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F%27 real brochure

  1. 1. Classic MilkShakes, Real Fruit Smoothies and Frozen CappuccinoBlend ‘em fresh with f’REAL!
  2. 2. Welcome to f’REAL! FoodsClassic MilkShakes, Real Fruit Smoothies and Frozen Blended Cappuccino Three delicious product lines from one simple blending system. So delicious… so simple… for REAL!
  3. 3. Three-Step Approachto f’REAL! SuccessMake it Taste ExceptionallyGood Every TimeWe’re absolutely passionate aboutusing real ingredients that consistentlydeliver exceptional taste. So delicious,so simple, so f’REAL!Keep it SimpleOur patented f’REAL! technology isbased on a simple innovation…pre-packaged ingredients frozenright into a serving cup, then customblended in the cup with the push of abutton. No labor, no mess, no wastedingredients. Simple as that!Connect with Consumers toIncrease Your SalesWe work really hard with you, ourcustomer, to establish a consumerconnection highlighting theunexpectedly great taste and fun off’REAL! through every aspect of ourbrand. Consumers rave aboutf’REAL!...for REAL!
  4. 4. What Sets Us ApartReal Ingredients for Great Taste A Safe and Stable Processf’REAL! uses REAL ingredients for At f’REAL!, food safety is of utmostgreat-tasting, premium-quality drinks importance. Our perfect blend ofthat deliver a taste experience ingredients is hard frozen in our cupsconsumers love. until they are blended for consump- tion, assuring maximum food safety.Multiple Product Lines FromOne Blending System Versatilityf’REAL!’s unparalleled product lines Our blender is very versatile, workingspan a full range of premium frozen well in either a self-serve or behind-blended beverages, from Classic the-counter retail environment.MilkShakes to Real Fruit Smoothiesand Gourmet Frozen Cappuccino – Easy to Clean and Sanitizeblended one right after another. Our automated sanitizing rinse takes place between every blending cycle,Consistent Quality eliminating flavor carryover betweenBy freshly blending each f’REAL! drinks and guarding against foodbeverage in our automated blender safety issues. The blender is also easyright before it is consumed, we deliver to clean and sanitize at the end ofoptimum taste and texture every each day – requiring just five minutessingle time. and no disassembly. f’REAL! Spans Time-of-Day Consumption Breakfast Mid-Morning Lunch Mid-Afternoon Dinner After Dinner Perfect Combo Perfect Combo Late Night with Lunch Afternoon with Dinner Indulgence with or for Treat or for (Indulgent Friends Dessert Dessert Treat) Late Breakfast Perfect Treat to Healthy Healthy or Healthy Keep You On-the-Go On-the-Go Mid-Morning Going Until (Healthy Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner Refreshment) Afternoon Caffeine Boost Pick-Me-Up Pick-Me-Up Late Night for Morning to Make it to to Make it Energy Boost Energy Lunch Through (Pick-Me-Up) the Day
  5. 5. Classic Ice Cream MilkShakes Chocolate A rich, creamy blend of cocoas – including real Dutch cocoa. Every delicious f’REAL! MilkShake is made with only two ingredients – real ice cream and dairy-fresh milk. Vanilla It’s the taste and quality A purist’s favorite, with just the right notes of bourbon vanilla flavor. of a classic ice cream parlor milkshake – old-fashioned flavor delivered in a new-fashioned way. Strawberry Made with the same strawberry syrup enjoyed in ice cream parlors. Chocolate MaltThe classic malt shop taste of days gone by.
  6. 6. Real Fruit Smoothies f’REAL! Smoothies deliver Strawberry Spin Spinning with strawberries refreshing, great taste. and bananas! They work any time, any day, and consumers love them…f’really! Bursting, Spinning and Whirling with Goodness A full serving of fruit in every cup. WildBerry WhirlWhirling with strawberries, raspberries “Blend-and-go” for a and blueberries! convenient, truly healthy menu option. Delicious real fruit – including strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, mangoes, passion fruit and pineapple – blended to perfection. Tropical Burst Bursting with mango, passion fruit and pineapple!
  7. 7. Gourmet Frozen Cappuccino f’REAL! Frozen Cappuccino uses only Classic Coffee Frozen Cappuccino A blissful blend of Arabica and South American the highest-quality coffee with perfect taste and texture from first sip to last. ingredients, offering a delicious new spin on frozen blended coffee drinks. The Appeal of Frozen Cappuccino Caramel Frozen CappuccinoThe sweet taste of caramel added to a rich-roasted Made with real coffee blend of gourmet coffee. and real milk for premium taste. No fuss, no muss – simple and delicious. Perfect for those times when you need to treat yourself to a special little pick-me-up. Mocha Frozen Cappuccino Real Dutch cocoa mingled with a delectable coffee blend….heavenly.
  8. 8. Frozen Beverage Blender
  9. 9. Deliciousness Operational delivered with SimplicitySimplicity, Consistency, Safety SELECT FROZEN CUPSimple, One-Button OperationAutomatically blends f’REAL! frozen beverages intheir pre-packaged frozen blending/serving cups.The automated blending process raises the cup offrozen ingredients into the blending chamber andblends it, then returns it to its starting position, all in REMOVE LIDless than one minute – deliciously blended to theperfect consistency and texture every time. . SELECT THICKNESS BLEND REMOVE DRINK So simple to operate, it can be used either behind the counter or in a self-serve location. So simple to clean, it takes only five minutes and requires no disassembly of parts. ENJOY!
  10. 10. Additional Features Specifications Dimensions: 12”W x 20”D x 30 1/2”H Weight: 95 lbs. Capacity: Blends up to 60 cups/hourLCD display provides simpleoperating instructions as well asdiagnostic screens for service. Installation Requirements Power Supply Requires a dedicated 15A, 115V circuit. Includes a six-foot, three-wire power cord with NEMA 5-15 plug.Select thickness with the touch of Water Supplya button. Filtered water source required. Uses 1/20th gallon/minute during blending cycle. Drain Line Drain line required. Creates four fluid ounces of waste water after each blending cycle. Warranty Options One-year parts and workmanshipAutomated sanitizing rinse after warranty included. One-year laborevery use prevents flavor carry- warranty also available for additionalover between blended products charge, paid at time of blender purchase. (One-year warrantyand assures food safety. program without labor provides option of using your own service personnel to reduce price of blender). Contact a f’REAL! Sales Associate for warranty option details.Blender is easy to install by simplyhooking up filtered water, powerand drain line.
  11. 11. “The wide one”This double glass door design usedfor free-standing or under-counterlocations presents almost twice thesales area and capacity of our singledoor unit. It is ideal for medium tohigh-volume locations and formaximizing product variety. “The small one” This compact freezer fits neatly into existing space – whether free-standing, under or on top of the counter. Suitable for low to medium volume locations.“The tall one”This upright design attractivelydisplays f’REAL! products ateye level for increased visibility andtaste appeal to maximize saleswhile minimizing floor space.