Ancient Egyptian Mummification


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A step-by-step process of the Ancient Egyptian method of Mummification

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Ancient Egyptian Mummification

  1. 1. Ensure your pharaoh makes it tothe afterlife safely!
  2. 2. So, your beloved pharaoh has justdied—what do you do now? Youmust make sure to mummify himcorrectly; any small mistake couldjeopardize his chances for eternallife! But not to worry, just followthis easy, step-by-step guide toensure that your holy leadercontinues to live life everlasting.
  3. 3. First, make surethe kingdomknows the news.Send amessenger to thecity streets to cryout theannouncement.
  4. 4. Wash the body in palm wine.
  5. 5. Rinse the body with water fromthe Nile.
  6. 6. Make a small incision on the leftside of the body.
  7. 7. Remove important internal organsthrough the slit. This includesliver, lungs, stomach & intestines.
  8. 8. *Note* do NOTremove theheart—it is theseat of the souland must remainwith the bearer!
  9. 9. Remove the brain by pulling itout through the nose with ahook (we’re not really sure whatthe brain is for, but it can’t betoo important).
  10. 10. Stuff the body with natron (saltand bicarbonate of soda). Usethe remainder to cover thebody.
  11. 11. Set the body and internalorgans outside in the hot sun todry.
  12. 12. Wait 40 daysfor the bodyand organs todry.
  13. 13. Rinse the body with water fromthe Nile (yes, again).
  14. 14. Cover the body with fragrant oils (werecommend myrrh, sandalwood, attarof roses, and/or cedar).
  15. 15. Stuff the body with drymaterials, such assawdust, leaves, and/or linen. Becareful not to use too much or toolittle—you don’t want to disfigurethe body!
  16. 16. Cover the body with morefragrant oils, for good measure.
  17. 17. Place the dried organs in thecorresponding canopic jars. Makesure they are packed tight with natron.
  18. 18. Imsety, the human-headed godlooks after the liver.Hapy, the baboon-headedgod looks after the lungsDuamutef, the jackal-headedgod looks after the stomachQebehsenuef, the falcon-headedgod looks after the intestines.
  19. 19. You will need a specialslatted table for thisprocess. This is so youcan wrap around thebody without having tokeep turning it over.
  20. 20. Wrap the head and neck.
  21. 21. Wrap the fingers and toes.
  22. 22. Wrap the arms and legs.
  23. 23. Place the sacredamulets on the body.The most important isthe Ankh to protect thewelfare of thedeceased.“The amulet is a protectionfor this Great One, which willdrive off anyone who wouldperform a criminal actagainst him.” - The Book of theDead, 156th spell.
  24. 24. Read the appropriate spells fromThe Book of the Dead to ensureprotection and a safe passage forthe soul.
  25. 25. Tie the arms andlegs together.Remember toplace a copy ofThe Book of theDead betweenthe arms.
  26. 26. Completely wrap the rest of thebody.
  27. 27. Paint the wrappedbody with resin toseal and protect it.
  28. 28. Cover the body with a decorativecloth (we suggest using the imageof Osiris).
  29. 29. Wrap strips of linen around the bodyto keep the cloth in place. See thediagram below for best placement.
  30. 30. Lay the mummy inthe first coffin.Place that insidethe second coffin.
  31. 31. Hold the funeral and processionhonoring your beloved leader.
  32. 32. Perform the “Opening of the Mouth”Ceremony, so that the deceasedmay eat and drink in the next life.
  33. 33. Put the mummy into thesarcophagus. Have a highpriest perform last rites:“You will live again, you revivealways, you have become youngagain, you are young again andforever.”
  34. 34. Place the mummy in his final restingplace (pyramids are lovely, but you maywant to consider a more discrete tomb todiscourage grave robbers).
  35. 35. You have successfully ensured thatyour pharaoh will live forever!