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Bhavesh ro r

Bhavesh ro r



Primary about ruby, rails, HTML5, CoffeeScript explanation with little code spec.

Primary about ruby, rails, HTML5, CoffeeScript explanation with little code spec.



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    Bhavesh ro r Bhavesh ro r Presentation Transcript

    • 10-11 Sep. 2011 Workshop on Drupal & Ruby on Rails At DDIT, Nadiad Bhavesh Pansheriya Ruby on Rails Developer Gloscon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    • What is Ruby ?• A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.• Generic, interpreted, reflective, with garbage collection• Optimized for people rather than computers Yukihiro Matsumoto The creator of Ruby 1995• Everything is an object. There are no primitive types.• More powerful than Perl, more object oriented than Python
    • What is Ruby ?class Person def initialize name @name = name end def operation @name.capitalize*3 endendobject_1 = Person.new “tejas”object_1.operationOUTPUT TejasTejasTejas
    • Where ruby is using ?• Simulations - NASA Langley Research Center & Motorola .• 3D Modeling - Google SketchUp is a 3D modeling.• Business - Toronto Rehab uses a RubyWebDialogs based app to manage and track on-call and on-site support.• Robotics - At MORPHA project, Siemens service robot.• Networking - Open Domain Server uses Ruby.• Telephony - Within Lucent on a 3G wireless telephony product.• Web Applications – Basecamp, 43 Things, Blue Sequence.
    • What is Ruby on Rails (RoR) ?• RoR is an open-source web framework uses Model-View-Controller architecture developed in Ruby.• Web application at least ten times faster with David Heinemeier Rails than with a typical Java framework. Hansson The creator of Rails 2005• Everything in Rails (templates to control flow to business logic) is written in Ruby - Except for configuration files – YAML
    • Strength of Ruby on Rails ? Best practices: MVC, DRY, Testing.• Convention over Configuration.• Integrated AJAX support. Web services with REST.• Almost everything in Rails is Ruby code (SQL and JavaScript are abstracted).• Three environments- Development, Production, Testing.• Ruby - less and more readable code, shorter development times, simple but powerful, no compilation cycle.• Metaprogramming.• CoffeeScript, JQuery, Sass, Haml, JSON & HTTP Streaming.
    • Directory structure of Rails 2
    • What is MVC architecture ?
    • Rails MVC architecture
    • Rails MVC architecture in detail
    • About Rails 3.1.0
    • HTML5<!DOCTYPE HTML><html> <body> <menu> <command onclick="alert(Hello World)"> Click Me!</command> </menu> <form action="demo_keygen.rb" method="get"> Username: <input type="text" name="usr_name" /> Encryption: <keygen name="security" /> <input type="submit" /></form>The <abbr title="Ruby on Rails">RoR</abbr> is framework. </body></html>
    • CoffeeScriptnumber = 42 var number, opposite;opposite = true number = 42; opposite = true;number = -42 if opposite if (opposite) number = -42;square = (x) -> x * x square = function(x) { return x * x; };cube = (x) -> square(x) * x cube = function(x) { return square(x) * x; };
    • Sass, SCSS, CSS3Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules,variables, mixins, selector inheritance. Sass has two syntaxes. The new main syntax (as of Sass 3) is known as “SCSS” (for “Sassy CSS”) Every valid CSS3 stylesheet is valid SCSS as well. /* .scss */$blue: #3bbfce;$margin: 16px; /* CSS */.content-navigation { .content-navigation { border-color: $blue; border-color: #3bbfce; color:darken($blue, 9%); } color: #2b9eab; }.border { .border { padding: $margin / 2; padding: 8px; margin: $margin / 2; margin: 8px; border-color: $blue; } border-color: #3bbfce; }
    • Who are using RoR ?
    • Who are using RoR ?
    • Who are using RoR ?
    • Who are using RoR ?
    • Who are using RoR ?
    • Who are using RoR ?
    • Who are using RoR ?
    • Who are using RoR ?
    • ?Thank You...