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A brief history of backup and storage
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A brief history of backup and storage


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a brief history of backup and storage

a brief history of backup and storage

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. A Brief History of Backup and Storage1775 1846 1951 1952 1956 1971 1972 1985Punch Card Magnetic Cassette Hard Tape Drive Floppy Computer- Punch Tape Tape Disk Readable Drive CD-ROM
  • 2. PUNCH CARD In common use until mid-1970s, when replaced by magnetic tape Used as early as 1725 in textile industry for controlling mechanized textile looms Approximate Years in Use: 1725 - 1925
  • 3. PUNCH TAPE Originally pioneered by textile industry for use with mechanized looms Each row on tape represented one character Approximate Years in Use: 1846 - 1990s
  • 4. MAGNETIC TAPE First used in 1951 to record computer data on the Eckert- Mauchly UNIVAC I Tapes were metal and 1200 feet long (365 meters) and very heavy Long length made it prone to tears and breaks Approximate Years in Use: 1951- present
  • 5. TAPE DRIVE Introduced in 1952 by IBM Used vacuum columns to buffer nickel-plated magnetic tape to prevent media from tearing Some tapes were 1,200 feet long Replaced equivalent of 12,500 punch cards Capacity of 2 million digits per tape Approximate Years in Use: 1951- present
  • 6. HARD DRIVE First hard disk drive, IBM Model 350 Disk File, shipped in 1956 with IBM 305 RAMAC computer. Computer itself was 30’ by 50” (9m x 15m); storage device itself—the first commercial hard disk drive– was a 1.5-meter cube. Approximate Years in Use: 1956- present
  • 7. FLOPPY DISK First floppy disk released by IBM in 1971. Read-only, 8″ in diameter, stored 80 kB Intended as portable, more reliable medium vs punched cards, magnetic tape 8” disks too large for new microcomputers of 1970s, so 5¼” disk created; 3½” floppy followed Approximate Years in Use: 1971- 1982 (8” & 5 ¼”) 1982-2009 (3 ½”)
  • 8. CASSETTE Introduced for audio use by Philips in Europe in 1963 Introduced in 1972 as storage medium for PCs Standard 90-minute cassette stored 700KB of data per side Used on ZX Spectrum, TRS-80, Commodore 64, and others Approximate Years in Use: 1972 to late 1980s
  • 9. COMPUTER-READABLE CD-ROM Optical disc invented in 1958; first commercial product, Laserdisk, introduced in 1978 First audio compact disc introduced in 1982; eventually obsoleted magnetic tape Computer-readable data-storing CD- ROMs introduced in 1985. By late ’90s, CD-ROM disks and drives had obsoleted floppies Approximate Years in Use: 1985- present