Marketing mix of nestle maggi assignment


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Marketing mix of nestle maggi assignment

  1. 1. Marketing Mix of Nestle Maggi noodles.As we know that in Marketing Mix there is 6p’s namely Product, Place, Price, Promotion,Pakaging, Procedure.The marketing mix of Nestle Maggi noodles is:  Product- maggi has come up with various products according to the needs of consumers. Some of them became very popular and some of them were total failure. The products that passed the test of time are as follows: MAGGI 2-MINUTE Noodles is one of the largest & most loved snack food brands that defines the Instant Noodles category in India. It is now available in 5 delectable flavours: Masala, Chicken, Tricky Tomato, Thrillin Curry & Romantic Capsica. MAGGI Vegetable Multigrainz Noodles is a product which is a source of Protein, Calcium and Fibre, and has added vegetables. The inspiration for the product comes from the growing consumer preference for a healthier lifestyle. MAGGI Vegetable Atta Noodles is healthy because it is made of wheat flour and has more real vegetables and is packed with the power of fibres MAGGI Cuppa Mania is a combination of all the above! In an easy to carry on-the-go Cup format, MAGGI Cuppa Mania comes in two variants – Masala Yo! And Chilly Chow Yo.  Packaging- Maggi is packed in the yellow packets. The tip of the packet is zipped so that the contents can easily be spilled without wasting it. It has solved the problem of storage. The thickness of packets is increased so that the contents can be easily poured without much wastage.  Promotion- Over the years maggi became a integral part of the Indian household like other fmcgs like coke or pepsi. TV commercials played an important part in it. Elements that have stayed constant in any Maggi film include the jingle -- ‘Maggi, Maggi, Maggi’ in a sing-song voice, the family setting, and the ‘two minutes’ promise, which started off as a USP, but took a backseat eventually. Maggi has generally stayed away from taking the celebrity endorsement route. According to Mishra, all ads for the brand usually focus on the mother-child relationship. “The mother and child are the celebrities for Maggi,”. Other innovative ads like the maggi voiceover campaign which is a collection of short vignettes, showcasing consumers’ memories of Maggi just brought maggi closer to the heart of India. 
  2. 2. As a part of its promotional drive, Maggi has launched a website,, where consumers can upload their Maggi moments and submit their favourite Maggi recipe. Consumers, whose stories or recipes are a hit with the company, will get a chance to be featured on Maggi packs or ads. Apart from the TV commercials they promoted the product by 1.Distributing free samples. 2.Giving gifts on return of empty packets. 3.Dry sampling-distributing Maggi packets 4. wet sampling - distributing cooked Maggi. 5.Availability in different packages 50gm,100gm,200gm,etc.. and 6.Effective Tagline Communication. Place- Nestle Maggi noodles has being started by nestle in India. Nestle Maggi noodles is famous not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. It is rightly available at number of retail shops and malls so that consumers can easily purchase the product without much efforts.