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  • Objectives: To successfully make pumpkin bars 2. understand the difference between baking powder and baking soda and what they do 3. be able to identify different utensil with in the kitchen 4. ability to use correct measurements and measurement utensils The main audience that it will focus towards is around middle school and people with a general understanding of cooking but may not understand some of the terms used within cooking. I chose powerpoint program because I was most familiar with and have used it in other presentations but not in teaching thus far. I also thought it was a good program for steps because then the people learning will not get ahead of the steps involved in baking.
  • I thought this was a great page because it is a beware type page letting the learners know the safe precautions they must make when starting to cook. I was also going to put in a picture of me with flour on my face warning people that baking can be messy, just for a little fun instead of the clip art.
  • I was planning on putting a picture of a tablespoon and a teaspoon to show the difference. Also the difference between a liquid measuring cup and a regular measuring cup. I also did not have enough time to put in explanations about the measuring cup and how to level the powdered ingredients being measured.
  • I would have made this page a bit more organized. However I didn’t get time but the material is all there.
  • I was going to explain what the toothpick test is and what it actually tests when baking a cake or bars.
  • Critique of the “How To” I think that the picture were very effective showing what is needed and what the ingredients look like or what type of bottle they come in. I tried to change the hyperlink colors but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. This link will take you to a cooking page that will help with recipes and cooking. It seemed like the whole page was easy to follow along with and added information that most people wouldn’t know. The information went along with what was being talked about with in the slide and it help explained further procedures that need to be taken when cooking. I thought it was a good start to teaching cooking through a recipe.
  • Cooking

    1. 1. What’s Cooking? A recipe with a dash of knowledge By Tara Ruport
    2. 2. Starting Out • Preparing food is like surgery, we don’t want any bacteria or germs in our food so always wash hands before cooking. • When cooking food for people always be aware of the person’s food allergies. • If some one has a reaction call 911
    3. 3. Materials and Utensils • Wisk or spoon • 2 Large bowls • 12x18 inch pan • Measuring cup and a liquid measure cup • Tablespoon (aka tbsp) • Teaspoon (aka tsp)
    4. 4. Ingredients for making the Bars • 4 eggs • 1 cup of oil • 1 tsp of baking soda • 2 cups of flour • 2 cups of sugar • 2 tsp of baking powder Baking soda causes the dough to rise when an acidic ingredients is added such as milk or yogurt. Baking powder is a combination of baking soda, acid, and moisture absorber like corn starch.
    5. 5. Ingredients for the Bars Spices like ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg come from plants and roots. They are grounded up into a salt like state. •15 oz can of pumpkin pie filling •2 1/2 tsp of ground cloves •1/2 tsp of ground nutmeg •2 tsp of cinnamon •1/2 tsp of ginger
    6. 6. Mixing the ingredients • When cooking with baking soda or powder or both always mix the dry materials together before adding to the liquid materials. The Liquid Ingredients refer to anything that can be poured or grainy like the sugar. The Dry Ingredients refer to to any ingredient in powder form.
    7. 7. Starting Out • First mix eggs, oil, sugar and can of pumpkin • Then mix all dry ingredients together in a separate bowl • Add in the dry materials slowly to the wet while mixing at the same time When you mix oil with an opposite like water or eggs, you must add a little at a time to get them to mix completely. The method of this mixing is
    8. 8. Getting ready to Bake • Spray a 12x18 sheet pan with a nonstick spray • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farhenheit • Spread the mixture evenly out in the pan • Once the oven is ready, bake the bars for 25- 30 minutes • Do the toothpick test to tell if it is done
    9. 9. Things to do while it is cooking Play some games or check email Call Mom to ask questions about the recipe The Dishes
    10. 10. Ingredients to make the Topping • 8 oz softened cream cheese • 3/4 stick of softened margarine (6 teaspoons) • 4 cups powdered sugar • 1 Tbsp of milk • 1 tsp of vanilla The term Softened means that it will be so soft that it seems like it has melting. This state of the ingredient makes it very easy to mix with others.
    11. 11. Steps • Mix all the ingredients except the powdered sugar • Slowly add the powdered sugar while mixing until it becomes creamy and spreadable
    12. 12. Spreading, Yummy 1. To check if the bars have cooled completely, feel the bottom of the pan. 2. If it is still warm, they are still not ready for their topping, once it feels cool, like room temperature than you can start to spread. *This is the general rule for all cakes and bars when adding a topping. *
    13. 13. Congratulations!! You successfully made a sheet of pumpkin bars. More cooking tips