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BHSECQ CTO 9th and 10th grade Parent Meeting Agenda 3 6-14
BHSECQ CTO 9th and 10th grade Parent Meeting Agenda 3 6-14
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BHSECQ CTO 9th and 10th grade Parent Meeting Agenda 3 6-14


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  • 1. 9th and 10th Grade Parent College Transfer Office Meeting March 6th 2014, Queens Campus 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm I. Introduction and Overview of the College Transfer Office (CTO) • What is the CTO and when will my child become involved? • Defining what a “good” college experience is i. Name recognition, rankings and the prestige machine – what is really important? • BHSEC – how are we known among four-year colleges across the U.S. & abroad? II. College Advising at BHSEC • Structure of college advising – group and one-on-one; College Notes • College Tour / Simon’s Rock Trip for Year 1 Students • Credits / Transfer versus Freshman issue i. CUNY  apply as Transfer and transfer in 50-60 credits (except for Macaulay Honors!) ii. SUNY  apply as Freshman but transfer in between 50-60 credits after enrolling. iii. Most Out-Of-State Public Schools  apply as Freshman and then transfer in credits (between 40 and 60 typically) iv. Private Colleges  this varies widely, we keep an internal record so feel free to ask about individual schools. Generally, the more highly selective the school, the less credits they’ll take. III. Mock College Admissions Activity • Read through the students • Choose to Admit, Deny and Waitlist One each • Discuss IV. Timeline & What can students do now? • Timeline • Grades & Curriculum • Extracurricular Activities, Student Activities • Standardized testing – see handout for more information • Taking advantage of resources at BHSEC (see Timeline for more information) V. Standardized Testing: SAT I & SAT IIs; ACTs • SAT Reasoning Tests • SAT 2s/Subject Tests • ACT • Test Prep at BHSECQ and elsewhere • VI. Financial Considerations – Understanding Financial Fit • What is a ‘Net Price Calculator ‘ and why should you be doing them? • Difference between “Total Cost of Attendance” and “Out of Pocket Cost” • Overview of different types of financial aid (need and merit-based) + financial aid application process and forms • Getting financial advice – recommended reading: Princeton Review’s Paying for College 2013-2014 “Right College, Right Price” • Outside scholarships –Always posted on the bulletin board outside of the library. Mostly for Y1’s. Look at the criteria to begin planning! VII. Q & A