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Yik yakbrittanyblaschke

  2. 2. OVERVIEW • How Yik Yak began • What is Yik Yak • Feature of Yik Yak • Ground Rules For Yik Yak • How to download and Use Yik Yak • Yaking Responsibly
  3. 3. HISTORY BEHIND THE YAKING! • Yik Yak was created in October 2013 by Tyler Droll, and Brooks Buffington two students of Furman University. The company is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. • They wanted to create a social media application that was geared towards college students so they could anonymously connect based upon location. The purpose is for people to be engaged with others in their community without reveling their identity.
  4. 4. WHAT IS YIK YAK? • Yik Yak is a social media application that is described as a local “bulletin board” where people can post and look at others post based upon location. The difference with Yik Yak and other posting applications is that Yik Yak is completely anonymous. • You can post yaks or just read, reply, or “upvote/downvote” yaks. • It is based upon a 5 mile radius and you can connect up to 500 Yik Yak users in that area. If you want to have connection with more users you can pay extra.
  5. 5. THE FEATURES OF YIK YAK Your Yaks • Yik Yak Handle- it is a way to sign your yaks from time to time. • My recent yaks- you can view your most recently posted yaks through this feature. • Recent replies- you have the option to reply to different yaks and then use the feature to view all of your recent replies to different yaks. • My top yaks- a feature to view all of your yaks that are most popular. • You can “upvote” or “downvote” a yak. It is similar to liking a post or favoring a tweet. Top Yaks • Access the All-Time Greatest Yaks- you can use this feature to view all the yaks that have been the most popular. • Top Yaks in your area- this feature is used to view the top yaks in the area where you are located. • Other top yaks- when you access this feature it takes you directly to a google search on “yaks” and images of real Yaks. • You can “Peek” at other popular yaks that are posted as well.
  6. 6. GROUND RULES OF THE HERD 1. You do not bully or specifically target other yakkers. 2. Zero tolerance policy on posting people’s phone numbers. 3. Don’t clutter people’s feed with useless or offensive yaks. If you see a useless or offensive yak make sure to do your part by down voting or reporting it. 4. If your yaks continue to be downvoted or reported, you will be warned and then suspended. 5. Must be 17 years of age or older to download the app and use the app.
  7. 7. STEPS ON USING YIK YAK • You can download it by accessing the download options at http://yikyakapp.com/ • From there you will click download and will either have the option of downloading through the Apple App store or through Google Play • Both are free downloads until you decide to upgrade
  8. 8. NEXT STEP… • Enabled the location setting and begin looking at other yaks in your area! You can view ones that are considered “Peeks” which are featured yaks outside of your area. • You can also view the new yaks being posted and the ones that are considered “hot” in your area.
  9. 9. • Notice that there are up and down arrows. Those are the arrows you can click to “upvote” or “downvote” a yak. • You can also see how many replies each yak has and how long ago it was posted. • In order to create or write your own yak you will click the box in the upper left hand corner.
  10. 10. START YOUR OWN YIK YAKING! • Begin creating and posting your own yaks! You can write whatever you feel at the moment or want people to know in your area. • You can attach you “handle name” with your yak or not. (Dark knight in the picture on the right is the handle name) • You can also choose whether or not to show your location where you are yaking from. • If you choose you can always upgrade your yak status then choose how many recipients will be able to view your “yak” • Then hit SEND located in the upper right hand corner! • To go back to the original page of yik yaks click YIK YAK in the upper left hand corner.
  11. 11. • You can then click on a specific yak and it will reveal the details of the yak. • It will show you the location of where the yak originated from and you have different options from there • You can share or report the yak • Or you can choose to reply to the yak • Once done you can hit the BACK button in the upper left hand corner.
  12. 12. YAK RESPONSIBLY • Once you are ready to yak keep in mind the purpose behind Yik Yak. It is a social media application that was meant for positive and helpful post to those in the area that surrounds you. • Do Not mention any personal names, phone numbers, or any personal information about yourself or anyone else. • Remember that it is a place to post helpful not hurtful information.
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  14. 14. NOW GO RIDE THE YAK!!