    • Point 1 and 2 line deals to the Internet site
    • Submit “warm” leads – pre-qualify them!
      • Ask qualifying questions to customer (922)
      • Leverage the relationship you have or build a new relationship with new customers
      • Ask the hard questions (contracts, broadband, existing phone equipment)
    • Use GLOBALINX tools in your back office
    • IP Phones are not free.
  • 7. 922 Screenshot
    • Simple form – 1 page
    • Brief answers
    • Will help ensure the solution fits customer needs
    • Don’t make information up, ask the customer
  • 8. Help Us Help You!
    • Submit your 922 electronically- DO NOT FAX
    • Collect complete copy of phone bill from customer
    • Once we receive ALL required paperwork back from the customer, they will be provisioned and have equipment within 2 weeks
    • Ports take roughly 4 weeks from the time that we submit the request.
    • Reps will receive credit as of the date we receive ALL completed paperwork
    • Average sale is 8-10 lines.
  • 9. Convergence
  • 10. Convergence
  • 11. Convergence
  • 12. Top 5 Qualifying Questions
    • Is the customer under any type of contract today for their existing services?
    • What type of Internet service do they have?
      • Provider
      • Bandwidth
    • Do they have an existing PBX or Key System today? Make and Model?
    • How many phones do they have/need?
    • How many CONCURRENT CALLS do they need to support?
  • 13. Some Key Specifics
    • Product sets:
      • Hosted PBX
      • SIP Trunking
    • Some solutions require site surveys prior to provisioning
    • $54.95 set up fee waived with 36 month term
    • 4 Inside sales reps, 2 dedicated provisioners, 5 dedicated account managers
    • Installations available at a per/hr charge plus trip charge and materials if applicable
  • 14. Hosted PBX Applications
    • Designed for the company that has the need for one or two main phone numbers coming into that place of business but has multiple extensions behind those numbers
    • Customers can mix and match plans and extensions
    • Must have a minimum of 3 lines (this may increase), one main plan and 2 extensions. Fax lines are not included.
    • Linksys and Cisco equipment can be bundled into the MRC to eliminate higher up front costs and further reduce objections from customer’s who had a hard time paying the initial up front costs.
    • Dedicated Phone Number can be put on extensions but all outbound calls roll through main plan.
  • 15. Hosted PBX Pricing
    • Choose your -Each plan is worth 1 Point
      • $49.95 Business Unlimited-$5 CV
      • $24.95 Business Local-Free Inbound, Free Local, 1.9 cents per minute Domestic LD, and separate instate LD rate (varies by state)-$2CV
      • Business International $59.95- $5.00 CV per line- Same countries as Home International!
    • Extensions- Access all features of your PBX including extension to extension calling. Each extension on the new pricing is now worth 1 Point Each!!
      • $14.95 no phone included-$1 CV
      • $24.95 (includes Linksys) 2 yr minimum- $1CV
      • 34.95 (includes Cisco) 2 yr minimum-$2CV
  • 16. SIP Trunking
    • Ideal solution for customers who are happy with the PBX solution they already have in place
    • They maintain features and functionality of that PBX
    • Use same handsets they have today
    • Easy transition to VoIP
    • We provide the phone numbers (DID/Trunks) for the company and save them money on their local and LD.
    • We provide E911/911 and basic feature set
    • Extension dialing, music on hold etc. are
    • all provided by their PBX
  • 17. SIP Trunking
    • PRICING- $24.95-44.95 per phone number, FREE inbound, FREE Local, Domestic LD $.019, Intrastate (see separate rate deck)
      • 1 Point per plan
      • $2.00 CV!
    • IAD (integrated access device) required to put between the customers PBX and our service
    • Some customers may already have a device in place that we can work with
    • Device required is determined case by case
  • 18. Hosted Features and Pricing
    • Extension to extension calling- FREE anywhere in the world! Available on our Hosted PBX or IP Centrex Products.
    • Auto Attendant - Free with a minimum of 3 lines (minimum may increase to 5) on our Hosted PBX or IP Centrex
    • Auto Attendant Recording- $49.95 NRC, only applies if we do the recording for the customer up to 5 button presses. Dial by name and more complex directories are quoted individually.
    • Music on Hold- FREE
      • Background music heard when someone is put on hold, letting them know they are still connected.
    • Hunt Group- $9.95 1x set up fee and $9.95 per month
      • A series of telephone lines organized in such a way that if the first line is busy, the next line is hunted and so on until a free line is found.
  • 19. Features and Pricing
    • Virtual Number 1x set up fee of $9.95 and $4.95 per month
      • US Only
    • Voice Mail- FREE
      • Voice mail to email included, platform is feature rich and scalable, access messages from web or any phone
    • Call Park/Call Pick Up- FREE
    • Do not disturb-FREE
    • Out of Service Forwarding-FREE
      • Ensures customer’s never miss an inbound call due to power outage or broadband outage
    • Find Me Follow Me- FREE
      • Allows multiple numbers to be called sequentially or simultaneously
    • Switch Board Console- $19.95 per month, $54.95 1x set up fee
      • Gives receptionist ability to view all calls at a place of business via their computer
      • $1 CV and 1PT!
  • 20. Features and Pricing
    • Toll Free 800 numbers $4.95 per month, $4.95 NRC, $.05 per minute, can only be ordered through commercial services
    • Fax Plan $9.95 per month, $54.95 NRC, 250 outbound, Free inbound, $.039 overage. $.50 CV!
    • Conference Bridge- NO MRC, customer’s pay by the minute per leg, $.12 per minute for toll and $.14 per minute for toll free calls. Up to 20 participants at 1 time.
    • Web Portal- Used to access all features-FREE
    • GLOBALTalk- NO MRC- Enables cell phone users to take advantage of our lower international rates when calling abroad.
  • 21. GLOBALINX Videophone
    • Voice & Video service*
      • $199.95 videophone
      • 5" HD LCD Display
      • External microphone input
      • Built-in high quality CCD camera with cover protection
      • Digital Photo Frame for slide show using an external SD card or USB device
      • Built-in Web browser enabling the user to authenticate over private networks in hotels or other locations, plus Internet surfing
      • Additional RJ-11 phone jack for connecting to a regular telephone
      • Built-in 2-port switch to connect two LANs
      • Can be used as an extension on Hosted PBX for $19.95.
      • *Video is compatible with GLOBALINX customers only
  • 22. Linksys 2 port DTA
    • COST-Promotional Offering
    • FREE with service normally $19.95!
    • Includes:
    • Features two POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) ports for connection to existing analog telephones, fax machines, PBX and key system communication platforms. Includes an Ethernet interface for connecting to a home or office PC (LAN) as well as an Ethernet connection to the broadband modem or router (WAN).
  • 23. Linksys 942
    • SIP based executive desk phone
    • Can be bundled into monthly price of certain plans
    • up to (4) line appearances with pc port
    • (1) RJ-45 10BaseT Ethernet Port
    • High Quality, Distinctive ID
    • Hi-Resolution Pixel Based Display
    • Larger Display 128 x 64
    • Four Line Keys
    • Four Soft Keys
    • Headset Port 2.5mm
    • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • 24. Cisco 7960/7940
    • Phones can be bundled into monthly price of certain plans
    • The Cisco IP Phone 7960G, a key offering in the IP Phone portfolio, is a full-featured IP phone primarily for manager and executive needs.
    • Provides six programmable line/feature buttons and four interactive soft keys that guide a user through call features and functions.
    • Audio controls for duplex speakerphone, handset and headset.
    • The Cisco IP Phone 7960G also features a large, pixel-based LCD display. The display provides features such as date and time, calling party name, calling party number, and digits dialed.
  • 25. GLOBALINX Commercial DSL
    • It’s finally here! Partnership with COVAD!
    • DSL service available in most NFL cities!
    • ADSL, SDSL and T1 options available
    • No traditional phone line required!
    • Speeds vary based on customers distance from the local serving central office
    • 1 bill for voice and data service
    • Allows us to offer a separate broadband connection for voice
    • Typically a 30 day interval for install
  • 26. Eastern Coverage
  • 27. Midwest Coverage
  • 28. Western Coverage
  • 29. DSL and T1 Pricing
    • Different flavors based on customers needs
    • 2 points per DSL line and a $7.00 CV
    • 2 Points per T-1 and a $10 CV!
    • ADSL-$89.95-109.95
      • 6.0/768kbps or 10.0/1.0M
    • SDSL- $179.95-$239.95
      • 768k or 1.5M
    • T1’s- $349.95!
      • Dedicated 1.5M
      • Not distance sensitive
    • Industry Leading SLA’s
      • 2.5 hr time to repair-T1
        • 99.99% service availability
      • 24 hr time to repair-SDSL
      • 36 hr time to repair-ADSL
      • 99.9% service availability
  • 30. Who Should I Target?
    • Opportunities that can Close in 30 days (in most cases)
      • Businesses with 5-20 lines
        • Sweet spots:
          • 14 to 16 concurrent calls
      • Multi Location businesses or retail establishments
        • Franchises such as- Midas Muffler, Subway etc.
      • Real Estate offices (Brokers and Development)
      • Mortgage/Financial Offices
      • Accounting Firms
      • Law Offices
      • Churches
  • 31. Who Should I Target?
      • Insurance Offices
    • We can quote larger enterprise accounts
      • Longer sales cycle
      • More engineering involvement
      • If standard pricing is reduced, field compensation will be adjusted case by case
  • 32. Dedicated Account Management
    • 5 dedicated people
    • AM assigned to every Hosted or Trunking customer
    • Responsible for provisioning, porting, training and on going support of commercial customers
    • Supervisor overseeing group driving customer satisfaction
  • 33. Webinars
    • Run multiple times per month
    • Review of commercial services and process
    • Hosted by our sales or sales management staff
    • Designed to help arm you and make you successful with offering commercial services
  • 34. Case Studies
  • 35. Support Contact Info
    • Direct customers to their escalation list in the event of a service or billing related issue.
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • GLOBALINX General Customer Service Line – 866-418-1495
    • GLOBALINX Business Customer Service Line-
    • 866-909-8253- Customers Only
  • 36. Questions?