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  1. 1. PRODUCT OVERVIEW MITEL TeleCollaboration Solution In today’s complex business environment, employees, customers and partners are often geographically scattered, working in different offices, different cities or different time zones – some working from home and others working while on the road. Yet to improve collaboration, accelerate decision-making, reduce time-to-market and enhance customer responsiveness, you need to be able to quickly connect key people in real-time. Better Business Results New Experience in Video Collaboration through Improved Collaboration With the Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution, you can At Mitel®, we recognize that different users naturally communicate over great distances with have different needs for their communications colleagues, customers and partners as if they were environment. That is why our Unified Communications sitting across the table – reducing travel costs, portfolio delivers a suite of conferencing and improving productivity and enabling more efficient collaboration solutions designed to meet the needs communication. of any sized business – from simple-to-use desktop client applications, to feature-rich audio and web collaboration solutions, to high-definition video meeting rooms and executive offices designed to create the experience of “being there”.
  2. 2. PRODUCT OVERVIEW At Mitel, our focus is on the collaborative Network Optimization experience – to us, telecollaboration is more than With Mitel, video streams are delivered over just video telepresence. Not only can you meet considerably lower bandwidths and with higher “in person” with people hundreds or thousands of tolerance than other leading solutions – considerably miles away, you can instantly share and collectively reducing network load and the costs associated with edit documents, presentations, files and more. increased capacity. In addition, Mitel’s advanced signal Furthermore, highly interactive white boarding sessions processing alters the video parameters to ensure can be quickly implemented – greatly improving interruption free sessions. communication and sharing between geographically disparate work groups and teams. Cost of Ownership Mitel provides more cost-effective configurations for The Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution delivers a new the executive office and meeting rooms, large or small – experience in video collaboration by extending providing a low total cost of ownership. Additionally, our telecollaboration beyond the boundaries of high-end TeleCollaboration Solution works with third party legacy board rooms and executive offices. With Mitel’s award- videoconference systems, leveraging existing winning Unified Communications Solutions, branch conferencing investments. offices, home workers or people on the move can join any active telecollaboration session. At Mitel, we bring The Meeting Room and Beyond the power of telecollaboration to the office desktop and With Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution, participation remote worker – improving relationships at all levels of is not restricted only to those in dedicated point-to- the organization and enabling faster decision-making point meeting rooms or executive offices. Employees, and quicker resolution of problems. customers and even business partners can be invited to join video-centric meetings right from their desktop. Easy to Use – Cost Effective to Deploy This builds stronger relationships, while improving Natural ‘Face to Face’ Experience communication and loyalty. Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution delivers life-size interaction through 1080p x 1920p high definition video Let’s Talk Green and immersive, spatial wide-band audio. With real-time Mitel’s TeleCollaboration Solution decreases the need eye-to-eye contact, non-verbal aspects such as facial for business travel, giving team members the ability to expressions and body language are captured – resulting collaborate anywhere, anytime. Less business travel in greater understanding and interaction between means a lower travel budget, a fast return on your everyone involved. telecollaboration investment and a reduced carbon footprint. And, reducing carbon emissions makes great Simplicity of Use business sense – for the climate, for the balance sheet, Telecollaboration sessions can be instantly established at and for your company reputation. the touch of a button on a phone, or even by a simple click of a mouse. Documents, presentations, pictures, and even your desktop can be shared using simple drag-and- drop commands. With Mitel, telecollaboration is as simple and natural as making a telephone call. 2 MITEL PRODUCT OVERVIEW TELECOLLABORATION SOLUTION
  3. 3. The Next Wave in Business Communications The benefits of Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution The Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution delivers a are significant: real-time collaborative environment that connects • Provides an alternative to business travel – remote participants in an environment that can rival reducing costs and driving a strong ROI or exceed what is readily achieved through face-to- • Supports anywhere, anytime enhanced video face communications. collaboration within geographically-dispersed work groups With Mitel, you can cost-effectively communicate with employees, customers and partners regardless • Increases responsiveness with customers, of where they are – significantly reducing travel business partners and suppliers and the high costs associated with it. Business • Enables faster decision-making and more decisions can be made faster and employee effective resolution of business problems collaboration can be increased, as communication • Drives company-wide productivity – executives between headquarters, branch offices and remote and employees accomplish more in less time workers is greatly improved. Additionally, with the reduced need to travel, both employees and executives are more productive, more responsive and more available for other projects or meetings. To learn how Mitel TeleCollaboration Solution delivers value at all levels of the organization, visit us at TELECOLLABORATION SOLUTION MITEL PRODUCT OVERVIEW 3
  4. 4. Global Headquarters U.S. EMEA CALA Asia Pacific Tel: +1(613) 592-2122 Tel: +1(480) 961-9000 Tel: +44(0)1291-430000 Tel: +1(613) 592-2122 Tel: +852 2508 9780 Fax: +1(613) 592-4784 Fax: +1(480) 961-1370 Fax: +44(0)1291-430400 Fax: +1(613) 592-7825 Fax: +852 2508 9232 For more information on our worldwide office locations, visit our website at THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED TO YOU FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The information furnished in this document, believed by Mitel to be accurate as of the date of its publication, is subject to change without notice. Mitel assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this document and shall have no obligation to you as a result of having made this document available to you or based upon the information it contains. M MITEL (design) is a registered trademark of Mitel Networks Corporation. All other products and services are the registered trademarks of their respective holders. © Copyright 2008, Mitel Networks Corporation. All Rights Reserved. GD 714_2881 PN 51013688RA-EN