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ChannelExcel offers a partner portal solution powered by mktgSUITE. The partner portal solutions include a content management module, partner registration, communication and sales & marketing applications.

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  • Registration – customizableregistrationformfor contact details, address details, company details and business indicatorsSegmentation – segment yourcontacts in the different customergroupsGrouping – groupcontactsfrom the samecompanytogetherAccess control – determinewhateachcustomergroupcansee and access
  • Partner Portal solutions by ChannelExcel

    1. 1. mktgSUITEchannel marketing made easy <br />Bart Hulst<br />ChannelExcel<br /><br />
    2. 2. Sellingthrough a channel<br />There are many technology vendors selling through a network of channel partners today<br />these partners can be distributors, system integrators, resellers, retailers, agents, etc.<br />There are several benefits to a partner network:<br />Extension of the sales force of the vendors<br />Tap into end users you would otherwise not reach<br />Increase you coverage to new regions<br />And many more<br />In order to keep your partner network in to shape they require extensive support from you in all areas and stages of your business<br />Product, services, support<br />Installation<br />Sales, marketing<br />Logistics, returns, warranty, finance,<br />Etc.<br />
    3. 3. Selling through a channel<br />But before you start utilizing a network of channel partners you need to make sure you have a solid Channel Strategy<br />Align your internal organisation<br />Align your organisation to avoid internal competition and conflict<br />Define your go to market model <br />Which channel partners will be part of your partner network<br />Which end customers will the customer facing partners serve <br />How will you help your partners market – sell – support your product or service<br />What tools do your partners need<br />What benefits will you offer your partners<br />What are your requirements of the partners<br />How will you recruit partners and train them<br />Accelerate and manage your partner network<br />mktgSUITE can help you support, recruit, train, accelerate and manage your partner network more effectively and efficiently<br />
    4. 4. Current Partner Managementis often based on inefficient, offline support<br />Call center or support team<br />Limited availability (8x5)<br />Difficult to reach (voicemails)<br />Delay in response<br />Inefficient<br />
    5. 5. Partner Management should beavailable online at any time and business focussed<br />24x7 availability<br />Content, tools, applications<br />Direct response<br />Multi lingual<br />Standardisation<br />Segmentation<br />Business focussed<br />Efficient <br />
    6. 6. mktgSUITE Partner Portal channel marketing made easy<br />mktgSUITE<br />
    7. 7. Communication<br />Partners<br />Content<br />Applications<br />mktgSUITE Partner Portal channel marketing made easy<br />
    8. 8. mktgSUITE<br />a partner content management application which enables companies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their partner network.<br />includes an extensive and customizable partner registration and segmentation process<br />includes a wide range of functionality and applications to support partner networks<br />enables companies to communicate with their partners in different ways<br />
    9. 9. Partners<br />mktgSUITE<br />Your business contacts can be partners, suppliers, press, agents, distributors and can even include prospects and customers.<br />Each partner group has a different information requirement and your services might be segmented per partner group as well.<br />mktgSUITE offers<br />Registration<br />Segmentation <br />Access control<br />
    10. 10. Content<br />Your extensive library of content should be available to your partners 24x7<br />Content availability can be managed through Role Based Access Control<br />Content Management Systems includes versioning, document type and language indicator, document start and expiration date<br />Product information<br />Description, datasheets, images, user guide, presentation, installation instructions<br />Sales information<br />Presentations, sales guides, product advisors<br />Marketing information<br />Logo’s and guidelines, Case studies, white papers, ads, templates, banners, <br />Other information<br />mktgSUITE<br />
    11. 11. Applications<br />mktgSUITE<br />Enhance your partner support by adding different applications for better sales support, marketing support etc.<br />Advanced search option with download management<br />Product and/or solution advisors<br />Help your partners select the right product/solution<br />Collateral builder<br />Partners can co-brand marketing collateral and download for print or email with optional print-on-demand support<br />Knowledge base<br />Promotions and Event calendar with registration option<br />Marketing budget (MDF/Coop) management<br />Manage approval processes and visibility in ROI<br />Include custom web pages<br />And more...<br />
    12. 12. Communication<br />mktgSUITE<br />The value of your content can only be experienced by your partners when they are aware of your content – on an ongoing basis. <br />mktgSUITE includes several options to communicate with your partners<br />Homepage banners<br />Easy to customize<br />News items and PR content<br />Either upload your own news items or link to a news feed<br />Newsletters and email marketing<br />Template based email marketing including statistics and opt-out management<br />Customer surveys<br />
    13. 13. General<br />mktgSUITE<br />Modular design which means you only choose the functionality you need<br />Multi-language platform<br />Support for up to 26 languages<br />US, EMEA and APAC enabled<br />Custom web pages<br />Automated translation of custom content<br />Extensive reporting<br />Extensive management system with user friendly interface<br />Role based access controls allow for regional administrators<br />
    14. 14. mktgSUITEchannel marketing made easy<br />
    15. 15. Contact management<br />Multi level Access control<br />Content management<br />Multi media management<br />Extensive search<br />Download manager<br />Marketing<br />MDF/Coop management<br />Email marketing<br />Newsletter marketing<br />Brand marketing<br />Co brand collateral<br />News/PR feeds<br />Survey support<br />Event management<br />Training and Education<br />Partner training and e-learning<br />Sales<br />Solution Advisor<br />Campaign management<br />Incentive/Promotional calendar<br />Partner finder<br />Services<br />Page builder<br />Application Integration<br />International support<br />Reporting<br />...on the roadmap<br />Print on demand<br />Forum integration<br />Social Media<br />Team Talk<br />Advanced Partner Locator<br />mktgSUITEa more detailed overview <br />
    16. 16. mktgSUITEin action<br />mktgSUITE is Proven<br />Longest solution running for over 5 years<br />mktgSUITE is Scalable<br />Largest implementation is 18.000 contacts<br />mktgSUITE is a Hosted Solution<br />No need for additional hardware and services for you<br />mktgSUITE in action:<br />Plantronics (EMEA & APAC)<br />Altec Lansing (EMEA & APAC)<br />Lexar (GLOBAL)<br />Funai (FR)<br />Numara (GLOBAL)<br />
    17. 17. mktgSUITEin action<br />
    18. 18. mktgSUITEchannel marketing made easy <br />ChannelExcel<br />Bart Hulst<br />Phone: +31 6<br />Visit us at<br />Request a demo at<br />