Mission Statement
The name of my music magazine is called ‘Non Stop Pop’. It is a new, fresh,
enjoyable, British pop magaz...
‘Non Stop Pop’ will be based around pop but also will include other content to
keep readers purchasing the magazine each m...
give them them the chance to acknowledge their strengths and help them to
improve their abilities. 
The style of Non Stop ...
Music is also a passion for a girl likely to read ‘Non Stop Pop’, and she is
likely to listen to music wherever she goes (...
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Mission statement and target audience profile


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Mission statement and target audience profile

  1. 1. Mission Statement The name of my music magazine is called ‘Non Stop Pop’. It is a new, fresh, enjoyable, British pop magazine that is written to satisfy the needs and entertain young girls who love pop music. The name reflects upon the fact that the magazine is about Pop and makes it easy for people to recognise the magazine is for people who like pop. It is attracting the audience which is helping to advertise the industry of Pop music.   Women have thrived to be at the top of the music industry over the last couple of decades and strive to have more of an edge offering a variety of different styles to music. Over the years there have been a number of powerful, confident and professional females that have emerged across the music scene. Some artists combine Pop with RnB to make their music attract a greater audience, for example the beautiful Rihanna. Though, male artists like One Direction and Olly Murs are well known and number one all over the world, attracting wider female audiences. Pop artists are known to be youthful and entertaining as well as successful and dedicated. They've provided the music industry with a new image for young people to appreciate and enjoy. These exuberating pop artists are examples of the successful musicians that will be included in ‘Non Stop Pop’.  The magazine will be distributed monthly and will be available to purchase from mostly all newsagents and supermarkets. If the magazine is successful, an online publication will be developed to attract more customers and create a bigger audience. Fans of the magazine using the online publication will then have unlimited access to all of the important features of the magazine, which will keep them up to date with all the gossip and music news on their favourite artists, as well as offer them the chance to interact online with other fans and watch and share music videos across many social networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Keek. The online publication will offer fans many obvious benefits of being a loyal customer, as readers will not need to pay. I feel that the young auidence likely to purchase ‘Non Stop Pop’ are more likely to read a magazine over the internet, not only because of the emergence of the digital era, but also its accessibility. The magazine itself will cost around £3.25 which is an affordable price for the target audience which will mainly consist of young students. 
  2. 2. ‘Non Stop Pop’ will be based around pop but also will include other content to keep readers purchasing the magazine each month. There will be a number of topical features in my music magazine. As it is not a lifestyle magazine, the young target audience will be immensely interested in their appearance and love lives which my magazine will address. As the target audience are young girls, they see female artists as role models and icons of style so the magazine will feature everything from hair and make-up tips, fashion advice and also gossip from the artists themselves. This will link as they will develop their confidence in believing they can be as beautiful as the singers in the magazine. It will also give them an idea of how to dress and attract boys. The reader would also want to keep up with what’s new in the pop music industry and the latest gossip. The magazine will contain information about different careers to give them an idea of what they can be in the future. Though, the magazine will do this in an effective way to make sure it does not scare/lecture the reader by talking about the future. I intend to produce a magazine offers a variety of features and articles. There will be a number of interviews with different female artists, covering their own love of music to the CD’s they purchase and include an insight into how they’ve developed into the performer they are today. This will give the reader the opportunity to find out information they did not already know. ‘Non Stop Pop’ will reward and treat the reader so each issue will feature a freebie, such as cosmetics, free downloads, and the chance to win competitions such as the prestigious front row seats at an A list concert. The magazine will include top fashion tips as well as endless pages to assure the reader is up to date with latest fashion and trends. It will also include ways to emulate professional female artists giving readers the chance to look like their role models and find out how they are dressing as they are often trendsetters who inspire fashion choices.  Our promise is to deliver entertainment and inspiration for each individual reader. This includes escapism to a new, fun world. It will provide tips, information, guidance, advice and the latest top gossip. The magazine will inspire the reader to follow their dreams and encourage them to believe that anything is possible. It will influence them to reach their goals and to never give up hope. The values and beliefs in Non Stop Pop include that falling in love is important and boys are a priority. The magazine will encourage the reader to celebrate and embrace herself. We believe that every female is amazing and beautiful and has the ability to achieve and be successful. We give young girls the chance to feel inspired and help them to have their own ambitions and
  3. 3. give them them the chance to acknowledge their strengths and help them to improve their abilities.  The style of Non Stop Pop will simply be fun, bubbly, youthful and girly. This will link to the personalities of our readers. The readers will find the magazine sleek, stylish and fun which will make them want to read more encouraged also by the long list of features included in the magazine, specifically geared for entertainment purposes and a number of truthful features that include articles and interviews. As the magazine is for teenage girls, it will not contain sexual content or swearing. This all links to the type of consumer intended to read my magazine, an outgoing, honest and fun young girl. Target Audience Profile The readers of ‘Non Stop Pop’ are young, pre-teen girls, around the ages of 1116 years old. I have explored teenage music magazines like We Love Pop and Top of the Pops, and it is obvious the content of the magazine are relevant to females around that age range. There are many attritubes that can be associated with the typical pop fan. They are young, fun, happy and easily sociable. They all tend to have youthful female artists as their role models who give them the encouragement to become as successful as them. The magazine will help to build up each consumers individuality, self awareness and confidence. My ideal customer is energetic, she leads a stress free lifestyle and enjoys the happy-go-lucky ideals of the pop genre. She is able to find inspiration, amusement and find out the new, latest trends.  The ideal professional status of my target audience would be young students in a secondary school. Each individual’s marital status would be single and living with their parents at home. The ethnicity of my target audience would stereotypically be white girls as you rarely see any other ethnicities that are associated with Pop music, however I am not targeting my magazine directly at one specific enthinicty, I shall hope to welcome girls across all ehtnical backgrounds to find solace in my magazine. Positive aspects of their personality would include  them having a high self-esteem, and they would be hardworking, sociable and gentle. However, they tend to be uncreative and uneasy. The target audience have a number of hobbies and interests that include: following the latest fashion trends, going out with friends, listening to music, jewellery and make up, using social networks to interact with their friends and watching TV. They would also enjoy spending time with their family, going shopping and talking to boys.
  4. 4. Music is also a passion for a girl likely to read ‘Non Stop Pop’, and she is likely to listen to music wherever she goes (using her smarphone or MP3 player). She likes upbeat, catchy and fun music that makes the listener want to sing along. She likes to listen to music that she can relate to which is normally about confidence, parties and love. Young girls who love pop are most likely to have an iPod or an iPad where they have their music playlist as well as games, quizzes, social networks etc. The target consumer of ‘Non Stop Pop’, likes to watch a romantic chick flick where she will most likely link the romance to her own love life and pine after a successful relationship, such as those found in these fairytale romance movies. Staying connected with the latest gossip is another way the audience like to keep on track, so some use the internet to do this. Though, they like to use social networks as well like Facebook and Twitter to follow their favourite artists and find out more information about their everyday lives.  Young girls will use the magazine to build up their confidence, selfawareness and self-value. They will do this by reading up about things like "tips on how to make a boy like you" etc. They are likely to read the most famous two pop magazines: Top of the Pops & We Love Pop. This is because both magazines help to meet their needs and provide them with the latest gossip. Each pop fan will have a special, unique bond with their family and friends. They would like to go out with friends to socialise and spend time with family as they are a huge part of their life.