Romanticism Project: Website & Launch


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This is the final project for my English Extension class studying Romanticism. Feel free to use, please acknowledge :)

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Romanticism Project: Website & Launch

  1. 1. High School Faculty of English Year 12 English Extension I: Assessment Task VTask:Composing a website and presenting it to a panel of expertsWeightings: Reading/Writing – 5% Speaking – 5% Representing – 10%Issued: Tuesday, 31st July, 2012Due:Tuesday, 28th August, 2012 (website launch, 9am)OUTCOMES:H1: A student distinguishes and evaluates the values expressed through texts.H2: A student explains different ways of valuing texts.H4: A student develops and delivers sophisticated presentations.THE OBJECTIVES OF THIS ASSESSMENT:Develop your skills in:• extensive independent investigation•theorising about texts and values based on analysis and understanding of complex ideas•sustained composition.Develop your ability to value and appreciate:• the role of language in developing positive interaction and cooperation• yourdeveloping skills as a user of English• the pleasure and diversity of language and literature• the role of language and literature in your life• reflection on your own processes of learning• appropriateness, subtlety and aesthetics in language use.DQ: How can we make a website that helps Year 12 students acethe EE1 elective Romanticism?Over the last twelve months we have been working together to develop an appreciationfor ways of thinking characteristic of Romanticism in the late 18th century. To showcasethis newfound critical appreciation, as a team you will be constructing a website: The LastRomanticsEach of the assessment tasks that you have completed so far (including the exams) willhelp you in the construction of this website. We are now at the culmination of ouryearlong study of Romanticism, and in the next few weeks your completed website will belaunched in front of an audience of special friends, parents and experts in Romanticism. Bianca Hewes, Davidson High School (2012)
  2. 2. RESEARCH:1. Research the required elements for a website that will help Year 12 students ace theEE1 elective ‘Romanticism’.2. Negotiate as a team what elements will definitely be included on the website and why.3. For each ‘element’ of the website, complete a KWL table – what do you ‘know’, what doyou ‘want’ to learn and how will you ‘learn’ it? Post these to edmodo.4. Conduct research to ensure that all of the elements of your website are accurate andeffective for your audience. NOTE: You MUST include a reference list on your website. UseAPA style referencing. I recommend http://bibme.orgto keep track of your references.CREATE:1. Create a website that is composed of at least 10 pages that answers the project’sdriving question: How can we make a website that helps Year 12 students ace the EE1elective Romanticism?2. Each team-member must compose a visual representation of ONE of the texts studiedas part of the elective ‘Romanticism’, to be posted on your website. The purpose of thisrepresentation is to illustrate how the text reflects/challenges the Romantic ways ofthinking. Your representation must also serve as an engaging introduction or overview toyour chosen text for Year 12 students. Negotiate with your team who will be responsiblefor each composer/text. The representation can take any form you choose however itMUST contain visual elements.PRESENT:1. As a team you will plan and run a website ‘launch’ in front of an audience of specialfriends, parents and Romanticism experts. You must contact your audience and invitethem to the website launch.2. Your team will have up to 30 minutes for the presentation of the website. This timeshould be divided equally amongst team members. In your presentation you must justifythe content you have included on the website as well as elaborating upon what you havelearned about Romanticism during the last 12 months.3. The final stage of the presentation is the ten-minute ‘defense’ of your work. You will beasked a series of questions from your audience about your website, your learning andyour understanding of Romanticism. You must be prepared to ‘defend’ your work andyour ideas. Bianca Hewes, Davidson High School (2012)