Raymond - Social Media Strategy


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Raymond - The Complete Man. Use of Social media for communication.

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Raymond - Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy
  2. 2. Content• Why social Media?• What is the industry upto?• What Raymond is doing at present?• What more can be done for Raymond?• Springboard of Ideas
  3. 3. Why social Media? Absence on Social media = Losing an opportunity
  4. 4. What is the industry upto? No significant presence of competitors
  5. 5. What Raymond is doing at present? 14% community engaging with the page Engaging content No feedback on wall posts by users Need to make it more engaging
  6. 6. What Raymond is doing at present? No dedicated handle for the brand Tweets not giving followers to connect with the brand Give exclusive brand presence
  7. 7. What Raymond is doing at present? TVCs uploaded Description to be written keeping into consideration SEO Optimum use of videos will help in engagement
  8. 8. What more can be done for Raymond?Continue with higher engagement activities to generate more user generated content and increase brand visibility Increase Reach Engage Communicate Brand Connect On Social Media – Sky is not the Limit
  9. 9. Strategy• The brand still caters to the different faces of – The Complete Man‘ who is caring, sensitive and places a huge premium on relationships.Celebrating the Complete Man In your Life on Social Media Leverage the branding = Strong Connect
  10. 10. Springboard of Ideas• Why are we doing this? – We believe people love Recognition• Whom are we talking to? – People who show gratitude• What are we telling them? – Celebrate ‘The Complete Man in your Life’• How are we telling them? – Engaging them on social media platforms to applaud for their Complete Man • Phase I • Phase II Concept justified
  11. 11. Phase IThe complete Man in your LifeContest on Facebook and Twitter Theme: Share why you feel he is The Complete Man
  12. 12. The Complete Man - Facebook• The complete Man (20 days) – Users land on the page which explains the activity – They have to nominate one person in their life whom they feel is The Complete Man – User can upload the picture or can select from the friend list – Along with the Reason the user submits the entry for the Contest – As the entry is submitted the pic and reason is also posted on both walls(optional) – The activity will be backed by stamp ads for inorganic push – The best entries get vouchers from raymonds for both the participant and nominee – Also the same will be featured on Cover picture
  13. 13. The Complete Man - Twitter• @thecompleteman Handle will be created for Raymond• Trending topics like #whatgirlswant #helovesyouif #100truthaboutme get excellent response in twitter world• Similarly, #thecompleteman will be promoted• This will generate conversations around what attributes are necessary for a man to be The Complete Man.• Initially tweets will be seeded to fuel the Hashtag till it picks up on its own• Everyhour 2 winners will be announced who will be gratified and announced using @thecompleteman
  14. 14. Phase IIWedding – Feels like Heaven This theme has always succeeded in building a connect with the Targetaudience.Phase II Will be exclusive activity for Couple
  15. 15. Feels like Heaven - emailer• Feels like Heaven – 25 days• Emailers will be sent targeting females• Database from Matrimony sites, travel websites, portals etc will be used• Emailer will communicate the contest held on Facebook• Chance to go for your second Honeymoon sponsored by Raymond• The link takes you to facebook page
  16. 16. Feels like Heaven - Facebook• Here the non fans are asked to like the page• The user needs to share the one instance or quality which makes her feel that he is The Complete Man• User needs to share couple photo on the page• The best entry gets a free honeymoon package from raymond• The Contest will also be promoted using Twitter and Facebook Facebook Emailer Facebook Tab Feels like Heaven Twitter
  17. 17. Other Activities• Optimise the profiles with links• Youtube video description and tagging to be improved for SEO• Dedicated twitter Handle for Raymonds• Regular posts on Fashion Tips• Sharing Youtube videos on regular basis Monitoring and optimisation of quality content
  18. 18. Results• Conversations on – The Complete Man – Raymond Will give rise to brand presence (Mentions on web – Measurable) Engage the existing community (Talking about – Measurable) Add new fans and followers ( Numbers – Measurable) Reach (Using tools – Measurable) Strong brand presence in social media universe
  19. 19. Pinterest• The platform to showcase your brand• Raymond Pinterest board will be created• The images of models showcasing will be regularly pinned• Initial stage a set up is required on the platform• Further Pinterest activities can be experimented• It also help as the better source for back linking to the website New Platform widely explored by apparel brands
  20. 20. Thank You