NewsRadio WMNI 103.9fm/920am Media Kit Li


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NewsRadio WMNI 103.9fm/920am Media Kit Li

  1. 1. Brett Johnson – 232-0257COLUMBUS. NEWS. TRAFFIC. WEATHER. BUSINESS. SPORTS. 1458 Dublin Rd. Columbus, OH 43215 614.481.7800 / fax: 614.486.9970
  2. 2. COLUMBUS’ EXCLUSIVE ALL NEWS RADIO STATION WHY NEWS RADIO? The only unclaimed franchise format position in this marketOne of America’s highest rated formats The need to know about money, politics, social issues & breaking stories One of the highest tuned in station formats in the country by adult listeners Highly educated listeners with disposable income Active news listeners that stay tuned to hear the stories, updates and your message Our advertisers receive a higher return on investment because the message is strategicallysurrounded by programming, so their message stands out Non-offensive programming, friendly for any advertiser Exclusive LOCAL programming content with local anchors, in addition to content powered by CBS,Associated Press and America’s Radio News Network
  3. 3. COLUMBUS’ EXCLUSIVE ALL NEWS RADIO STATION WHO LISTENS?  53% Male & 47% Female  52% are 25-54 and 41% are 55+  36% are Professionals/Managerial  57% earn between $50,000 & $150,000 annual income  Almost 60% of News radio fans tune in during morning driveSpoken word formats are believed to engage the listener more than music formats, since there is utterly nopoint to have a station on as background noise. That leads to the expectation that advertising placed on Newsradio is particularly effective. Grocery, home improvement, automotive, and restaurant are 4 categories that doparticularly well. News fans will also go online for more research in response to a radio ad.
  4. 4. COLUMBUS’ EXCLUSIVE ALL NEWS RADIO STATION Local News WMNI FEATURES Local anchors deliver up to the minute local news when you need it. SPORTS National & World News Best news coverage of the nation and world events as they happen. Sports Shark on Sports at :20 and :50 in AM & PM Drive. Weather Weather updates on the :00/:15/:30/:45 and breaking weather news as it happens. Traffic Traffic updates on the :00/:15/:30/:45 and breaking traffic news as it happens. Business News Up to the minute business news at :25 and :55.
  5. 5. COLUMBUS’ EXCLUSIVE ALL NEWS RADIO STATION NEWS STAFFNEWSRADIO WMNI prides themselves on being based locally and national affiliation with America’s Radio NewsNetwork and CBS News . Our local news department is one of most trusted & experienced staff in Columbus Radio. Mark Nuce News Director Ernie Brown Lori Lundin Steve Ray Mark “The Shark” Howell Sports Director Bruce Klein Cindy Patrick Traffic Director News Anchor Kelly Quinn Jennifer Narramore News Anchor Meteorologist Molly Paige Rachel Crowson Chris Salcedo
  6. 6. COLUMBUS’ EXCLUSIVE ALL NEWS RADIO STATIONNEWSRADIO WMNI offers the best in up to the minute business news.News regarding money, real estate, politics and more. BUSINESS Bob Brinker brings 25-years of investment management Larry Kudlow Show Bloomberg experience to the air. Insightful opinions on Businessweek money, politics and connects influential FIRST WORD with the economy. decision makers to a Bloomberg’s Ken dynamic network of Prewitt information, people and ideas. Experts, interviews, call-ins, field reports
  7. 7. COLUMBUS’ EXCLUSIVE ALL NEWS RADIO STATION SPECIAL PROGRAMSNEWSRADIO WMNI features special programs every day and throughout the weekend. The best in political news,tech news, travel, gardening, home improvement, world news and more!
  8. 8. COLUMBUS’ EXCLUSIVE ALL NEWS RADIO STATION SPORTS COVERAGENEWSRADIO WMNI will feature local, regional and national sports coverage with some of the best sporting eventsand teams in the country. Coverage will be offset between AM and FM to ensure news is available at all times!