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  • My goal by the end of this call, is for everyone to have a crystal clear understanding of the value of iDashboards as it relates within Higher Ed initiatives, and to experience what a typical viewer/user would experience navigating the dashboard and building a dashboard from scratch. I also would like to keep this presentation very conversational and interactive. Please feel free to interject with any questions or concerns through out. Anything I can’t immediately answer, I will circle back to during a brief Q & A at the end of the presentation – Sound good?
  • Established in 2003, but in Higher Education for the past 3 years. HQ a bit North of Detroit, MIGlobal presence – 4,000 installs in over 40 countriesBIG BI: Cognos, SAS, Business Objects, Hyperion. Specialize in ETL, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Reporting. (Complex to support, limited capabilities, $$$ to upkeep)On the other end of the spectrum is the add-on “widget” or free open source tools of low cost and questionable quality. In contrast, iDashboards fills very unique Niche and does it extremely well. Provides a sleek, robust, dynamic highly intuitive user interface at a FRACTION of the cost of large BI stack organizations.
  • J2EE Enterprise Class Web Application – can support & integrate in a Sharepoint environment, Single Sign-On Security & LDAP Authentication (if you have an active directory for instance)Ease of Use – NO CODING, NO PROGRAMMING – all pre-built software centered around a “right-click menu” user friendly, full-security model environmentImplementation – 5 day onsite training & dashboard build utilizing your data setsMultiple Data Sources – iDashboards can query from multiple relational databases & excel spreadsheets (SIS, Financials, HR, Funds & Grants) and consolidate all onto one extremely efficient at-a-glance dashboardInternal & Ext dashboards – publish internally via portal or intranet environment or for public consumption via external website (attach to your school website – allows transparency)Low cost of ownership - iDashboards is a perpetual license, not an annual subscription. You own your software after purchase and for a nominal maintenance fee (1, 3 or 5 yrpckge) you will be eligible for tech support and iDashboard version upgrades. Best of all, you won’t incur the intangible soft costs of adding additional support or consultants to continually support the software.
  • The data on the left of the slide represents a clunky archaeic pile of raw data, compiled and aggregated from various report builders and or Excel. We’ve found that Higher Education sometimes will overlook some key trends and just skip to the summary of this info – which can sometimes compromise effective strategy and decision making. In direct contrast, to the right is a snapshot of a robust iDashboard screen shot. As I mentioned earlier – all of the visible charts may be from various non-related databases, however they are all consolidated onto one easy to consume screen. This live, dynamic and graphical information is vital for CIO’s, provosts or an administrator to be fully optimal in aligning and enforcing various key organizational objectives.
  • Again to highlight: we are not a cookie cutter application. We a fully customizable, flexible platform that empowers you to build unlimited dashboards and drilldowns from any of your stored metrics. This slide highlights how iDashboards fully supports strategic thinking and decision making across multiple areas within Higher Education. We are enabling more managers within Higher Ed make key decisions based on real, current, accurate and available data. While President’s & VP’s utilize dashboards to reveal macro-level trends (quarterly, annually, semesters) to inform decisions about growth and sustainability of the institution, fund managers and admissions directors use similar dashboards to monitor the daily, weekly or monthly pulse related to their operations.
  • Installed behind their firewalls in their environmentQueries RD’s and ES utilizing ODBC & JDBC driversNo critical reporting data is manipulated or stored. All data feeding the iDashboard interface is pinged from your databases. Any metadata (color, charts, images, aesthetics) are stored in the iDashboard repository.Front end of the application is viewed in a web browser through Flash. (98% of browsers support flash and are free)
  • We also covered the mobile aspects, making the application accesible on phones and tablets for licensed users on the native android platform and the IOS apple products (iPhone, iPad) with a downloadable app in the Apple iStore.
  • iDashboards is available in two platforms: the Enterprise Platform, or the “X” Platform. The only difference between the two, is that the X platform offers users real-time analytics, real-time alerts (with customizable threshold points that trigger warning e-mails) and exportable reporting (PDF & HTML Browser)
  • Here is a quick snapshot of our diverse higher ed customer base. From small 2 year institutions all the way up to public Universities – we work with all schools regardless the size because they all share the same pain: they have a ton of data that needs to be accurately and quickly represented in a precise efficient visual tool. We work together to create a dashboard solution based on YOUR initiatives.
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