Year 9 Protest Poetry Project


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Year 9 Protest Poetry Project

  1. 1. Creative ThinkersProject Can people use their voices to bring about positive change?You are living in a time where injustice is evident in every country inthe world. As a sensitive, critical and creative young individual, youhave decided to become a member of a poetry group called TheGuerrilla Artists. As a member of this artistic collective you give avoice to the socially, spiritually, politically and physically oppressed.Your words are your weapons. PRODUCT 1:(DueThursday, Week 4) Research, design and produce an original poem based on the work of protests poets from Australia and around the world. Your poem will reflect your answer to the question: Can people use their voices to bring about positive change?This poem will be composed with the help and feedback of your co-poets from The Guerrilla Artists. The group will compile an eBook of these poems. The working title is "Poems for the Silenced." You will compile your eBook into an audio book. Presentation: This compilation will be shared with family and friends via the internet. Selected poems will be read at our Performance Poetry Evening. PRODUCT 2:(Due Thursday, Week 6) Art requires passion. Passion ignites conflict. You and a group of co-poets have created a break-away poetry group to explore a specific issue. As a group you will write a performance poem on this issue. Resource: Presentation: Your group willperform your poem in front of an audience including family, friends and poetry experts at our Performance Poetry Evening.
  2. 2. PRODUCT 3:(Due Thursday, Week 9)As a member of The Guerrilla Artists you acknowledge that poetry is a powerfulmedium, but often words must take a new form to make an impact. In class we willstudy moving protest poems about issues that are significant to us all as rational,emotional humans. As an individual you are to select one of the poems studied inclass, write two STEEL paragraphs about it, research the issue being protested andthen write a persuasive speech about this issue.Presentation: A collection of all pieces (poem, STEEL paragraphs and persuasivespeech) will be included in an ePortfolio and shared with the class via edmodo. Yourpersuasive speech will be presented to your peers. The top three speeches willcompete in the Davidson High School SPEAK UP! Public Speaking Competition.NOTE:You can gain additional POINTS for being a good digital citizen - helping others,offering new information and ideas via edmodo. This will be assessed at the end ofthe project - and could make a real difference. SPEAK UP!