Oral Grading Rubric
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Oral Grading Rubric

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Rubric for grading group oral presentations

Rubric for grading group oral presentations

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  • 1. Skit Team Member Names: Section:CATEGORY 5 4 3 2 1Timeliness N/A N/A On Time N/A Late—0 pointsScript N/A N/A N/A Turned In Missing—0 pointsPreparedness/ teamparticipationN/A The whole team iscompletely prepared andhas obviously takenrehearsal time seriously.The whole team seemspretty prepared but mighthave needed to focus moreclosely during rehearsaltime.Most of the team issomewhat prepared, but it isclear that rehearsal effort waslacking.Most of the team does notseem at all prepared topresent.ContentN/A N/A Script/ skit included all ofthe important action anddialogue. Students wentabove and beyond to act oruse props/ costumes.The script/skit included mostof the important action anddialogue. Not muchmovement and/ or props/costumes.The scene/script was vague,and it was hard to tell whatwas happening. No props/costumes.CommunicabilitySpeaks clearly anddistinctly all (100-95%) thetime, and mispronouncesno words. Volume is loudenough to be heard by allaudience members.Speaks clearly anddistinctly all (100-95%)the time, butmispronounces one word.Volume is loud enough tobe heard by all audiencemembers at least 90% ofthe time.Speaks clearly anddistinctly most ( 94-85%) ofthe time. Mispronouncesmore than one word.Volume is loud enough tobe heard by all audiencemembers at least 80% of thetime.Speaks clearly and distinctlysome ( 84-75%) of the time.Mispronounces more thanone word. Volume is loudenough to be heard by allaudience members at least60% of the time.Often mumbles or cannot beunderstood and/ormispronounces several wordsand/or Volume often too softto be heard by all audiencemembers.GrammarUsed every grammar pointthoroughly and accurately.No grammatical errors.Used every grammarpoint thoroughly andaccurately. Onegrammatical error.Used every grammar pointthoroughly. More than onegrammatical error.Used only some grammarpoints, somewhat accurately.Many grammatical errors.Used very few grammaticalpoints, or do no useaccurately. Manygrammatical errors that deterunderstanding.OriginalityN/A N/A Skit shows originality andinventiveness. The contentand ideas are presented in aunique and interesting way.Skit shows an attempt atoriginality and inventivenessin part of the presentation.Skit is a rehash of otherpeoples ideas and/or dialogand shows very little attemptat original thought.VocabularyUsed extensive vocabularycorrectly, including extras(from handouts).Used extensivevocabulary, but only fromthe book.Used some new vocabulary,or used extensivevocabulary somewhatinaccurately.Used hardly any newvocabulary, or usedvocabulary almostcompletely incorrectly.Used limited or no newvocabulary,