Storytelling On The Web


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Storytelling On The Web

  1. 1. Storytelling,meet the InternetHow to use bloggingand social media totell a great story on the
  2. 2. Why are we talking about storytellingwhen Im trying to build a business?
  3. 3. Two things were dealing with here...
  4. 4. Post 1: The Hook
  5. 5. Shape of a story Hook
  6. 6. How to have a voice...
  7. 7. How people read online
  8. 8. What have we learned so far?● Use the active voice● Your story hook should have a shape● Keep paragraphs to 3-4 lines● Have an engaging voice, multimedia or get to the point● Break rules of grammar appropriately● READ YOUR WRITING OUT LOUD
  9. 9. Other bloggy stuff PoP does well: ● Make lists ● Harness staff for content ● Gives back to users - PoP Star of the Week
  10. 10. Amateur? Whos an amateur?
  11. 11. Creative Devices in Photography 1. Rule of thirds 2. Diagonal lines 3. Lighting 4. Silhouette 5. Framing 6. Selective Focus 7. Dominate Foreground, Contributing background 8. Introducing disorder into order 9. Panning10. Reflection11. Juxtaposition12. Introducing color into a monochromatic scene13. Texture14. Details15. Unusual Perspective16. Action17. Emotion18. Decisive Moment
  12. 12. Blogging From The Beginning
  13. 13. More post ideas:● Respond and reflect on industry news.● Every time you have a meeting, take a photograph and write down what happened. How did you feel? What did you learn?● Mini case study
  14. 14. Random Best Practices● Always put in links when you can● Format your headline, so its different from your body● If youre writing a series, label it.● Allow comments● Respond to comments● Pull out the most interesting bit in your headline. Use snappy words.
  15. 15. Twitter“When it comes to how information spreadsthrough Twitter – when it’s coming frompersonal, individual accounts, it is likely toreach a larger audience."
  16. 16. How Do I Get Started?- Sign up: Download a phone appand Tweetdeck- Install a bit.lybookmarklet- Start following people inyour industry. Try this list.
  17. 17. Twitter Best Practices● Avoid abbreviations like "U never send me flowers nemore."● Make a branded background● Respond to people● Do not use automated feeds that spit your headline onto Twitter - and if you do, then write your headlines like tweets.● Statistics get retweets; questions get clicks● Add something interesting or valuable when you tweet a link
  18. 18. Ask Me Stuff!