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Vedic astrology for_better_health

  1. 1. Title : Using Vedic Astrology for Better health : A ReviewAuthor : Addala Bhaskar Jaganmohanrao NaiduB.E.(Mining), MTech (Education ) , B.A. ( Vedang Jyotish ) , M.. A. ( Vedang Jyotish)E mail : ssjba @rediffmail.comAbstract:Vedic Astrology is a powerful tool for finding solution to our healthproblems. There is separate branch in astrology called Medical astrology,which deals native chart from health point of view.Indian Vedic astrology provides solution to simple physical problems tocomplex psychological problems of human beings through suitable Mani(Gems), Mantra (Prayer), and Aushadhi ( Aurvedic Medicines) . In ancienttime Astrologers have good knowledge of Aurvedic medicines.In ancient text of Garuda Purana , Kurma Purana and Vishnu Puranatherapeutic use of Gems is mentioned. This paper examines the role ofVedic Astrology in identification of various diseases and discusses role ofMani ( Gems) In curing disease.Objectives of research paper :1) Discuss role of Vedic Astrology for disease finding2) Suggest different rules as per Vedic astrology for proper selection of Suitable Mani (Gems)3) Examine role of gems in curing diseases.
  2. 2. 1) Vedic Astrology Basic Principals 1.1) Division of Universe and Rashi According to the Bhrusut Parashari hora shatra the whole universe ismade of a ‘material’ called Narayana. Out of it, only 1/8th part is perceivable byus and it is called Vasudeva. The rest of Narayana cannot be perceived byordinary mortals. Each one of us represents microform of Narayana. The entire zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts (each of 30degrees) and eachsuch part is called a rasi (sign). Vedic Astrology : Division of Universe, Rashis and Body Parts Rashi English name Extent in zodiac Body part represented 1. Mesha Aries 0°-30° Head 2. Vrisha Taurus 30°-60° Face 3. Mithuna Gemini 60°-90° Upper limbs 4. Karka Cancer 90°-120° Heart (Chest) 5. Simha Leo 120°-150° Upper abdomen 6. Kanya Virgo 150°-180° Waist 7. Tula Libra 180°-210° Lower abdomen and pelvis 8. Vrischika Scorpio 210°-240° External genitalia 9. Dhanu Sagittarius 240°-270° Thighs 10. Makara Capricorn 270°-300° Knees 11. Kumbha Aquarius 300°-330° Legs 12. Meena Pisces 330°-360° Feet. These divisions are based on real stars in the sky. 1.2) Meaning of Planet in Vedic Astrology : ASC or Lagna is a very important point in chart and it shows you, self. All theother planets show other people or circumstances that are influencing you. Sopositions of the nine planets (in their respective signs) around the Lagna at thetime of birth of a person, constitutes a rasi Chart. i). Jupiter, the Brihaspati, is the teacher of gods, represents our intelligenceand power of discrimination and Judgment. Jupiter is the teacher of gods. AllGods are within us – represents the good qualities in us.ii) Venus, Sukracharya, the teacher of the demons, represents the demonic /Rajas Qualities in us. Venus exists within you – rules enjoyment. The enjoymentis referred to high spirits and not meant to be harmful. As teacher of demons, hekeeps the demons under control
  3. 3. iii) Sun shows the soul within you. Sun is the king of your existence.iv) Mars is also called “Mahi Sutha” meaning son of Mahi (Earth) and is bornfrom the sweat of Shiva. Ma represented by Subrahmanya, stands for theinitiative, drive and aggression. Ma shows career. Ma shows the drive to dothings. Has the same energy as Subrahmanya. Ma governs the spirit of energy.v) . Moon represents the mind and shows the mood. Moon also represents theshodasa-kalas and the 16th divisional chart - shodasa varga chakra is ruled byMoon. Moon shows the mind –sometimes empty and sometimes full. The moongoes through various phases – 16 in total. Such as happy or sad – this alsoreferred to mood Mercury govern the learning ability. He is the adopted son of Ju but, bornto Mo and Tara Devi (w/o Ju). Ju did accept TaraDevi and Me as a student. Jurepresents an ideal teacher and Me represents an ideal student. Mind needssome input from intelligence – which needs an agent to process it and give it tomind, that is the learning ability. i.e. Mo (mind) gets the input from Ju(intelligence) through Me (learning ability) Shiva is energy. Shakti is manifestation of that energy. .Tara Devi (w/o Ju) isSthri Shakti is the manifestation or expression of intelligence (intelligence by itselflives in vacuum and means nothing). With this manifestation, is born the learningintelligence. Now Ju (the intelligence) accepts Me (learning ability) as a son,student. Me now process that intelligence and mind acts on that processedintelligence.Intelligence = Guru, Learning ability = Buddha (process information) Mind =Mo (execution of information)vii) Saturn is discipline and hard work. Without Sa there wouldn’t be anyachievement. For those who don’t work hard, he forces on them. He is alsocalled Sani or manda planet. discipline and the hard work needed is representedby the Saturnian energy. That is why we will see Sa strong in all of saints. Saalso shows steadfastness, nishkama karma yoga, austerity etc. Sa isPerceived as a bad planet, but he puts people to work and makes things happen.viii). In Vedic astrology, there are so-called Varga chakras or divisionalcharts that we create for a person in addition to the rasi Chart, and in thesecharts the ASC changes in few minutes.According to maharshis of our tradition, the rasi chart shows our physicalexistence and health (i.e. physical manifestation) and each of the Varga chakrasrepresents a specific area of our livese.g. education, career, marriage etc. for ) Health related issues as seen fromShashtamsa (D6) and Trimsamsa (D30)ix) As per Vedic Medical Astrology each planet represents a certain part ofthe body
  4. 4. a. Saturn – Muscle b. Mars – Nerve Marrow c. Sun – Bone d. Mercury – Skin e. Venus – Semen, Reproductive organs f. Moon – Blood g. Jupiter – Fat 2) Model Suggested for analysis of chart for Vedic Medical AstrologyWe can use Conventional Model of Input – Process – Output 1) Date of Birth 1) Read Palm 1) Detailed analysis 2) Time of birth Impressions report 3) Place of birth 2) Prepare Of chart 4) Latitude and Horoscope 2) Suggestion of Longitude of 3) Check for birth remedial measures Birth place time correction 2a) Mani (Gems) 5) Personal 4) Collection of data 2b) Suitable Mantra inspection of palm from horoscope ( Prayer) of native or 5) Analysis of data 2c) Aushadhi Scanned Print of 6) Preparation of (Aurvedic Medicine) Palm report 6) Online Personnel discussion INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT3) Explanation of Model
  5. 5. 3.1) INPUT :Suggests the basic data required for medical astrology Accuracy of input data is very essential, mostly people are not sure aboutthere exact time of birth, and that is to be checked and corrected by applyingsuitable birth time correction method. Careful examination of palm and condition of nails can tell much aboutphysical state of health of a native. Few marks on palm indicate the type ofdisease native will suffer in future. The biggest advantage of palmistry is that it isfree from birth time correction3.2) PROCESS 3.2.1 ) Prepare the horoscope: using standard software “ JagganathHoralite ‘’ By Shri P.V.R . Narshima Rao recommended it can be downloadedfree on internet. 3.2.2) Applying birth time correction : Birth time correction is the acid test of good astrologer; Most of thepersons are not sure about there exact time of birth. The lagna or ASC in rashi charts changes in every 2 hours but The ASCchanges every 4 minutes in the D-24 and every 6 minutes in the D-20 and every2 minutes in the D-60. that’s why it is very much necessary to It is best to look atthe various LA’s and see Which one makes more sense. You should look at therasi chart and judge from the moon also. The different methods are suggested to make birth time correctioni) By using Pranapada position in Navamasa D-9 chart : Rule the pranapada PP should be in trine or in Kendra to D-9 natal moon .ii) correction using kunda ; The Kunda should be placed in trines (dharma) orin seventh (dwara) from the Rasi Lagna, to cause creation. Hence for rectificationpurposes Kunda should be in trines or seventh from Lagna. If there is aparivartana of the Lagna lord, then a change in results is to be predicted andhence also a change in tattwa is expected. In such cases the Kunda should beplaced in trines/seventh to the Lord of Lagna. This is also seen to apply when thelagna lord is stronger than the lagna. iii) by machining the known events like date and time of marriage with TP analysis of that year and making correction.
  6. 6. iv) If not sure about date and time both use Nasta Jataka Paddhati to calculate date and time, it is a very powerful tool to make correctionV ) Birth correction using physical appearance People with Ar ASC usually have a round face – almost like a circle. Thereare some general guidelines with each ASC. Somebody has big eyes there will be a strong Venusian influence in thechart. Ve in ASC, owning the ASC. Ju or Ve associated with ASC then the individuals have a lot of Kaffa in theirbody. They are well built, fat and stocky, have a thick oily hair. People who arevery emaciated have a strong vatta. Etc. 3.2.3 ) Using Medical Palmistry Palmistry is a branch of Astrology, which was up until now looked upon as knowledge related to fortune telling handed down by our ancestors from generation to generation. However, from the medical point of view, now, Palmistry has emerged as a science in its own right that has helped doctors and patients alike in diagnosing difficult diseases. i) The benefits of Medical Palmistry are as follows: Medical Palmistry not only helps diagnosing diseases but also helps one to know about the patients temperament, his/her constitution, and the subconscious mind. Besides, some factors such as love, libido, and the emotions that are beyond the pale of empirical sciences, can easily be recognized by the knowledge of Palmistry. a) It provides an early warning for forthcoming diseases, and one can prevent them early. b) It provides information about hidden diseases which remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by doctors. c) It helps in the prognosis of diseases where doctors are unsure about it. d) Psychological ailments can be easily recognized by the study of the palm. e) Palmistry has a major role in prevention of diseases. With its help and knowledge, a doctor can easily recognize the weakness of the system and advise the patient all relevant nutritional changes to prevent the
  7. 7. disease from becoming severe. f) Serious illnesses, accident and hospitalization can be avoided by guiding the person properly in the nascent stage. g) It is free from birth time correction which most of the horoscope do have. ii) Important points regarding Medical Palmistrya) Earth Hand - Susceptible to bowel or intestine problems.b) Air Hand - Nervous tension and lung problems.c) Fire Hand - Accidents and heart problemsd) Water Hand - Allergies, nervous system and psychological problems.e) Thick Palm - Thick, well padded palms denote a robust constitution.f) Thin Palms - Thin, fragile hands indicate a fragile constitutiong) Markings On The Fingertips - Short dashes may indicate stress, while shortvertical lines may indicate hormonal problems.h) Forefinger - Pituitary glandi) Middle Finger - Pineal glandj) Ring Finger - Blood pressurek) Little Finger - Thyroidl) Health Markings - Islands On Heart Line: beneath Saturn may indicate hearingdefects.m) Laddered Heart Line - beneath Apollo finger may indicate calcium imbalancen) Star On Line - star on heart line may indicate heart problemso) Diamond: a diamond attached to lifeline may indicate gynecological problemsp) Tussling: tussling of head or life line may indicate energy problemsq) Fingernails Speckles: imbalance of zincr) Vertical Ridges: intestinal problemss) Horizontal Ridges: traumat) Wrap Around: respiratory problemsu) Fan Shaped: need to relax
  8. 8. 3.2.4) Disease according to Vedic Astrology Astrologically, disease may be classified into the following two categories: - i) Nija or due to self. ii) Agantuka or acquired. Would include inherited.i) Nija (Self)This type of disease can again be classified into two broad areas. First thephysical type, namely relating to the physical body or the shareera. The eighthhouse and the eighth lord of the natal horoscope govern these. Second are thediseases affecting the mind or the chitta. These falls under the purview of the fifthhouse and its lord, Moon and the eighth house and lord of the natal chart.ii) Agantuka (Acquired)This type of disease can also be categorised further into two broad areas. Firstthe drishta, or that which is visible and due to known causes. The sixth houseand lord and the shadripu are responsible here. Next is the adrishta, or theinvisible and ostensibly caused due to unknown reasons. Problems related to evilspirits and like would also fall here. The badhak house and lord take charge here.3.2.5) Meaning of Planets In Vedic Medical AstrologyThe planets as under govern the main systems in the human body
  9. 9. No. PLANET SYSTEM 1. Sun Skeletal (Bone) 2. Moon Circulation 3. Mars Muscular 4. Mercury Nervous system (& Skin) 5. Jupiter Digestive 6. Venus Reproductive 7. Saturn ExcretoryProblems in any particular system in the human body are likely to be caused bythe planet inimical to the ruler of that system. The effect of Saturn, for instance, isvirtually non-existent at birth and progressively goes on increasing with age. As aresult any bone injury in early years tends to heal immediately while a similarinjury in old age may prove stubborn and not heal at all sometimes. Jupiter is thenaisargika karaka for growth. Cancer is unchecked growth of toxic cells in thehuman body. It is indicative of Jupiter having become malefic and havingwithdrawn its benign protection.According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, there are threebasic humours that need to be in balance for the maintenance of health. Anyimbalance in these three humours leads to bodily illness. The technical terms forthe three are Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. The closest but inadequate translationwould be wind, bile and phlegm respectively. Accordingly the Vaata elementproduces ‘windy’ complaints, neurological disorders, joint pains etc. The Pitta isconcerned with ‘heat’, inflammations, fever, liver and gall bladder problems etc.The Kapha element concerns with most of respiratory ailments, colds, asthmaetc.Any mental level disease caused due to any one of the three humors can becured with relative ease. On the other hand such a mental disease resulting outof a combination of two or more of the three humors cannot be addressed thateasily and is known as sannipatta.3.2.6) Analysis of Rashi and Divisional Charts for disease and remedies Vedic Astrology suggests two different methods which can be used for nativequestion regarding health i) By using Natal chart : Vedic astrology suggest lot of tools for Natal chart analysis few important techniques are discussed here
  10. 10. ii ) By Prashna Maraga It is a very powerful tool of answering to query by casting a honorary chart of that time. By Use of Trisphuta Rashi, Nakshatra and considering other rule answer of query regarding disease can be answered accurately a) rashi chart analysis for medical astrologyi) “Knowledge of death, disease and illness is known from the conception time,birth and janma nakśatra. If the disease starts from these nakśatra (ie.Conception or natal moon star) then the danger of death should not be ruled out.Based on the Moon at the moment of start of a disease, the period of sufferingcan be ordained. Remedy: The worship of the nakśatra devatā as the remedy for cure. If theexact date/time of the star can be ascertained then the diety of the nakśatrashould be propitiated.ii) 6th, 8th and 11th houses are important when we are looking at deceases. 11this 6th from 6th also called Hara Sthana – not an auspicious If any planet is connecting a dusthana with the ASC it brings disease to theperson - 8th lord in ASC or 8th lord aspecting ASC..iii) 8th house stands for troubles, tensions, sudden changes and even death. IfRahu in 8th house, its bad, means cheating and when Rahu is involved, it showssudden shock. Dusthana – Mrityu sthana. Sa in 8th house will show sadness. Rain 8th is not good for health overall.iv) Badhakasthana shows troubles for no logical reason. For movable (Chara)rasis, it is 11th house. For fixed (Sthira) rasis, it is 9th house. For dual signs, it is7th house. Troubles indicated by Badhakasthana cannot be diagnosed and therecan be no cure v) The lord of the 22nd Deshkarna is the Khäresa and can cause Bädhaka effects i.e. can cause obstructions and activate the Bädhakesa and other evils. Dasa of lord of khara can cause problems during its dasa. vi) Trisphuta rashi, Nakshatra, Navansha, are to be carefully analysed in both natal and pranshna marga analysis. vi) Karaka for physical vitality is Su. Su, Mo affliction with Ra or Ke in D6 is bad.It gives physical or mental troubles and Su will represent digestive system andstomach. In this case propitiate Su to strengthen him to fight Ra or Ke.vii) Use aruda and argalas for disease analysis. A6 is also called roga padaviii) Astakvarga and Sahams (Different mathematical points) are also to bechecked for disease analysis. b) divisional charts useful in medical astrologyi) D-6 (Shastamsa):
  11. 11. a) This chart is used to see health, enemies, and litigation.b) In Annual Tithi Pravesha chart if a planet is associated with 8th house (bothin rasi and D-6), that planet’s dasa will be bad for health. When there are threeor more planets in a house the most benefic planet will give the result of the mostmalefic planet. But exchange of results between these planets will not work if oneof the planets is in its own house. That planet will end up dominating and theresults won’t be given fully.c) In Annual Tithi Pravesha D-6 chart, if the 9th lord is eclipsed by Ra andKe (especially in 8th or 7th house) that person will have some healthproblems in Ra dasa. Protection will be destroyed. Any efforts to cure himwill not be on the right track, or any cure will not reach that person. Don’tadvise any surgery in that period. Choose a better dasha.Planets in 3rd house in D-6 will fight the diseases.ii) Koluka (Special Shastamsa) Koluka is a very important subdivision of the rashi. Each rashi comprises sixkolukas of five degrees each. Kolukas are associated with the drekkana, i.eeach drekkana has two kolukas. The effect of the planets causing disease isrelative to the drekkana/koluka they are posited in. Planets in the first drekkanaeffect the upper part of the body, mainly above the neck, while those in thesecond drekkana effect the middle part of the body also known as the trunk andlastly the ones in the third drekkana effect the lower parts of the body. The keyhere is that planet in the first koluka in any drekkana effect the interior working ofthe concerned body part while a planet posited in the second koluka of anydrekkana effects the corresponding external organ. A typical example would be aplanet in the first koluka of the first drekkan will have an effect on the braininternally while the same planet posited in the second koluka of the first drekkanawill manifest its effect externally, maybe on the skin of the skull or the hair etc. iii) In D16, if ASC or 4th house has Ra and Ketu, or 6th or 8th lord in 4thhouse, there can be some inclination to accidents, especially in the dasa of thosehousesiv) D-30 Trimsamsaa). In spiritualism it is taught of a "SHADOW SELF" called PAPA_PURUSHAwhich is a reflection of our own self, but the darker side which includes all thenegative things we have done for ages and many births. This is the
  12. 12. trimsamsa..the shadowy world of our self. Hence, the Sun and Moon do not ownany trimsamsa as they have light.b). All the bad things we have done for which we deserve to be punished ortaught lessons. The 12th rules hospitals and is the 5th (Mantra) from the 8th(Diseases). Hence the 12th house shows the way to get out of diseases andother such bad karma. It is the future (5th) of the 8th house.c). A Saturn placed in such a place is not good as it delays the recovery fromdiseases, makes the effect of the mantra nil due to mistakes or "NOTWORSHIPPING GANESHJI" before starting a mantra can render it uselessunless Guru is very strong. In this manner study the houses with focus on the 8thhouse (ROGA: Diseases & RINA Debts) and the 6th house (SHAD RIPU: Sixkinds of weaknesses). In this manner the houses should be studied.d). The 9th house (Dharma) from the 8th house is the 4th house. Thus,happiness and laughter (ruled by the 4th house) are the best natural medicine toget out of the cycle of disease and debt.e) A clean heart is the key to happiness & laughter. Venus (fulfilment of desires)gives happiness & Mercury gives laughter. Moon is the natural significator for the4th house and becomes the Controlling planet for good health and freedom fromdiseases. In this manner the planets should be studied.f) . The Arudha pada of the sixth house gives the body part that shall be afflicteddue to the diseases.g). Venus rules the Mritunjaya Mantra and the strength of Venus in this division isimportant for recovery from diseases. The Sun and the Moon represent the Atma(Soul) and the Mana (Mind) respectively. Affliction to the Sun will result insuffering, poverty and misery while affliction to the Moon will cause ill health anddeath. Since Mars and Venus rules the signs of exaltation of the Sun and Moon,they represent the Physical and Mental strength of the native to cope withdistress, disease and other evils respectively.h) The planets governing the six weaknesses are given belowa. Mars- Anger ( Krodha )b. Mercury- Jealousy (Matsarya)c. Venus- Lust (Kama)d. Saturn- Intoxication (Mada)
  13. 13. e Rahu- Greed ( Lobha)f . Ketu- Illusion ( Moha ) i) (D30) shows the root cause of your weakness – Rasi shows what you sufferas a result of D6 and D30. Weakness of Lagna, 6th and 8th are important.Mandi is also very important in these chartsSupra conscious plane,V ) D40, D40 inherited karma from Mothers side.(Curses and blessings). Curses work for 7 generations.Vi ) D45D45 inherited karma from Fathers side.(Curses and blessings). Curses work for 7 generations.vii) D60Everything may be seen in D60. It is shows past life events. 3rd from AL - showsthe nature of someone’s death. Look at 3rd from AL in D60 to see the reason fordeath in the past life and this may be the reason for fears/phobias in this life. Exalted Mo in 3rd from AL Jala marana, if that is true, that person will havehydro phobia in this life. 3rd from AL has Ke - Death by some kind of mistake,those people tend to be very careful in this life. 3rd from AL, Ke in Sagittarius(sign of fall)...Death by falling due to mistake. 3rd from AL, Ve in Sagittarius,death by fall in a vehicle.Root causes are seen in the Shasthamsa. Ayurveda looks at the source of theproblem. Shasthamsa shows the root cause.3.2.7 ) Using Astakvarga for medical astrologyAstak varga is very powerful tool in Vedic astrology, narrated by Lord Shiva.One small rule helpful for Medical astrology is given, this method is highlymathematicalFind the total the bindus from- The Ascendant to Saturn , Saturn to theAscendant, The Ascendant to Mars ,Mars to the Ascendant In each case multiplythe sum by 7 and divide the product by 27. The quotient will indicate the agewhen the native will be afflicted by diseases and other misfortunes.In the year represented by the bindus in the unfavourable house occupied byRahu, the native will be affected by poison. Similarly the age shown by Mars willwitness surgical operation, and the age shown by Saturn will indicate diseasesand miseries. Thus if a house is afflicted by malefic in the horoscope, the effect
  14. 14. of such affliction would be shown in the life of a person in the year shown by thesign, where the planet causing affliction is placed. 3.2.8) Tatvas of Planets and dieseasea. Fire (Agni) – state of transformation – Sun, and Mars represents this state.Any transformation, enterprising person b. Vayu (Air) – creation – expansion state – Saturnc. Jala (Water) – Relaxed, stability, harmony – Moon and Venusd. Bhoo (earthy) – solid, inflexible – leads to consolidation – Mercury usuallybelongs to all boots esp. earthy nature.e. Akasa (Ether) – This is unseen, all pervading nature that is binding all otherstates together. Jupiter represents this state. Ex– Intelligence and Wisdom isunseen, but is critical.Use of Tattava in dasa analysisi) . Troubles due to enemity among tattvas:We must know that the Agni - Jala and Prthvi - Vayu are the set of antagonistictattvas and they have difficulty in co-existence. Whenever there is anyassociation of these pairs of antagonistic tattvas, troubles manifest in differentforms. For example: . If Rasi chart is in Agni Tatwa and Trimsamsa shows Jala Tatwa (opposite ofAgni Tatwa) or vice- versa , there is sure to be plenty of problems.ii) Dasa / AD lord which are mutually hostile by owning opposite Tatwas createmany serious problems. Such as Sat Dasa- Ven AD or vice versa. SimilarlyMerc Dasa- Mars AD or vice versa are also troublesome.iii) When Trimsamsa shows contradictory influences on any pair, bad results arelikely to follow.3.2.9)) Longivity of Nativei) The death of the native can be studied form the Rasi and Trimsamsa whereas that of other relatives are to be seen from the other divisional charts. Parasara explains these as Drekkana (D-3) for co-born, Saptamsa (D-7) for children, Navamsa (D-9) for spouse, Dasamsa (D-10) for those related in the profession, Dwadasamsa (D-12) for Parents and elders, Vimsamsa (D-20) for Guru’s and Sisya (Upasana), Chaturvimsamsa (D-24) for teachers and students (Siddhi) and so on.
  15. 15. ii) Calculation of longevity should be done as per traditional tools. Separate Vimsottari dasa’s can be calculated from the fifth, fourth and eighth constellation from Janma Nakshatra . These are called Utpanna dasa (5th Star), Kshema dasa (4th Star) and Adhana dasa (8th Star). Compare the ending dates of dasa’s under this to that of Janma Vimsottari . If the ending dates are close, then it can spell the end of life.iii) Balarishtha refers to infantile death (0 to 12 years). If this is destined, then the Janma dasa itself can cause death Yogarishtha refers to teenage death around 12 to 20 years age. If this is destined, then the Vipat or third dasa can cause death Alpa Ayus indicates premature death within 36 years. If a few other life determining factors are strong, then this can be within 40 years. [Madhya Ayus refers to middle life where the longevity is from 36 to 72 years. Another classification is 40 to 80 years. Poorna Ayus or full life refers to the longevity in the range of 72 to 108 years. Another classification is 80 to 120 years.iv) GandaPhala:(Results of birth in Gandanta).Lagna being the governor of intelligence and the Moon, the governor of physicalbody, Lagna Gandanta results in the loss of intelligence while Rasi Gandantaresults in premature death or loss of longevity. v) At the time of death, Sun should be in the trine to the Mrityupada (A8), the arudha for longevity and death. If not death, such transit can give, near death experiences. vi) Shūla is short for trishūla (trident) which is the weapon held by Śiva (and Rudra). Sun represents Śiva in all signs and Mars indicates the violent Rudra known for their strength and prowess in battle. The stronger among the 2nd/8th Lords becomes the prāńi rudra (primary rudra) while the weaker one becomes the aprāńi rudra. Death can occur during the Śūla daśā of the signs having the rudra or its trines or its seventh house. OUTPUT4) Remedial Measures in Vedic AstrologyVedic astrology suggest three remedial measures Mani (Gems)Mantra( Prayer),Aushadhi ( Aurvedic Medicines)
  16. 16. 4.1) Mani (Gems)Mani (Gems) can be used4.1.1) exernally by wearing them in rings and neckless ,different theories whichsupport the therapeutic use of Gems are colure therapy, theories of tatvas, hotand cold nature of Gems stones and electromagnetic or aura theory which linksthe gems effect on different charkas in body.4.1.2) internally by taking them orally in the form of Bhasmas and Pisti..4.1.1) External Use of Gemsa) Selection of Mani (Gems) for wearingPrescription of Gemstone is one of the most important aspects of remedies inJyotish Shastra. The use of Gemstone is also endorsed by shastras such asGaruda Purana which gives elaborate description of the nature of the gemstonesand their use. Even though gemstone use is one of the most popular source ofremedies for all ills of the material world, may it be health, wealth or fortune, it isfraught with many misconceptions and erroneous notions of their selection andprescription.I ) Gemstone of YogakartaSince the gemstones enhance the influence of the planet in the life of the person,the gemstones for the planets giving yogas should always be chosen. To knowthe yoga givers or the yoga-karakas in a horoscope,i) Lagna lord is the first and foremost yoga karaka in a horoscope, since is theowner of both Kendra (Quadrant) and Kona (Trine). He is protector of the Lagna,which represent health, vitality and the controller of the whole horoscope. Theplacement of the Lagna lord is extremely important for the overall strength of thehoroscope and its gemstone can help a person overcoming all difficulties in life.ii) The lords of two trines fifth and ninth are equally important. They are the twoimportant houses which control the financial wellbeing of a person. If they arebadly placed in the horoscope, then the person might suffer financially in life.Thus their strength is extremely important in addition to the lords of second andeleventh, who signify Wealth and Income.Each planet can give results on the following basis.1. Lordship2. Placement
  17. 17. 3. Natural Karakatva (Significations)4. Yoga (Exchange, Conjunction, Aspects)Hence it must be remembered that a good planet (lords of Lagna, 5th and 9th) /Yoga- karaka if placed in a dusthana (6th / 8th/ 12th), they can also give maleficresults in addition to their inherent benefic nature to do good. Similarly if theyogakarakas are involved in other bad yogas, they can give bad results, whiletheir gemstones are worn. Whenever there is a conjunction or exchange of twoplanets, their inherent and functional nature is greatly modified. When a beneficplanet comes into association with a malefic planet, then the benefic nature ofthe planet is corrupted and it starts giving malefic results, however the maleficplanet gains out of the company and gives good results. Such subtle effectsshould always be kept into consideration, while suggesting a gemstone forJyotish remedial purposes.Exception to this is that, if Saturn becomes the Yoga-karaka and is placed in adusthana, then its ability to do good increases. It is advisable to wear Neelam,Saturn’s stone for such cases.ii) Gemstone of Weak PlanetIf a yoga-karaka (or any good planet in the horoscope, lords of any houses otherthan 6th/ 8th or 12th) is debilitated, they must be strengthened. One of the waysis to wear the stone of the debilitated planet. However, the more effective way isto find the planet who is causing neecha-bhanga to the debilitated planet. If theneecha-bhanga is happening with respect to the Moon, then Mantra would be agood remedy, however, if it happens with respect to the Lagna, then wearing thegemstone of the planet causing the neecha-bhanga would make the debilitatedplanet come out of the state of debilitation.When there is no cancellation of debility of other weaknesses then thegemstones for the supporters of the debilitated planet can be prescribed forcausing cancellation of debility or for enhancing the life-forces that are beingdestroyed due to the debility. For example, the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio (8thhouse of natural zodiac) and is said to be MARANA KARAKA if placed in the 8thhouse from Lagna. Weakness of such Moon, in any chart is not good forlongevity. Hence a blue sapphire is used for enhancing the life-force.It must be noted that debilitation of some planets are desirable in a horoscope.They are the lords of the Dusthanas (6th/ 8th/ 12th). If the lords of the Dusthanasare placed in other Dusthanas in debilitation, then it confers Vipareeta raja yoga,whereby the native gains due to the loss of natural and functional significations ofthe planet causing the yoga. For example, if 8th lord Moon is involved inVipareeta Raja yoga, by its debilitation in the 12th house, the native might enjoyrise in life, but the Mother (natural signification of Moon) and the marriage (8thhouse is the longevity of marriage) might suffer simultaneously. To enjoy thefruits of Vipareeta Raja yoga, the native must not strengthen such debilitated
  18. 18. planets that confer the yoga.iii) Vipreeta Ratna ( Opposite Gemstone)Vipareeta means opposite or gemstones used for weakening the effects of someplanets in certain houses. If any house is occupied by an enemy of its Karaka,then the significations of the house suffer. Keeping this principle in view, the firsthouse to be checked in any chart is the ninth house of fortune and Dharma withJupiter & Sun as the significator. Rahu and Saturn are the enemies of thesesignificator and if they are placed in the ninth house, they shall damage fortuneand Dharma. The remedy is to strengthen the concerned Karaka by wearing itsgemstone in the ring finger. Suka Nadi states that if Rahu is in the ninth house,then the native has good fortune after wearing a Topaz. The same principle ofVipareeta Ratna (Opposite Gemstone) has been used here. Rahu is the enemyof Jupiter and since it is placed in the ninth house, the use of a Topaz (gemstoneof Jupiter) removes the misfortune caused by Rahu. Similarly, if Saturn is in theninth house, then the person may suffer from poverty/ failure in the homelandafter 36 years. To remove this evil, a ruby, the gemstone of the Sun (Saturn’senemy) is worn.iv) Gemstone Vs DashaHands in which the gemstones are worn to be chosen on the basis of certaincriteria. The right hand is ruled Jupiter and the left hand by Venus indicatingincrease (right hand) or decrease (left hand) of life force.Thus, if gemstones have to be prescribed to decrease the evil effects of a maleficplanet, its gemstone should be used in the left hand. Such use should betemporary covering the dasa-bhukti of the planet.When the planet is a malefic for the horoscope, the maleficence of the planet canbe reduced by wearing a counter gemstone temporarily during the Dasa-bhukti ofthe planet. If instead a gem is to be worn for the main Dasa planet itself, then itshould be worn in the left hand. For example, if Rahu is malefic then during itsperiod a Yellow Sapphire/Topaz/Citrine can be worn in the right hand ring fingeror Hessonite/Brown Tourmaline etc can be worn in the left hand middle finger.v) Flawed Gemstone
  19. 19. A genuine gemstone of good quality should never be used with an imperfect orflawed gem or with one that is astrologically incompatible with it. Suta Goswami(Garuda Purana) advises “not to wear a gem that is of inferior quality orincompatible even if it is set together with the divine Kausthuba Mani of Vishnu.Just as the best of saints lose their merits by bad company, similarly, animperfect/inferior or incompatible gemstone can ruin the beneficence of othergood Gemstone and Lagna LordFor determining compatibility of gemstones most astrologers go by theNaisargika Sambandha (natural relationship) of other planets with the stone ofthe principal/ruling planet. The Ruling Planet is the strongest one in trines to theLagna or in the seventh house (1,5,7 & 9 houses), and if none are there, then theLagna lord is chosen. Thus if the ruling planet is the Moon, then all planets arecompatible with it, but if it is the Sun, then only Jupiter, Mars & Moon arecompatible and their stones can be chosen.Since the Lagna is the controller of the Horoscope, the impact of the Gemstoneultimately falls on the Lagna (more so, since Lagna is the controller of thephysical body, where the gemstone is worn). The planets, whose gemstone isworn, should be a friend to the Lagna lord as per the naisargika sambandha. Ifany planet is inimical to the lord of Lagna, the use of its gemstone can damage /endanger the concerned people related to the house owned by the planet. Forexample if the lord of the fifth house is inimical to the Lagna lord, then the use ofa gemstone of the fifth lord can endanger the life children. Hence utmost cautionshould be used in prescribing gemstones.vii) Naisargika Sambandha of PlanetsSome astrologers also use Tatkalika Sambandha (Current relationship) betweenplanets in a chart as this also takes the individual horoscope into focus. Here, the
  20. 20. planets that are Param Mitra, Mitra or Sama to the ruling planet are chosen forsupportive gemstones.Among all the methods of judging the suitability of a Gemstone namely, thenaisargika sambandha, tatkalika sambandha and other sambandha, the best andmost beneficial gemstones are those of the planets involved in a beneficial Yoga.If the tenth and ninth lord are involved in a Dharma-Karmadhipati Yoga, thentheir stones should be used together to augment the effects of the Yoga.Gemstones of planets involved in Duryoga and other malefic combinations orwhere benefits accrue if the planets are weak and afflicted like the VipareetaRajyoga, should never be used.i) Gemstones of Mutually Inmmical Planets.Gemstones of mutually inimical planets should never be used simultaneously asthey shall prove to be very adverse. Many astrologers give gemstones ofmutually inimical planets such as Hessonite (Rahu) with Ruby (Sun) or YellowSapphire (Jupiter) or Red Coral (Mars). Such combinations can be extremelydangerous for the native. The natural fight between the owners of the gemstonescan be visible in the life of native, where we can witness; the native is caughtbetween many undesirable circumstances without his fault. The table shownbelow shows the natural relationships between the planets.j) Fingers and GemstoneThe index finger is called Tarjani and is considered very inauspicious. In mantrarecitation the beads should never touch this finger, even while turning the rosary(when we finish one circle of 108 beads). It rules the “Ahamkara” and is the fingerof “fall” or expression of anger. The Gyana Mudra has all fingers except thisindex finger stretched out with the index finger (of anger) being in touch with andcontrolled by the Akasha Tattva of the Thumb. Normally for people who arespiritual / worship their Guru, gemstones should not be used in this finger. Someastrologers prescribe Ruby / Yellow Sapphire for Power / Wealth respectively, foruse in the index finger. However these gemstones have been found to give betterresults of stable power and gradual stable growth in finance in the ring finger.Tatwa in Palmistry
  21. 21. The gemstone of a planet placed in a house should be worn according to thequadrant (Kendra house) is whose trines it is placed. Thus a planet in the ninthhouse influences the Dharma Trikona and its gemstone should be worn in thering finger. Gemstones of planets in Moksha Trikona (4, 8, 12) should not beprescribed as then they would be worn in the Tarjani (Index finger). Insteadmantra of these planets should be advised.Further gemstone cannot be worn in the finger of inimical elements. For example,if a Red Coral is to be worn for Mars placed in the seventh house, this cannot beprescribed for the little finger due to Mars ruling Agni Tattva (fire element), whichis opposed to the Vayu Tattva (Air element). Thus a Coral can only be worn inthe ring finger (Agni Tattva / Fire) or middle finger (Prithvi Tattva / Earth). Just asthe thumb is different from the other four fingers and in conjunction with themdoes all work, the Akasha Tattva (Ether element–symbolized by the Thumb)permeates all signs of the other elements and is the driving force / Dhi Shakti.k) Gemstone and Arudha LagnaSince the gemstones are taken for fulfilling the material pursuits in the life thananything else, the arudha lagna plays a very vital role in selection of thegemstones. Arudha Lagna shows the image in this world or in other words, theperception of the world related to the native. This is the material manifestation ofthe existantial reality of a person. Maharishi parashara says that planets in thetwelfth of Arudha Lagna (AL) can show the sources of expenditure, while that inthe 11th from the AL show the sources of Income. Even though the promise ofthe wealth can be seen from different dhana yogas in the horoscope and thestrength of the 2nd, 11th and the trines, the sources and the quantum of thegains or losses can be seen from the Arudha.Thus, it is very important to consider the placement of Planets with respect to theArudha Lagna for final selection of an Gemstone. The following guidelines canhelp in such judgement:1. If a planet is placed in or aspecting the 12th from the Arudha Lagna, thegemstone for such planet can increase the expenditure of the native. Maleficsare well placed here as it confer rajayoga while placed here in addition to theexpenses shown. However one must remember that planets placed here showsthe persons who would secretly oppose the native in various activities. So thegemstones of such planets to be chosen after careful consideration of all factorsinvolved.2. The gemstone of a planet placed in or aspecting the 11th from Arudha Lagnashall give income from the sources indicated by the planet. The sources can beknown by judging both the functional as well as natural significations of theconcerned planet.
  22. 22. 3. The 2nd and 7th house from the Arudha Lagna are the houses of sustainanceof the Image. They should be occupied by benefics or exalted planets. If they areoccupied by malefics, the gemstones of such planets can cause fall of image andtroubles in career and various other troubles. In addition the planets in the 7thfrom Arudha lagna shows the persons who would openly oppose the person invarious activities, and this is more true with respect to the Malefics. Thus ifbenefics are placed in the 7th from the Arudha Lagna, their gemstones can begiven, provided the native can withstand the opposition shown by the concernedplanet.4. The planets in the Arudha Lagna shows how the world perceives the native.The presence of Moon or Jupiter in the Arudha Lagna gives long lasting fame.They should otherwise be placed with benefics or exalted planets and gemstonesof such Moon, Jupiter, benefics or exalted planets can be beneficial to the native,otherwise it can be harmful.Similarly the lord of the Arudha Lagna should ideally be well placed in eitherexaltation, mulatrikona, own house or friends house. If gemstone of such planetsis worn, it would benefit the native by uplifting his image. If such planet is in fall orunfavourably placed, then the gemstone of the planet, countering the evil has tobe worn (please refer to relevant section for more information on this)5. Malefics in the 3rd or 6th gives material success whereas benefics in theseplaces makes the person spiritual, unless they are debilitated. Thus wearing thegemstones of the malefics placed in 3rd or 6th can help in fulfilment of objectivesand gaining over all odds. However, malefics in the 3rd from AL can bedetrimental to the health and longevity, thus while prescribing the gemstones,one need to consider this factor as well.6. The eighth house is also very crucial in a way that it controls the longevity ofthe person. Malefics placed over there can harm the health of the person andalso the image. Stones of such malefics placed there should never be worn.7. All planets either be benefics or malefics give good results and financial gainswhile placed in the 9th house from the arudha Lagna. Unless any other adverseyogas exist, gemstone of such planet would be beneficial to the native.8. 10th house shows the impact of a planet in the natives career. Benefics arebest suited here and malefics are prohibited. For example, if Saturn is placed insuch 10th, then the career becomes a bed of thorne for the native.b ) use of Gemstone for Diesease
  23. 23. In ancient Vedic texts, like the Brihat Samhita, the origin and healing powers ofvarious gems are discussed. Persons may use substitute stones instead of themore expensive gems. Red garnet can replace ruby; moonstone can replacepearl; jade, peridot, or green tourmaline can replace emerald; and yellow topazor citrine can replace yellow sapphire.Planet Gem Helps HealsSun Ruby / Red Vayu / heart, spleen, hypertension, infections, fevers, Garnet Kapha bile, hot temper, impatience, brain, acne, low energy, poor circulation, edema, eyesight, bones, arthritisMoon Moonstone/Pearl Vayu / infertility, kidney, lung and mental disorder PittaMars Red Coral Pitta fevers, inflammations, ulcers, bleeding problems, weak muscles, liver, small intestines, vitality, accidentsMercury Green Gems Pitta / vertigo, giddy, lethargic, mental problems, Mind stuttering, memory loss, anxiety, nervous indigestionJupiter Yellow Gems Vayu / weak immune system, tumors, arterial circulation, Kapha weight, jaundice, liver, abscess, pancreas, nerve and gland dysfunctionVenus Diamond/Clear Vayu / reproductive and urinary system, kidneys, Zircon Kapha anemia, infertility, weak bones, weak immune systemSaturn Blue Sapphire / Vayu / weak bones, nerves, vitality, constipation, Amethyst / Lapis Pitta epilepsy, paralysis, cancer, immune diseaseRahu Gomedha All nervousness, indigestion, loss of coordination, mental disordersKetu Cat’s Eye All poor digestion or circulation, bleeding, weak muscles, nervous system, cancer, paralysis, immune diseases4.1.2) Using Mani (Gems ) in Bhasma (Ash) and Pisti (Powder) Form. Ayurveda and to some extent Unani (both Indian branches of science usingnatural curative methods) lay great emphasis on the use gem stones in medicinalpreparations. They are used both as ashes (bhasma) as well as in powder(pishti) form for treatment of critical ailments.
  24. 24. The procedures for preparing these medicines are time-consuming andcomplicated. All medication however, should be under strict supervision andadvice of a qualified Ayurvedic or Unani physician. Few examples are given forreference.I) Agate : Used with kewra, a strong - smelling flower extract , it is said tostrenghten the heart, cure fainting fits, alleviate liver troubles, bleeding anddiseases caused by stones in parts of the body. It also rejuvenates, physicallyand mentally.Ii ) Amber : Cures all disorders caused by wind, bile and phlegm in the body. Alsorelieves colic pain.iii) Bloodstone : Used in powder form, it cures bilious troubles. paste is applied toremove eruptions caused by excess bile (pitti).iv) Blue Sapphire : Broken pieces are triturated (ground in a pestle and mortar) inrose, kewra and water. The smooth paste is administered orally to cure fevers,epilepsy, insanity and hiccups.v) Cats eye : Used as pisthi after it is triturated in kewra water, to treat problemscaused by excess of phlegm, cough and piles. The bhasma provides vitality andstrength and cures certain eye diseases .vi) Coral : A paste obtained by rubbing coral in mortar with rose or kewra water,is believed to a vert abortion when applied on the navel of a pregnant woman. Ifcoral coralisis triturated in rose water and dried and then taken with honey itprovides strength to the body. when taken with a betel leaf (paan) it cures coughand phlegm.vii) Diamond : powdered diamond is a abso-lutely forbidden for oral use. Only itashes (bhasma) strictly prepared under super-vision are prescribed . Thebhasma gives relief and cures tuberculosis, insanity (of certain kinds), dropsy,diabetes, ulcers in the anus, anaemia and inflammation. It is said to prolong life iftaken over a period of time and gives one a radiant appearance. if a piece of thegem should get into the stomach by accident, immediate steps should be takento have it vomited out, for diamonds can cut the intestines and cause death.viii) Emerald : Triturated in rose or kewra water it is used for urinary troubles anddiseases of the heart. The bhasma provides coolness ti the body and controlsnausea, asthma, indigestion, piles and jaundice.ix) Gomedha : Triturated in rose or kewra or red musk water, it helps colic, skindiseases and piles.
  25. 25. x) Kidney stone : Wearing the stone itself is said to give relief from colic pain. Thesame effects is had by applying the paste by rubbing the rose water on theaffected area .xi) Lapus Lazuli : According to Rasa Ratna samuchhya ( an authoritative medicaltext ) the bhasma of this gem cures 20 kinds of urinary troubles, diabetes ,tuberculosis, jaundice and problems of wind and phlegm.xii) Opal : Rucbya ishdusbno jwarapaha translates as the opal improves thetaste, somewhat hot, and helps cure fevers."xiii) Pearl : A good pearl ( not pierced ) triturated in rose or kewra water, madeinto paste, dried and taken orally, is very beneficial for diseases caused bycalcium deficiency. The ashes provide relief to body heat, are good for the eyesand cure tuberculosis, chronic fevers, cough, breathing problems, palpitation,high blood pressure, heart ailments, exhaustion and weaknesses.xiv) Garnet : Has the same properties as the ruby but is not effective. Thebhasma stops bleeding and melts stones in the kidney, urinary bladder and gallbladder.xv) Ruby : Used both in ash and powder form, it is said to produce more bloodand improve circulation. cures problems caused by excess wind and disorders ofthe stomach, prolong life. The bhasma has the ability to suppress wind, bile andphlegm in the body, give relief in tuberculosis colic pain, eye diseases, leprosyand impotency. The ashes also relieve excessive heat and burning sensations.xvi) Tourmaline : Acts like that diamond for the cure of jaundice, disorders of thestomach, fever, breathing troubles and diabetes. it is also believed to helpstrength the mind .xvii) White sapphire : Triturated in rose or kewra water, the paste is dried andused to relieve nausea, wind problems, phlegm, stomach disorders, indigestion,leprosy and piles.Some Reservation about Wearing GemsFor remedial measures the best and Satwik approach is to pray to the variousdeities. Wearing gems as a remedial measure is a Rajasik approach..5)Conclusions Vedic Astrology provides useful information about simple health matters tocomplicated psychological problems and phobias a person may suffer.
  26. 26. By detailed analysis of natal chart , prashna chart , Medical palmistry one canreveal present state of health and also indicates future state of health anddiseases one likely to face.. Vedic Medical astrology also reveals the root cause of problems and cursesone has to face in this life for purification, and suggest suitable remedialmeasures .by suggesting suitable Mani(Gems) , Mantra ( Prayer), and Aushadhi( Aurvedic Medicine). It requires public awareness, support and further research to make the useof this science more popular and effective.******************************************************************************************References: 1) Lessons by Shri P.V.R. Narasimha Rao, Sri Jagannath Centre 2) Article:Medical Astrology I by Anshu Sood 3) Article Trimsamsa D-30 Chart by Shri Sanjay Rath 4) Article by Sarajit Poddar on Gemstone. In Jyotish I 5) Article on Medical Palmistry 6) Article on Gems Therapy Healing Power; From The Ayurveda Encyclopedia 7) Comp odium of Medical Use s of gems 8) ( Table No.1)