Building 'Team Backlog' to unleash the power of retrospectives


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Building Team Backlogs to unleash the power of retrospectives

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Building 'Team Backlog' to unleash the power of retrospectives

  1. 1. Building Team Backlogs to unleash the power of retrospectives Experience report by Bhuwan Lodha | Kanchan Khera @bhuwan | @k_khera
  2. 2. We are here to share our experiences on building team backlogs And making retrospective sessions enjoyable and effective And would love to learn from your experiences as well…1
  3. 3. ONE WORD Give us the ONE WORD that comes to your mind about retrospectives (in your teams)2
  4. 4. Watch video at
  5. 5. Most of us understand the IMPORTANCE of retrospectives… So what’s missing?4
  6. 6. So here is our take on the key challenges.. 1. Recipe is unclear 2. Spice is missing 3. Is the Kitchen right?6
  7. 7. Challenge #1 – Unclear Recipe7 No clear framework for retrospectives
  8. 8. Introducing a new framework Choose your style Team Backlog Great Team Action items Continuous Improvement8
  9. 9. Build a team backlog for a great team Retro # Priority Action Item Owner Status Effort Impact Impact # sprint 1 1 Setup build monitor Rahul Impediment Large Medium (8 pts) 1 2 Block weekly standing Veena Pending Small Large time with sponsor team (12 pts) 1 3 Complete first 4hr Rahul, Done Large Large Sprint 3 training session on Pete (12 pts) Selenium 2 4 Get better headset for Biju Done Medium Medium Sprint 3 Veena (5 pts) 1 5 Set up leave calendar for Abhishek Done Small Medium Sprint 4 the team (5pts) 2 6 Have team lunch Rahul Pending Small Medium (5 pts)9 Average velocity of impact : (12+5+5)/2=11
  10. 10. Measuring impact: Great Team’s journey from Good to Great 25 20 15 10 Impact 5 Good 0 Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 Sprint 5 Sprint 610
  11. 11. Working with a team backlog Who owns the backlog Team backlog is owned by somebody on the team or a scrum master - keeps track of progress - helps team steer action items to closure - helps team prioritize Leveraging Retrospectives - Every retro has first 5 min dedicated to talk about the action items - And last 5 min to plan and prioritize on next action items identified11
  12. 12. Working with the team backlog Play it like a game Start early and set rhythm Have clear roles, who is doing what Make rules (sample) - No Laptops - No two retrospectives sound the same - Only on Fridays - On Time or Ice Cream12
  13. 13. Working with the team backlogThe 5 Whys technique to get clear action items Flurry of leaked bugs Technical issue Very little automation testing Lack of skills (selenium) Lack of training for Selenium No one talks about trainings Manager does not believe in trainings People issue13
  14. 14. Challenge #2 We do it the same way.. over and over again SPICE is missing…14
  15. 15. Here are a few MASALA references I hate.. I love.. Rate yourself Happiness meter Hey, Stranger! Focus Focus Focus ! Appreciation only What did I learn? The Big Picture15 Is this our best?
  16. 16. IHate.. I Love.. Text  Suitable for teams that have a lot of emotions which do not come out in traditional retro sessions16
  17. 17. Rate Yourself  Text  Suitable for teams which are complacent and need to define the next level17
  18. 18. What did I learn?  Text  Suitable for teams which are too involved in the project work. Need to get the spirit of learning imbibed18
  19. 19. Focus Focus Focus  Text  Suitable for teams which need to focus deeper on certain topics (For example, testing, collaboration etc.)19
  20. 20. What’s your favorite flavor?20
  21. 21. Challenge #3 The RIGHT Kitchen Retrospectives do not fly far unless the organization nurtures a culture that supports them21
  22. 22. All this works because we have teams with motivated individuals, wanting to take on a journey from being Good to GREAT… THANK YOU… kanchan_khera@mckinsey.com22