Opportunity for pharmacists in contemporary industry


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Opportunity for pharmacists in contemporary industry

  1. 1. Opportunity for Pharmacists inContemporary IndustryDr. Bhaswat S. ChakrabortySr. VP & Chair, Science Core Committee, R&DCadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Presented at Nirma University on May 25, 2013
  2. 2. Indian Pharmaceutical Market• 3rdlargest (after US and European) generic market in volume,14thin value– India currently holds only ~2% share, but it has been growing atapproximately 10% per year– India is a leader in generic drugs and active pharmaceuticalingredients (API)– Now seeking to become a major player in outsourced clinical researchas well as contract manufacturing and research– There are ~100 U.S. FDA-approved manufacturing facilities in India,more than in any other country outside the U.S– In 2010, almost 30% of all Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA)to the FDA have been filed by Indian companies– India’s share of the global generics market is ~33% now
  3. 3. Top 10 Pharmaceuticals in India, as of 2010Rank CompanyRevenue 2010(Rs crore)Revenue 2010(Rs billion)1 Cipla 4,198.96 41.9892Ranbaxy (Taken over byDaiichi Sankyo in 2008)4,162.25 41.6223 Dr. Reddys Laboratories 3,763.72 37.6374 Sun Pharmaceutical 2,463.59 24.6355 Lupin Ltd 2,215.52 22.156 Aurobindo Pharma 2,081.19 20.8017GlaxoSmithKlinePharmaceuticals Ltd1,773.41 17.7348 Cadila Healthcare 1,613 16.139 Aventis Pharma Limited 983.80 9.83810 Ipca Laboratories 980.44 9.8044
  4. 4. Growth in Indian Domestic MarketRevenueinUS$Billion
  5. 5. Dynamic Continuum of Drug Discovery
  6. 6. Where would Pharmacists fit inIndustry?• Almost anywhere in Pharmaceutical Industry– Discovery– R&D– Production– Marketing and sales– Administration– Consultancy– Regulation & policy making– Pharmacy outlets– entrepreneurs– ……• In Academia, Government, Banking, Finance, IT, HR,Community wholesales, as consultants or principalparticipants
  7. 7. Distribution of Jobs in Pharma R&DIn addition, there are almost equal number of jobs inproduction, marketing & sales, supply chain, field….
  8. 8. In the Eyes of Int’l Customers
  9. 9. Professional Roles: Example Clinical Trials• Principal & co-investigators• Clinical (medical ) investigators• Regulatory and Ethics Submissions / Feasibility Specialists• Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) / Clinical Trial Coordinator (CTC)• Clinical Research Associates (CRA) – from entry level trainee to seniorlevel jobs• Clinical Project Manager (CPM), Clinical Study Managers, Clinical TrialManagers (CTM)• Clinical Contract Associate / Manager• Clinical Operations Managers• Clinical Research Scientist, Clinical Research Manager• Clinical Program Managers• Clinical Associate Director, Clinical Directors• Bioanalysts• Biostatisticians• Trial Managers• Top management• ……..
  10. 10. So..• There are jobs and plenty of them (about 12-20,000 new jobsper year)• In all disciplines within Pharmacy and allied professions• In all roles• Some years, there may be more demand of fresh graduatesthan others• Some years, the average benefits offered by employers maybe more attractive• On an average there is always a continuity of opportunities• Remember, without you pharma industry cannot berun!! !!
  11. 11. In Addition to Good Marks• You need– Ability to apply the knowledge that you have oracquire on the spot– Skills• Team playing (most important)• Communication• Leadership• Relational• Stress management• …..
  12. 12. You also need• A good mentor• Good friends andcolleagues• Good sense ofhumour (all sciencegraduates need that)• Good spouse• Good luck!!
  13. 13. Thank You Very Much