Are tweenager the real target audience of different brands in india

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  • 1. Are tweenager the real target audience of different brands in India? Today!<br />First, marketer dividing the heterogeneous market into the different homogeneous market that is called Segmentation. These homogeneous markets are similar in nature and having same kind of wants, needs, beliefs, attitude and personality etc. After that they select small group of people as target audience to serve them what they produce or offer. <br />Before reaching to the target audience they use various modes to create the image of their brand into the prospects mind (positioning). Now generally companies target tweenager to get the attention of the real prospects. As the companies feel that today tweenager are the key persons of the family buying decision. Tweenager refers to those children come under the age group of 8 to 14. Tweenager are the popular target audience due to the Pester Power.<br />Pester Power is the children’s ability to make their parents buy something and to do something for them, by continues asking until the parents get agree to do it. (Defined by McMillan dictionary).<br />Example which would be discussed below make you clear about the article:<br />Bajaj Discover 150cc -: In this ad we can see the two boys ready to go for school on different bike and waiting for their father. In mean time one boy (wear a yellow helmet) ask to another one lets go. They both pretend that they are starting their bike (one with pressing auto start and another one by kick start). Second one ask to first one lets catch me up and replied with innocent voice that me already ahead you (with high speed). After that first boy try to put his bike in 5th gear and another one start counting and said there are only 4 gears in this bike. Suddenly they saw a girl crossing them to go school. They both asked for lift and she sat on first one bike. With the disappointed voice second one suggest to first one lets stop for fuel and he replied with proud voice that its enough will meet you at school. At last when father of second boy came to drop him at school; he responded that I don’t wanna go to school on this boring bike. <br />Conclusion:<br />It meant that the decision of buying bike is not depend on the parents. Parents should take the preference of their children towards existing brands before taking final buying decision.<br />