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  • 1. EDUCATION ISSUEBy: Ashley Warren, Jack White, Davoi Sims
  • 2. BACKGROUND INFORMATION -Concerns- -Ways to solve the Problem- Student loans are overtaking  Congress recently extendedcredit cards, largest amount of debt the subsidy for lower studentAmerica owes. loan rates.
  • 3. BELIEFS ( M I T T RO M N E Y ) 1. Educational equality would be balanced with fiscal restraint. (CNN) 2. Long-term strategy for getting the American economy back on track isensuring a world class education for our students. (MittRomney) 3. No parent should have to send their children to a failing school, and thatincreased choice translations into better outcomes for all students. (MittRomney) 4. Education is key to the “American Dream” (MittRomney) 5. We have long been known for our creativity, ingenuity, and bold vision for ourcountry, and this type of attitude needs to be applied to our education system.(MittRomney)
  • 4. ACTIONS ( M I T T RO M N E Y ) 1. Wants to fix our broken system by tying federal funds tosuccess, expanding parental choice and rewarding talented teachers.(CNN) 2. Committed to renovating America’s education system, not justreforming.(MittRomney)
  • 5. BELIEFS ( BA R AC K O BA M A ) 1. “No Child Left Behind”- every child should be proficient in reading and mathby 2014. (CNN) 2. “Race to the Top”- is more flexible and focused on what’s better for thestudents. (CNN) 3. Obama has a goal to recruit better teachers, but he raised a concern aboutfunding an initiative that may duplicate current programs. (BarackObama) 4. Wants to put money into public schools for better education. (WhiteHouse) 5. Wants to ensure that America will regain its lost ground and have the highestproportion of students graduating form college in the world by 2020. (WhiteHouse)
  • 6. ACTIONS ( BA R R AC K O BA M A ) 1. Worked to craft a signature education reform policy that buildson previsions in the “No Child Left Behind” Law. (CNN) 2. The “Race to the Top” program awarded States more than 4.35billion in competitive grants in exchange for crafting “innovative”plans to improve teacher quality and student achievement.(CNN)
  • 7. OBAMA QUOTE/VIDEO “In a global economy, where the most valuable skill you can sell isyour knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway toopportunity- it is a pre-requisite.” (WhiteHouse) Link to Michelle Obama’s speech. (CNN)
  • 8. ROMNEY QUOTE/VIDEO “we added more school choice. My legislature tried to say no morecharter schools. I vetoed that. Overturned that…These kinds ofprincipals drove our schools to be pretty successful….Those principalstesting our kids excellent curriculum, superb teachers and school choice.Those are the answers to help our school.” (MittRomney) Link to video: on page 16 of 18.Talks about Obama and how he is hurting education.